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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all, This is my 1st time ever using a forum so I hope I am coming across correctly, I am desperate for advice & hope to find some here. I am 25 years old British, recently married to my Turkish husband & we have a 4 month old baby girl. Our baby girl now has her British passport now & I desperately want us all to visit my family in the UK for 10 days. We have basically been scared off even trying by horror stories but I really would like to try. My husband is the owner of our apartment however doesnt have money in the bank as his season is finished (he works as a bell boy & this runs March to November) & we used his money for our bills, necessities etc but don't touch money in my bank as our "savings". His military service will start in September when he will go for 3 weeks. I'm basically asking does anyone think it is worth us even trying just now? Or wait until later? So many say wait until he has completed military service as that will hinder it, my bank account can't be shown as his money, he isn't technically employed just now so that looks bad. My thoughts are surely that we have a baby we want to visit my family with & that he owns his own property would stand us in good stead? If anyone has any advice, tips or words atall I would be so grateful thankyou.
  2. I am currently living in Mersin with my wife. We now want to get her a visa to live with me in the UK. In 2012 my mother in England became too ill to look after herself. I returned to care for her but my wife could only come to England on tourist visas for six months of the year. My mother died in 2015 and having sold her house last year I now meet the meet the financial requirements for my wife to get a UK spouse visa. We have got as far as filling in the online form at https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk when that is sent there are more forms to complete for the UK Visa Application Centre in Turkey (Adana)https://uk.tlscontact.com/tr/ada/index.php There is also a VAF4A (APPENDIX 2) form to fill in to show we meet the financial requirements. I have printed a paper copy of this but am not sure if I need to send this in with the supporting documents or need to fill in an online copy. Does anyone know of any where in Mersin to get help with the application process that is not going to be excessively expensive.
  3. Hi everyone, Firstly, I would like to say that I am new to these kind of websites. I (British Citizen) and my husband a Turkish National are planning on moving to the UK and want to settle there. I and my husband have been married for over a year now and prior to being married we were living together under the same roof. My husband has a PhD and is fluent in English. I and my husband have been looking at our options of how we can settle in the UK. For the past two months, both of us have been doing our research online about the possible visa options and would like to move there in a month or two. From all the research I have done so far, my understanding is that I have to be able to sponsor him. In the mean time, I have also been to the Consulates Office in Izmir to ask questions, but they told me that they could not help us since they do not take visa applications. This is what we have so far; we've read on the gov website that there are several ways: 5-year route or other visa types (standard visitors visa, Turkish Business person visa, student visa, etc.). Also, standard visitors visa can be extended with Turkish Business person visa via Ankara Agreement. Can anyone advise us on which route would be the easiest to take? If you could share with us any experience you have had, we would be grateful. Thanx in advance Nur
  4. RafMo

    appeal visa UK

    Hi everybody, I need your help and advice please. I'm not sure that I'm right of appeal against the refusual of my application for entry clearance (UK visa). Date of refusual is 12/07/2015. I am Tunisian and I wish to settle in the UK with my spouse who is a british national. The ECOs reasons of refusual are two: - Firstly, they are not satisfied that my relationship with my spouse is genuine and subsisting. - Secondly, I didn't put an English language test A1 approved by UKVI in my application. I just put a national tunisian certificate showed that I have english skills since I had been studying English for 4 years in Tunisia, added to that I have a PhD in Economics. After be refused by UK visa & Immigration for these reasons, I had the IELTS test A1 and I passed it on 08/10/2015. My appeal was lodged on 28/08/2015. My husband (my sponsor) sent to First-tier Tribunal some evidence showing my relationship with him and how it has developed through time (wedding ceremony pictures, wedding ceremony video, honymoon pictures, hotels booking confirmation,...) and a copy of my IELTS A1 certificate. I’m still waiting for a letter from the First-tier Tribulal fixing my hearing appointment. I want to know in my case, I am right of appeal? And the chances of success in my case ? Or should I to withdraw and resubmit a new application at UK visa & Immigration? Many thanks for your help and advice.
