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Found 75 results

  1. Hi everyoneI've asked this question to a number of lawyers/judges and no one seems to be able to give me a definite answer. In June 2013 I will have been in Turkey for 5 years. The first 3.5 years were on the 90 day visa, which I obviously renewed as necessary. Since the 90/180 rule came in, i've been on a long term tourist visa which expires next month. After that I intend to apply for the normal residence permit, for a year or so. Does the 5 year residence requirement for citizenship include time spent on a tourist visa, or do they only count the years where you have stayed with a residence permit? There is no definition of "residence" in the act, and like I said I have't been able to get a uniform answer from the law talkin guys. Thanks for your help
  2. i read your article about the visa calculation and i also used the calculator you put as a link.but i just don't understand every time i arrive in turkey they tell me something completely different. now i arrived on the 28.2.2020 the last time i was here was from the 12.9.19-13.11.19 = 63 days.. so the online visa calculator tells me i got 90 days but at the passport control they tell me 26 days and that i have to leave after that otherwise i get a fine.. i had several of those experiences! once they thought me my visa is finished ( not in the passport control in an office) so i got a flight the next day and wanted to leave and on the airport they thought me i have 28 days left... well do i have 90 days as the online calculator says because its moving 180 days??? i hope my question is clear and you can help me...really slowly i don't know anymore!
  3. I have a Colombian passport which allows 90 day entry without the need for a VISA. Does this allow for multiple entries? My plan is to visit Turkey for tourism, spend a weekend in Italy and come back into Turkey for a few more days. Am I allowed to do this without the need for the eVisa?
  4. hello hello . i need to go to Finland for an Esports event that i qualified with my team. i moved to turkey a year and half ago and i'm self employed ( my job is being a professional gamer & content creator ) . i don't have SGK and i need to apply soon. was wondering how it's gonna affect my request for visa. i'd appreciate any info if anybody knows about this. P/s: i've had schengen visa on my passport before and i also have a 5-year multi for canada if it helps
  5. I was in the process of renewing my resident permit when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I had to leave almost immediately to care for her. I did not have everything ready to submit so I submitted what I had and left Turkey. My application was subsequently rejected. I knew that this was going to happen so I went and got a 15 day travel document. I have been in the US for 6 months which is obviously way longer than 15 days. I am ready to go back- I have my e-visa and ticket. What can I expect when I arrive in Istanbul? Am I going to have to pay some kind of fine for staying out longer than 15 day? TIA
  6. Dear forum, I’m from Sweden and moved to Istanbul together with my girlfriend to join her for her exchange semester at the Istanbul Technical University. The 90/180 rule applies to me as a tourist, however, as I have been entering and exiting the country several times this year (and will at least 2 more times this year) I am not sure how to count and whether I will need a residence permit or not. I already went here on April 18th for vacation and stayed for 11 days. On the 28th of August I came back to Turkey with my girlfriend for her school start, exited again for a week, and then came back again. I will leave again on the 28th of October and in total I will then have spent 67 days in Turkey (including the days in april). Thing is, if we count from 18th of April (my first entry) and 180 days onward, that period would end 14th of October. Does this mean, that by my time of re-entry to Turkey (which will be on the 2d of November), a new 180 day period will start of which I can utilise another 90 days of stay on a tourist visa? All the best, Marcus
  7. Hi I dont know if im in the right page Since im not a turkish national, but my fiance is. Hes been here in Philiplines for 3 years he love and like philippines i know that, now I supposed to go with him but i need visa but Immigration in philippines didnt give us a chance to arrange anything. they hold my fiance in airport even his exit clearance is feb 6 so he have enought time to fix everything. i didnt see him since they are not allowed to contact or talk or see anybody. Now what we Planned is im the one the one who will come but the im worried i stop already from my job. and what visa i need and information. someone have experience or any idea? thanks
  8. Can you please confirm me if anyone overstay on tourist visa, one of my friend want to stay more for 7 days after his number of days allotted. he was allowed to stay up to 7 days and but he want to stay 7 days more, could you please confirm if there are any penalty and how much is the penalty per day?
