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  1. I am translating an English novel set in 18th C Turkey. It uses several Turkish words and terms, whose meaning I have mostly managed to discover so far, though often with much effort and difficulty (incidentally I would very much like to hear suggestions regarding any good - and preferably freely available! - Turkish-English dictionary.) Anyway, I am currently stuck with the following phrase, and I would appreciate the help of Turkish speakers. The protagonist has met a woman and says: "In order that the union might begin with speed, and yet be of a nature to terminate with decency, we agreed upon one of those short-hand marriages called by the Turks cabeen." Now, I have found "kyabin" in the (pretty old) dictionary I am using to mean: "portion" or "dower," I see refernces online to "Kabeen Nama" as some sort of document or marriage registration, and then there's also kab'i, which means "wrong." I looked up the sort of temporary marriage that I believe the author is describing in a reliable source, where I found it called mut'a, but found no references to anything like kabeen, or cabeen, or kyabin (it also says such marriages would not be officially acceptable in Suni Islam, but that's another matter, I guess.) So, please do let me know, if you will: what does "cabeen" mean and refer to here, b) is it pronounced with a stress in the second syllable, as I imagine - i.e. kabEEn, and c) are there any sources you are aware of (not in Turkish, which I, obviously, don't speak) that discuss this sort of marriage arrangement? Please be aware that, as I said, this is an old book, so the term may not be in use any more . I look forward to your answers!
  2. Tömer Language School, a branch of Ankara University, is Turkey's leading language school. Besides Turkish, you can also learn other languages. They have branches in the following cities: Adana Alanya Ankara Antalya Bursa Izmir Istanbul (Kadıköy and Taksim) Samsun. Tömer's Turkish courses have 12 levels--four basic, four intermediate, and four advanced. If you complete level eight, you will receive a certificate of competence in Turkish. If you continue on and complete level 12, you will receive a university degree for Turkish language from Ankara University. There are both morning and afternoon classes available, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, held from Monday to Friday. Then include 80 course hours and follow calendar months. Courses are taught only in Turkish, so besides learning the vocabulary and grammar, you'll get plenty of practice listening to Turkish and also speaking it. Tuition for each class is 1,000 TL, but discounts are also offered. They are as follows: Discount Rates for Turkish Courses Foreigners who have been accepted for Turkish citizenship, who are married to Turkish citizens, or have Turkish citizen relatives (mother, father, brother, or sister) 25% Citizens of middle-Asia Turkish republics and Turkish-related states 25% Family members attending the courses at the same time (can be added on the other discounts) 15% People attending two or more language courses at the same time (can be added on the other discounts) 15% summary="Tömer language school's discounts for package purchases"> Package Discounts for Turkish Courses 2 Course Package Sale (20% Discount) 1,600 TL 3 Course Package Sale (25% Discount) 2,250 TL 4 Course Package Sale ( 30% Discount) 2,800 TL 5 Course Package Sale (32.5% Discount) 3,375 TL 6 Course Package Sale (35% Discount) 3,900 TL 7 Course Package Sale (37.5 % Discount) 4,375 TL 8 Course Package Sale (40% Discount) 4,800 TL * Prices current as of April 13th, 2016. Books are sold separately at Tömer's branch offices. Documents needed for registration are an ID card or passport, residence permit, and a registration form. For the marriage discount, bring your marriage certificate. Of course, there are also other language schools which teach Turkish, one of which may be a lot closer to where you are. Use this article as a guide to give you some idea of what Turkish language courses in Turkey involve, and how much they normally cost. See Also Turkish language forum: There you will find plenty of foreigners who have learned Turkish, as well as Turks who can help you. External Links Tömer Language School: Find more information, including the location of and contact info for your local Tömer branch. Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  3. Turks are known for their friendliness and close relationships, as well as their politeness and consideration of others. So they have certain "set phrases," which are used to express good wishes to you in various circumstances. Usually, the reply would be "teşekkür ederim" (teh-shek-kyur eh-deh-reem), which means "thank you," or "sağol" (sah-ol), which is a wish for life, but is also used to say "thank you." If a different reply is called for, it will be noted below. 1. When you sneeze, a Turk will say... "Çok yaşa!" (choke yah-shah), Meaning "a long life to you!" You would reply "sen de gör!" (sen deh-goor), Meaning "may you live to see it!" 2. When you are about to eat something, a Turk will say... "Afiyet olsun!" (ah-fee-yet ol-soon), Meaning "good appetite!" Or they may say "Beraber Olsun!" (beh-rah-behr ol-soon), meaning "may it be so, together!" and insist you join them and share their meal. 3. When you are feeling ill, or going through a difficult time, a Turk will say... "Geçmiş Olsun" (gech-mish ol-soon)! Meaning "may it pass quickly!" 4. When you have just taken a shower, a Turk will say... "Sıhhatlar olsun!" Meaning "may it bring you health!" 5. When you have just bought a new article of clothing, a Turk will say... "Güle güle giyin!" (goo-leh goo-leh gee-yeen)! Meaning "wear it with a smile!" 6. When you have just bought a new computer, smart phone, appliance, etc, a Turk will say... "Güle güle kullanın!" Meaning "use it with a smile!" 7. When you have just bought a new house, started a business, or started your business day, a Turk will say... "Hayırlı olsun!" Meaning "may it have a good result!" 8. When you have bought a new pair of glasses, or jewelry, a Turk will say... "Güle güle takın!" Meaning "wear it with a smile!" 9. When you are working, a Turk will say... "Kolay gelsin!" Meaning "may it (your work) come easily!" Or they may say "Hayırlı olsun!" meaning "may it have a good result!" 10. When you are departing, a Turk will say... "Hoşça kal!" Meaning "stay well!" He or she may also say "kendini iyi bak!" Meaning "take good care of yourself!" Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  4. Araç Çıkabilir: Vehicles entering roadway. A.S. İZ (Askeri İnzibat): Military Police. Askeri Bölge: Military Zone. Benzin: Gasoline or petrol. Bozuk Satih: Broken pavement, or rough surface. Buz: Ice. Çıkış: Exit. Dikkat: Attention, be careful! Dikkatsız: Careless. Dinlenme Alanı: Rest area. Dizel: Diesel. Dur: Stop. Düzensiz: Reckless, carless, erratic. Giremez: Do not enter. Girilmez: Do not enter. Giriş: Entrance Hastane: Hospital Heyelan Bölgesi: Falling rocks/landslide area. Kapalı: Closed. Kar: Snow. Karayolları: Highway Kaza: Accident Kaza Raporu: Accident report Kurşunsuz: Unleaded gasoline Lastikçi: Tire repair shop Mazot: Deisel Motorin: Deisel Nakit: Cash. OGS: Fast-pass lane for toll roads (you need a transponder which reacts to the toll booth to use this lane) Otogar: Main Bus Station Otoyol: Highway. Park Edilmez: No parking. Park Etmek Yasaktır: No Parking. Park Yapılmaz: No parking. Sanayi Bölgesi: Industrial zone (this is where the car repair shops can be found). Şehir Merkezi: City center. Servis Alanı: Service area. Servis Yolu: Service road. Sis: Fog. Tamirat: Road work. Taşıt Giremez: Vehicles prohibited from entering. Tehlikeli: Dangerous. Tehlikeli Madde: Dangerous material. Tekyön or Tek Yön: One way. TEM: Trans-European Highway. Uzun Araç: Long vehicle. Yaya Geçidi: Pedestrian crossing. Yavaş: Slow or slow down. Yol: Road or way. Yol Boyunca: The entire length of the street, as in "no parking on this side of the street." Yol Çalışması: Road construction. Yol Kapalı: Road closed. Yol Tamiri: Road repair. Yol Yapımı: Road construction. See Also Turkish language Forum: Our forum dedicated to the Turkish language. If you have a question, please ask it there. Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  5. If you're not fluent in Turkish, The Google Chrome browser with its "Google Translate" extension will be of great help to you. Any time you're viewing a web page which is in the Turkish language, you'll be able to translate it into English, instantly. The Google Translate logo. Look for it when you install the application for Chrome. Once it's installed, you'll see it at the top right of your browser. If you don't already have the Chrome browser, you'll need to download and install it first. Downloading and Installing the Chrome Browser Go to https://www.google.com/chrome/. Click "Download Chrome." When prompted, save the file. This will download a setup file, with the suffix .exe, in your downloads folder. Go to your downloads folder and double click on ChromeSetup.exe. You'll receive a prompt asking if you want the application to make changes to your device. Click