  5. Some changes for anybody wanting a visa for the UK. Full article is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/world-location-news/important-information-for-uk-visa-applicants--4
  6. Hiya does anyone know what the requirements are or will be. After im married obviously I will be living in Turkey with my husband. How do we go about a visa for him to visit England with me? Obviously I wont have any property in England or any money in England. I currently live with my parents and the money I have now will be coming to Turkey with me and being put in a Turkish bank account. Does he have more chance of getting a holiday visa if we are both living in Turkey and can of course prove it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. xx
  7. Hello forumCan anyone help me please how long does it take to hear back from settlement visa to the uk me and my husband been waiting 7 weeks .I am new to this site and am really worrying about this makeing sure we have done it right .Thank you :-)x
  8. Hi Everyone Just 1 month now till i return to Turkey to see Onur, im so excited! I lookinf for some more advise/help, In march Onur is looking to come here for a 2 week holiday he would stay at my place,he has already said a visa is not a problem but i would need to write a letter inviting him to stay? any help with this would be great Thanks xx
  9. Hi all - After a very long and very frustrating wait, we finally received the great news that our settlement visa appeal was successful! Does anyone have any idea how long it takes from receiving the determination to being called to the embassy to collect your visa? Many thanks!
  10. Hi, I hope somebody can help me, my fiance lives in Istanbul and we have just started to look into getting him a UK settlement visa and I'm not gonna lie it looks very hard but we love eachother and we want to live together in the UK. This webiste has been invaluable to me as I have found the information to be very helpful from reading the forums I know now he will have to take an English Language test called ESOL skills for life test? My question is does anyone know if there is a test centre in Istanbul where he can take this particular test? Gemma
  11. Hello I am a total newbie to this kind of thing and am finding it all a little daunting so please bare with me! My partner and I have been together for 2 years, I have visited Turkey 11 (!!) times and he has been to the UK and stayed with me last winter on a 6 month visitor visa which we got first time, we are also in the process of applying for his visit visa again for this winter. We are seriously considering applying for the spouse/partner visa in the new year and I believe I meet all the criteria. There is however a part under the 'genuine and subsisting' section that has me baffled...The part about living together and sharing financial responsibility? We are soon to be opening joint bank accounts however that's about as far as our joint financial responsibility goes at the moment and we have obviously never lived together apart from 1/2 week holidays and him staying with me in the UK for 2 months. Where would we stand with this taking into account our situation? Do we even stand a chance or am I being too optimistic?! Also, as I am saving money, I am living at home with my Mum and brother, what documents would we need to provide r.e. not being overcrowded/My mum as the tenancy holder being okay with him moving in etc? Any help would be hugely appreciated! T.I.A. Sophie
  12. Hi, I am looking for advise on my wife uk visa that she has (2 year visa) we have moved house to a new of address, do we have to notify the uk boarder agency of change of address, any help would be appreciated as i have looked around the internet and could not find anything. also we are planning on traveling to the uk by road, as my wife is Turkish she will need some type of visa to travel through other european countries? i hold a british passport my self.(yes we live in Turkey so that no one gets confused) Best Regards Steve
  13. This December we will celebrate two years of marriage. After all the problems I had with getting hubby's spouse visa and our extended separation it's been lovely to just concentrate on being a married couple. His visa runs out at the end of May 2014 and am already waking up in a cold sweat dreading going through it all again. My file of joint name documents is massive and I am taking constant pictures everywhere we go. We are running a business together and the lease is also in both our names. I keep having visions of them turning him down and sending him back to Turkey, and although I tell hubby I am not worried coz I fought them before.....honestly I am terrified. Anyone else been through this process and come out the other side unscathed?
  14. hi everybody :-)Its been awhile but im back!!Last time i posted i was gathering info on visas an marriage. Now im married and waiting the decision on my husbands visa!! Stressful times!!We married in turkey in April last year and after several visits after we applied for hospital settlement visa at the beginning of January. Be 3 weeks on Tuesday!! Seems so long waiting already. I came back to UK on 11th January and missing him like crazy. Pray and hope for a yes!!!!!Xx
  15. Hi Everyone Hoping I've posted this in the right place. My partner is Turkish. We are hoping to get married in the UK. At the moment he doesnt have access to his passport and the registry office have said that they might accept his Turkish ID as proof of nationality if it states Nationality - Turkish. My question is that is on the ID I cant see anywhere that it clearly states Nationality. It has my partners place of birth and town name but apparently this isnt enough for proof of him being Turkish. Advice please? How (apart from his passport) can he prove he is Turkish as they don't have birth certificate? Many thanks Linda
  16. Hey everyone after 17 weeks of waiting we finally got a call for my husband to go to the consulate for an 'appointment' he asked is this an interview or collection of my things (with or without visa) and they wouldnt say. Anyone any idea if it is an interview or do they tell you its an interview when they give you your date and time to go? Very nervous!!!
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