  9. I am currently visiting Turkey on holiday and I would like to extend my stay. However, it will mean that the visa I used to come in on will have expired as it says I can only be here for a month. I arrived on Sept 14 and I am currently meant to leave on October 6. But I want to leave on October 23 or 24 depending on what the costs are to change my air ticket back to South Africa. Is it possible for me to get on the which is valid until 11 March 2020, or must I leave Turkey as I have a Schengen visa and apply for a new visa while outside the country? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  10. I would like to know if the 90 days rule is depending on the person or on the passport, means if someone has 2 passports, can he/she stay in the country 180 days by using 2 passports or not?
  11. It will be my first time to go to Turkey and I have a tourist visa if ever I want to extend my stay what can I do? can I apply for Short Term Residence Permit? Or is there any other option for me to extend my visa?
  12. Hi. It will be my first time to go to Turkey, if ever I want to extend my stay can I apply for Short Term Residence Permit?
  13. Does time spent outside Turkey visiting Greece mean i will have extra time up to 90 day limit when i return?
  14. You can be fined for overstaying your visa or residence permit. If the overstay is for more than ten days, you can be banned from re-entering Turkey. Fines and bans are typically imposed by the border control officials (part of the Turkish National Police) at the border gate when you leave Turkey after an overstay. However, if you are caught by the authorities after an overstay of ten days, you may be arrested, fined, deported--and also banned from entering Turkey for a certain time. This sometimes involves an unintentional violation of the 90-in-180 days rule. Visas issued to citizens of Europe, the UK, or the US may stay in Turkey for no more than 90 days in a 180-day period. If you lose track of the amount if time you've been in Turkey, or make a mistake in your calculations, you may find that you have overstayed your visa. Fines The amount of your fine will depend on the length of your overstay and what country you're from. They are in the equivalent of the below US dollar amounts except where indicated. Daily Fines for an Overstay of a Visa or Residence Permit in Turkey Daily Fee Maximum - Minimum First Month Remaining Months Albania, Philippines, Israel, Japan, Cambodia, Macedonia, Mali, Oman,Tajikistan $.50 $5-14 $14 $3.50 Belgium, Belarus, Algeria, Spain, Kuwait, Jordan, Luxembourg, Malta, Singapore, Taiwan $.40 $4-9 $9 $2.50 Ethiopia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Micronesia, Russia $.30 $3-7 $7 $1.50 Morocco, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Montenegro, Egypt, Tunisia $.20 $2-5 $5 $.50 Serbia, Fiji, Norway, Chile, San Marino (Turkish Lira) TL 13.30 TL 24.80-126.70 TL 126.70 TL 84.20 Other Countries $1 $10-25 $25 $5 Re-entry Bans Duration of a Re-entry Ban Depending on the amount of time you have overstayed, you can be banned from three months to five years. If the ban involves a threat to public order or security, a ban can be extended for a maximum of ten years. According to Article 9/4 of Law No. 6458, Foreigners and International Protection, if you apply to the authorities to leave Turkey before you are caught in an overstay, the ban will be a maximum of one year. How to Know If You Are Banned from Entering Turkey If you were banned, the immigration officials should have notified you about the ban and the duration of the ban. And just because you find that you're able to get an e-visa doesn't mean you're no longer banned. You'll still be stopped at the border gate and sent back home. If you haven't been notified that you are banned, but still think you think you might be, contact a local Turkish embassy or consulate and ask them to check your status. Having a Ban Lifted You can usually have a ban lifted by paying an additional fine at a local Turkish embassy or consulate. They will then forward your application to the ministry of the interior in Ankara, who will decide if the ban should be lifted or not. If you were banned because of a failure to pay fines, you will have to pay them at the Turkish embassy or consulate. There may also be additional fines involved. It May Not Be As Bad as You Think! Border control officials can use their own discretion on how much of a fine to assess, and how long the ban will be (if they give you one). Some travelers had overstays of several months, yet received a much lower fine than they expected, and no re-entry ban at all. On the other hand, Some travelers have became angry with the border control officials, and received a higher fine and a re-entry ban just because of their attitude. Being cooperative, respectful, and polite will go a long way. See Also Deportation from Turkey: Why and how you could be deported, especially for a long overstay of a visa or residence permit. Overstaying Your Visa or Residence Permit