yes to start the setup. The setup application will download the Chrome browser for you. If any other prompts appear, click "Yes." The Chrome browser will install and should automatically open itself. If it doesn't, you can find it in your computer's list of programs. Finding the Google Translate Extension in the Chrome Web Store While using the Chrome browser, go to the Google Chrome Web Store, at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions. Here you'll find a variety of useful extensions to use with your Chrome browser. Search for the Google Translate extension using the search function. You'll also see several other translation extensions, but the only one you want is Google Translate. Installing and Activating the Google Translate Extension Once you've found the Google Translate extension, Click the "Add to Chrome" button to the right of it. A prompt will ask you if you want to add it to chrome. Click "Add extension." The next prompt will tell you that Google Translate has been added to your Chrome browser. You'll see the Google Translate button appear at the top right of your browser. It looks like this: Using Chrome with the Google Translate Extension Go to any web page which is in Turkish. Click the Google Translate extension button, then "translate this page." You may have to click it twice. The extension will translate the page into English. The Google Translate Page and Smart Phone App Google also has a web page for translating anything from words and phrases to multiple paragraphs at https://translate.google.com/. It also has a smartphone application you can download from your smartphone's application store. Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  6. To me, the "R" sound is rather strange. When the letter "R" appears at the end of a word, I can hear a sound similar to the "sh" sound in English. However, the native speakers say it is wrong to pronounce in that way. They told me the "R" sound in Turkish is just like the "R" sound in English word "run", but what is that sound I'm hearing??? Also, sometimes they are pronouncing "R" into "L" sound (or I'm hearing it wrong again?)
  7. I've been learning Turkish for a while, but sometimes when I try translating something, I don't understand the grammar. If this isn't the right place to ask, please refer me to a suitable place. If not, would someone help explain the grammar in this sentence? Gözlerinde bir yol var ah geçsem mi çağırır beni What kinda suffix is sem in geçsem? Also, i get that çağırır is in aorist tense, but it doesn't make sense that the personal suffix would be ır as well.
  8. Apologies if these questions have appeared elsewhere: I searched and didn't see anything come up. I'm interested in going to Turkey to study the language, and I've seen reference to a specific visa type for that. I would appreciate if anyone could help me with the following questions: Is the visa to study Turkish considered a "Short Term" visa or "Student" visa? Does this change whether I have to apply online/at a consulate or in person/online? How long is the typical length of this visa, given that the courses will be booked monthly? I have seen that it can only be renewed once. Does anyone have any experience with this visa (good or bad)? Is the process of getting a residence permit on this visa any different? Is it possible to leave the country and return on a tourist visa if this is close to expiring? Thanks for any input you all may be able to offer!
  9. I keep reading the process is simple but then when it comes down to to going to places and getting all the stamps, some have suggested that you need a person who speaks and/or understands Turkish. How do i find someone like that if it is indeed a need?
  10. Hello everyone! I’m a Pakistani who has wanted to live in Turkey ever since the age of 15. Everything was planned but now I’m facing alot of problems, to start with, I’m just about to start my university and for that i want to move to Turkey, i have seen so many Turkish dramas/films that i can speak a little turkish and i am willing to learn more. I’m also fimiliar with the lifestyle. What draws me to Turkey are the people, the amazing friendly people and that’s i want to move there permanently. NOW where the problem lies is that i want to become a lawyer, along with Turkey that too is a dream of mine. Do you think i can study and then practice law in Turkey? Please help! Any tips you’d like to give me? Thanks!
  11. Hello all! Does anyone know a palce where I can learn Turkish here? Any language centers? I don't want any online classes to be honest. I appreciate your help!