  15. Turkey has an online system for issuing tourist visas. It makes getting one as easy as booking a flight or a hotel online. Not only is the system convenient, but as you go through the application process, the system will tell you how much your visa will cost. If you have to go to a local Turkish consulate to get a visa, the system will tell you that, too. Passport Requirements See "Passport Validity Requirements" Turkey's E-Visa Process 1. Apply Go to www.evisa.com.tr. Click "New Application" at the bottom of the page. Enter your nationality and type of passport, and the anti-spam verification code. Click "Save and Continue." According to what nationality you entered, the next page will tell you if you need a visa or not, or a passport or not. It will also tell you the visa fee. On the same page, enter your date of arrival. The system will calculate and display the dates and duration of your visa's validity, and the number of days you can stay in Turkey during that period (for most tourists, the visa will be valid for 180 days, and you will be able to stay in Turkey for a total of 90 days during that 180 day period). Your visa's validity period will begin on the projected date of arrival you enter into the system. Click "Save and Continue." On the next page, enter your personal and passport information. Make sure this matches your passport exactly, since the immigration official will check your visa against your passport. Verify that the information you entered is accurate, then submit it. Your passport must have at least 180 days of validity beyond the end of the duration of time you want to say in Turkey. The next page will tell you that your information was submitted successfully, and that an e-mail has been sent to the e-mail address you entered, with a link to the e-visa payment system. 2. Make Payment On the e-mail the system sends you, click the link to go back to the e-visa system and pay. The system accepts both Visa and Mastercard (more cards and payment options are also available). The cost of a tourist visa is usually the equivalent of around 20 US dollars, but it can vary by country--they system will calculate that for you. 3. Download Once you've paid, the system will send you another e-mail with a link to download your e-visa. Click on that link, download the e-visa, print it, and present that to the immigration official when you enter Turkey. Keep the printed copy of your e-visa with you at all times while you are in Turkey. You should also save a copy of it on your laptop or other personal computing device. Turkey E-visa Video This YouTube video also walks you through the process. Staying Beyond the Expiration of Your Visa If you want to stay in Turkey longer than your visa allows, you cannot extend it. You must apply for a residence permit. Foreigners who live in Turkey usually have "short-term" residence permits which are renewed every year, but you can also get a short-term residence permit for three, six, or nine months in duration. Family Visa Applications You can get visas for yourself and up to 10 of your family members, which will be traveling with you, at the same time. You can do this as long as all family members: are from the same country, have the same type of travel document (i.e. ordinary, diplomatic, or official passport, and have the same arrival date.* *This doesn't mean that all family members have to enter Turkey on the same day, but the "arrival date" you enter into the e-visa system will begin the visas' validity period (normally 180 days), which has to be the same for everybody on any group application. Family members can actually enter Turkey on any date within the validity period. On the first page of the e-visa system, after you enter the country and type of travel document for all travelers, and click "Continue," you will be sent to the second page, where you will enter your personal information. Then click "Add a New Person" to enter the information for the other family members. Once everyone's information is entered, click "Continue." The e-visa system will total the visa fees into a single payment amount, and send you a confirmation e-mail, and provide you with a link you can use to download your family's visas. E-Visa Scams Since Turkey's e-visa system came online, several websites have been created to make people think that they are at the official Turkey e-visa website. They may get you your e-visa, but they will also charge you extra for it. To get a Turkey e-visa, always go to www.e-visa.gov.tr.
  16. The subject of visas and residence permits can be confusing, especially if you haven't done any international travel before. Basically, the visa allows you to enter Turkey for a certain time. A residence permit allows you to stay and live in Turkey. You'll first you'll apply for and get your student visa, then enter Turkey. After you arrive, you'll apply for your residence permit, which is an ID card you must carry with you. Coordinate With Your Student Affairs Representative You should get an orientation package from the school you will be attending, with a list of documents you'll need. Be sure to coordinate with them and follow the instructions they provide. Online Student Visa Application You'll go to http://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/ to apply online for an appointment at a Turkish embassy or consulate. During the application process, you'll also upload various documents to support your application (see below). Then, near the end of the online application process, you'll select a convenient date and time for your appointment. Here are the common documents required: Student certificate or acceptance letter from the school you will be attending Passport, with an expiration date at least 60 days beyond your duration of stay Passport-sized photo Letter from your parents or legal guardian giving you authorization to travel and study in Turkey Statement that you will have enough money to live on while studying in Turkey Once you have these documents, you can start the online application. You'll make the application at http://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/. The site is available in Turkish, English, French, and Arabic. During the first part of the online application process, you'll select the Turkish embassy in Washington, DC, or one of several Turkish consulates in various parts of the US. The one you select is the one where you will be booking an appointment to submit your actual application for your student visa. You'll also provide your personal information, passport number, and other information as required. Then, you'll upload scanned copies of the documents above, including your photo. Finally, you'll select an appointment date at the Turkish embassy or consulate that you selected previously. Once you've completed the online application, you can download it and print it. You'll need to take that with you to your appointment. Your Appointment On your appointment day, you'll take the printed copy of your online application, and the hard copies of the above documents with you. You'll meet with a Turkish consular official, who will go over your documents and approve your student visa. Receiving Your Student Visa It will take a few weeks before your student visa is approved. The Turkish embassy or consulate will notify you when it is ready, or tell you when to come back and get it. You will need to leave your passport with them, because the student visa is a stamp which is affixed to one of the pages in your passport. Coming to Turkey When you arrive, show your passport, with the student visa, and the border control official will let you in. After you report to your school, you'll get a briefing on the student residence permit process, and also make a similar online application for that. You should apply for your student residence permit within 30 days after your arrival. See Also Student Residence Permits Turkey Residence Permit Forum: If you need more information, post your questions in our Residence Permits forum. External Links Study in Turkey: From the Turkish government, a good source of information for anyone who wants to come to Turkey for education.
  17. Most tourist visas are subject to the “90 in 180 days rule.” This means that while your visa is valid for a period of 180 days, and while you can come and go as often as you like, you can only be in Turkey for a total of 90 days during any 180-day period. Based on the European "Schengen Visa" The Turkish visa is based on the "Schengen" visa. The Schengen countries are European countries which do not require a visa for visitors from the other countries involved. However, a foreigner who is not a citizen of one of the Schengen countries must have a "Schengen Visa." It is from the Schengen Visa that the 90-in-180 days rule originates. "Counting Back" to Be Sure You're in Compliance To know if you have exceeded your 90 days, you must "count back" 180 days. If the total time of your stay in Turkey has not exceeded 90 days in the previous 180 days, then you may remain in Turkey until you reach a total of 90 days in the previous 180 days. Let's say it's October 1st. You want to know how much time you have on your visa. Count back 180 days from October 1st (you can use the date calculator under "External Links". You will see the date 180 days previously was April 4th. Next, look at the entry and exit stamps on the pages of your passport to determine your total number of days in Turkey on and after April 4th (you can use the date calculator for that also). It doesn't matter how many times you have come and gone from Turkey, you just need the total number of days in Turkey. Take that number and subtract it from 180. The result is the number of days you may remain in Turkey. Important: The 180 days is a "moving" 180-day period, so on any date you do this calculation, it always concerns the previous 180 day period. If You Want to Stay in Turkey for More than 90 Days in any 180-day Period If you want to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days in any 180 day period, you cannot extend your visa. You must apply for a residence permit. An Exception to the Rule If you have reached a total of 90 days in Turkey on your 180-day visa, and leave Turkey, you can re-enter only if you pledge, on a form in writing, to apply for a residence permit within 10 days. This is done on a şartlı girişi (conditional entry) form that you will be given by border control personnel when you re-enter Turkey. Then you must complete your online application within those ten days. Visa Calculators There are several websites which offer visa calculators, as well as applications for smart phones which can help you be sure you're in compliance. Check "External Links" below for a link to an online calculator. You can also visit your smart phone's applications store and search for "Schengen Visa Calculator." External Links Turkey's E-visa Application System: The site where you can apply for an e-visa, or at least find out if you are eligible for one. Calculator of travel days remaining under a Schengen short-stay visa: You can use this calculator by entering your visa validity period and how many days you have been in Turkey, to determine how many days remain before you overstay.