  12. Hi there, I am new to this and have decided to join due to being in a relationship with a man in Turkey. I am English and live in England. Him and his family are Kurdish and I am looking to learn to speak Kurdish as I am going to meet his Mother and the rest of his family next month. I speak very very little/basic Turkish and understand even less. However, I would love to learn Kurdish as it shows to his family that their language and culture is important to me (I don’t want to be an ignorant English person, whereby everyone else must learn to speak English instead of me learning their language). If anyone could give me some help with some basics on what I can say in Kurdish, aswell as possible responses I could get (so I can understand what others say to me) that would be great! I am more than happy to help anyone with learning English too Teşekkürler
  13. If you want to learn Turkish online, try TurkishClass101.com. They offer fun and interesting Turkish courses using desktop software, mobile apps, and PDF lesson notes. There is also a community there where you can discuss your lessons and ask questions about the Turkish language. You can join for free at the level of Turkish you have now (absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, and advanced).
  14. Hello, I am sorry for the long post. I have been in a long distance relatioship for 1 year 4 months now with a Turkish/Armenian Girl. It i a long distance realtionship. I have met her parents as I have visited. Now down the road im beginning to get confused about the culture and dating. I Love this girl so much. She invited me to visit and meet her parent which I did and was so greatful and had the best time of my life with her. I got to learn some of the culture esspecially when it comes to dating. I understand that there are certain ways that I must go about it to show respect to her, her parent and her culture. Like holding hands and sitting to close etc.... But recently I have found myself feeling like she is now keeping me a secret as she said we are not allowed to be in an open relationship because of her culture. For example one day I wanted to surprise her and possible bring a smile to her face as I added the "In a Relationship Status" on my Profile and had tagged her name in it. Keep in mind we have been dating for over a year and already met her parent. I was soon confronted by her and she was very angry that I had done so saying that its not allowed. She didnt explain why. I then began to research the rules and customs of dating in her culture. I felt myself really upset as I do not see why I must remain a secret to certain people, I feel. Maybe the rest of her family would not approve. I have been trying so hard to keep up afloat and now she tells me I am pushing to much. I am forcing my Love out when it should just come. We have had a rough few month as I did let the communtcation die off for a bit and I have accepted I was in the wrong for doing so and I should have been there for her. But now when I am here, when I try to keep our relationship alive and communication open. She tells me she is confused and I am trying to hard. i need to relax. Am I over thinking this? Am I over reacting? I do not want to be a secret or treated as such. She doesn't pick up on this. I am not forcing myself to be here for her but i am just being here because I love her and want to be here for her. She doesnt even have the interest to skype me anymore which hurts as I would only love to see my loves beautiful smile once in a while. I cant even get a picture. But I do make sure and send pictures and videos for her just so she may not feel that I am miles away. It is a long distance relationship. I am working my hardest to make it work and hopefully soon be able to move to her. I'm afraid how things are going it wont last to that point and it terrifies me. I LOVE HER, She Loves me or atleast she says she does. Am I missing something. Am i asking to much not to want to be a secret. Why should it matter who knows? is the culture that strict to dating as to where I cant even openly say we are in a relationship. Even after meeting her parents? What Do I do? Where can I begin to understand and learn. Im afraid she will over react if I just tell her "I don't want to be a secret in you life but I want to be apart of it as you are apart of mine" PLEASE Help!
  15. I've just applied for a residency permit under the new system, putting down "The ones to attend Turkish learning courses" as my reason as I hope to do so. However, under the documents I need to bring, it says I need "The document that shows the person has received education from an authorized institution or organization to give Turkish language courses," something I definitely don't have. At first I thought maybe I had made a mistake and mis-read the reason, but it definitely read 'attend' Turkish courses not 'give' them. Has anyone gone through anything similar? Or does anyone know if this is a major issue?
  16. Yachts sailing the Med coast of Turkey http://turkishtravelblog.com

    © Natalie Sayin

  17. This tea garden in Selcuk is just oppoiaste the main bus station. An absolute delight in summer - http://turkishtravelblog.com/selcuk-town-turkey-travel/

    © Natalie Sayin

  18. A carpet shop in Selcuk, Turkey. Don't forget to haggle if you plan on buying one.

    © http://turkishtravelblog.com/selcuk-town-turkey-travel/

  19. NatalieSayin

    Cop Sis Kebab

    Cop sis kebabs sold on the Aegean coast of Turkey in a small town called Soke. See more pictures at the Turkish Travel Blog http://turkishtravelblog.com

    © NatalieSayin

  20. Hello Everyone I would like to introduce myself,I am 25 years old born and raised in a super small town in Georgia. I am new to this forum and I have recently started dating a Turkish man and some things have been a little on the too good to be true side of things with him and I need to insight and some advice. I've never dated anyone that was from another country before so this is all new to me. And I just want to protect myself if need be. So I will start from the beginning on how my relationship came about with my Turkish boyfriend... I just moved to California from a small southern town in Georgia a month ago (huge difference obviously) and my friend told me about this online dating site to where you can possibly date someone or just be friends with people and since I am new to the area I decided to give it a shot. Granted I have never done the whole online dating scene but again I gave it a shot. So I met this man (which is now my boyfriend who is Turkish) And our first date was simple we met for coffee and talked for like 3 hours. And he seemed normal. And seemed really sweet. By the second date again he was very sweet and a gentlemen, he took me to a romantic restraunt and whooed me so to speak(which I've never had that done for me before) so it was nice. And granted the date went really well. By the third date he told me that he was really happy with me and that he really liked me and all this and I felt the same way which is very true. Now we've only been boyfriend and girlfriend so to speak for 2 weeks and he's already told me that he's in love with me. And telling me that I am the only one for him, and that he can't live without me and thank God he found me, and that he wants to spend forever with me, and wants to marry me. So as I've talked with several of my girlfriends about this they all think that is really sweet of him and they say oh my god he's the perfect man. I on the other hand think that's pretty odd especially since we don't really know one another. So anyways we've been dating for 2 weeks and I've already met most of his family that live here in California. And I have spent the night with him a few times and he's pretty much confessing his undying love for me. And says that he wants to marry me and make LOTS of babies with me. His family seems to like me which is good I mean I am very family oriented myself and I know that if family doesn't like the person you are dating 9 times out of 10 its not going to work. However his parents tell him that I am a beautiful and nice woman and that he needs to hang on to me and hurry up and marry me. He has even said that he wants to take me to Turkey this September. I have never been out of the country so its a little scary for me. But he said that he wants to take me. Now I have googled alot of things about dating turkish men and what are some of the issues American girls have with them and I must say that I am a little freaked out. My boyfriend is very sweet, charming, and makes me really happy and treats me very very well but at the same time I feel like he's rushing things. And I feel like maybe he is too good to be true. But then again I don't want to think negative about him because I know that not all Turkish men are the same. But since we come from two different cultures that kinda concerns me. My family are hardcore southern people who freaked out when I moved out here just because I wanted to experience life. And I am afraid that with our families being so different that it will cause a problem in our relationship. So if ya'll could comment and give me some advice on what you think that I should do or how to approach this whole situation would be great because I am totally clueless.
  21. Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I logged in. Hope you're all well. I was wondering if someone can help me i really want to learn Turkish now but rather than trek across the city to Tomer every day I would like private 1 on 1 Turkish lessons, as i really need to grasp the basics. Do you know of anyone? Thanks a lot!