  18. Hello everyone my name is Dominik and I'm from Poland so i need get e-visa with 90 180 days rule,and now my question is, I was in Turkey since 05.01-24.01 and later since 20.02-26.04 all stay was around 87 days i guess, the visa valid finish the 02.07.19 and i want to get another visa for come Turkey the 06.07 for 12 days but my question is the 180 days are discounting since first day i came to Turkey (05.01)? or the last exit from Turkey (26.04)? can somebody explain me it please?
  19. My partner and I have been in Turkey now for almost two months within these last 90 days and intend to settle after a short trip to Europe next week. I will then apply for our short term residence. Our intention is to buy a property here in Alanya, but will not have made the purchase before our official 90 day allowance expires. We'll obviously have to apply as tourist extensions since we don't have a Tapu (title deed) yet but am wondering if in applying for a tourist visa and explaining to the immigration officer we are here to purchase a property could be a source of a headache at the interview rather than a just asking for simple tourist residence permit and not tell them these plans?... We already have all residence permit requirements ready to go but want it to be hassle free as much as possible. What do you guys think?
  20. We arrived in Turkey on August, 13 2018. We hired a lawyer to help us with obtaining the residency. We had an appointment on Jan,3 but when we went for the appointment we found out that the lawyer had filled in the wrong date of arrival on the form (he filled in our date of arrival as august 31st). I don't speak Turkish so I don't know if we were denied or if we just needed to fix that error. My question is 1) As we have already overstayed the 90 days of our 180 day tourist visa do we have to leave the country or can we just reapply (our 180 day visa is up on Feb 13th) 2) If we leave the country can I just go to Bulgaria and turn around. and if I do leave will I have to pay fines and do I have to get a new tourist visa. My husband already has a Turkish ID number.
  21. I overstayed my 90 days visa, I paid fine left for month then came back, at the airport they made me sign to get my resident card in 10 days which I did but it was denied. I have now one more month for my 90 days visa if I leave before my 90 days are over and come back with another 90 days visa which I can buy online since I have an USA passport, they will let me in or not? do they will ban me for 5 years? Whats the rules please?
  22. I have a question regarding to the tourist visa in Turkey. I am a German citizen and entered turkey in September with my ID card. I went out in the beginning of December, I stayed 70 days on my ID card. Now, I came back last week and entered with my passport. Theoretically I only have 20 days left. Will there be a connection between my ID card and passport? Or will it just have new 90 days on my passport? Would be nice if anyone would have an idea about it.
  23. Hello all, This is my 1st time ever using a forum so I hope I am coming across correctly, I am desperate for advice & hope to find some here. I am 25 years old British, recently married to my Turkish husband & we have a 4 month old baby girl. Our baby girl now has her British passport now & I desperately want us all to visit my family in the UK for 10 days. We have basically been scared off even trying by horror stories but I really would like to try. My husband is the owner of our apartment however doesnt have money in the bank as his season is finished (he works as a bell boy & this runs March to November) & we used his money for our bills, necessities etc but don't touch money in my bank as our "savings". His military service will start in September when he will go for 3 weeks. I'm basically asking does anyone think it is worth us even trying just now? Or wait until later? So many say wait until he has completed military service as that will hinder it, my bank account can't be shown as his money, he isn't technically employed just now so that looks bad. My thoughts are surely that we have a baby we want to visit my family with & that he owns his own property would stand us in good stead? If anyone has any advice, tips or words atall I would be so grateful thankyou.
  24. I've slot to write about my experience in Istanbul trying to get the short term residence permit. I have managed to submit yesterday after a wild goose chase. I'm trying to get a muracaat to leave the country for Christmas however I have to wait for my reply from Turkey. Or come back in 10 days (unknown response) I got told that I could leave and pay a fine at the airport and get a conditional letter to enter the country again, maybe having to redo my application process .. I'm bot sure. Has anyone got any experience or information about this, how much the fee and can I enter again even though my visa has run out but in the process of STRP?
  25. I read on your website about the following as shown below. Single Entry Visa Fee Citizens of countries who are able to visit Turkey without a visa will also have to pay a single-entry visa fee. For 2018, this fee is 400.80 TL. I'm from one of these visa-exempted countries and I recently had my randevu and I was charged 458 TL for Visa Fee. My question is whether this Visa Fee will be charged of me every single time that I apply for a tourist residence permit? The next time, I hope to extend my permit, will this Visa Fee be charged too?
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