  22. Hi all I've read quite a few of these forums and thought I should just get my feelings out there! I have been going to Turkey all my life, every year in fact. I have family out there in Marmaris so i go with my family to visit them. Last year i decided i wanted to go for more than just the typical two week holiday. So i flew out by myself and stayed with my aunt for 2 and a half months. I didn't plan on meeting anyone I just wanted to go for a good time as i love Turkey, my uncle is Turkish and is too over protective and i knew meeting someone would be difficult. On my first night i went to the bar my aunt was working at and i met all the staff. None of them really caught my eye but as the days went on the barman started to become very chatty with me even though his english wasnt that great but we could still have a conversation. We became quite close very quickly as i found him very funny and he just seemed like a nice genuine guy as he was quite quiet and sweet, not the typical turkish guy you hear all the stories about!! He then would ask my aunt if it was ok if he could take me out for a drink but as my uncle wouldn't have liked the idea of this she had to say no and i didnt want to upset my uncle. But anyway i was upset by this as i really did want to go out with him as i started to have feelings for him. We then got each others Facebooks but he added me on a profile that was a totally different name from his but i didnt question it. He would send me a "Morning canim" message every morning and this would make my day. Then one day i got out my bed quite late as i was out late the night before and i got a message from him asking if i would go to the beach with him. I told my aunt and she was fine with this but my uncle didnt know. I then went to the beach with him and i honestly had the best day of my life, we had our first kiss and i actually felt like i had known him for years. When i seen him at the bar at night i couldn't stop smiling, i just wanted to be with him 24/7!!! We would go to the beach at least 2-3 times a week and he would take me out for lunch and would spoil me, no one has ever made me feel so special but him! My feelings grew even more for him and i couldnt stop thinking about him but it was good that i seen him every night although we couldnt show how much we liked each other as i didnt want my aunt to find out. Even though my friends knew and the bar staff also knew haha. There then came a day where we had went up to his apartment and things happened and we kept going back each week. My uncle then found out i went to the beach with him and ive never seen anyone so angry before and he stopped me from going out with him. We both missed each so much and it didnt feel right just sitting at the bar at night knowing ive not spent any time with him. Sometimes i would go to the toilet and he would follow me to the sinks and we would kiss and it was amazing. His family then came to marmaris and i met all his cousins and we all got on really well. As my 2 and a half months were coming to an end i was literally dreading leaving him i just couldnt bare the thought of not seeing him every day! I spent my very last day with him and i wish i could relive it so much. I've never ever felt this way about any one in my life before. The day i was leaving finally came and when i went to the bar to bye to him my heart literally fell into my stomach, he gave me a big hug and kiss and told me he loved me (which i obviously believed) and i was the happiest girl ever. Cried all the way home and i was sooo upset when i finally got home. He would message me everyday saying how he wishes i was with him, how much he misses me and he loves me so much etc nd these messages would brighten up my day, i wanted to talk to him all day. We could never skype because he had a rubbish phone and didnt have a laptop which was quite difficult. I would look at the photos of us all the time and would sit with a big grin on my face, he also would always send me photos of him and i just loved seeing his face!! As time went on he stopped messaging me for a while as he went back to his hometown and i was so confused as to why hes not messaging me? He would then come online after a while and this would last like a day or two then he would do a disappearing act again and i couldn't cope with it what so ever. It then became months since he hadn't messaged me and i was still upset by this. I was looking through facebook one day and i came across a facebook with his name, so i clicked on it and i was raging because from what it looked like he was constantly updating this facebook, but the facebook i had for him he was never online. So i questioned him about it and he blatantly lied saying he only has one facebook which is the one he was using at the time and why i didnt believe him. I then felt bad for questioning him so i let him off. He still wasnt really on facebook much and i tried to find the other facebook but it was no where to be found so i was happy as i thought he had deleted it! But no lol i went on my friends facebook and i searched in his name and i found his facebook within 1 second. Only thing that could have meant was that he had actually blocked me because i asked him about having two facebooks. Anyway after a while a kinda got over it all as he was on facebook quite a bit always talking to me just like we would before and was talking about how he wants to marry me etc but then he changed and started to get angry with me all the time, which led to an argument just about everyday. I was truly sick and fed up of it which resulted in me deleting him and trying to forget about him. He obviously seen we werent friends so he added me and i stupidly accepted. He was being his usual lovely self, the guy i first met! Then again changed like the weather and i had to just delete him again. We now have not spoke in over 5 months and its been the hardest 5 months of my life. I feel heart broken because I love him, it wasnt just a stupid wee girl crush and the worst part is that i know i did nothing wrong for him to be like that. I'm going back out to Marmaris again this year but not as long as last time because of college and work! I was really hoping that maybe he would be working at the bar again because he said last year that he 100% will be. I got in touch with my friend who knows his cousin and i asked them to ask him if he will be going back? Really i was hoping that he would be because he made my holiday last year the best holiday ever and will never forget it. But hes not going back this year because his cousin isnt either and when i found this out i can honestly say ive never been so upset before. I felt heartbroken. After a year and i still feel like this i dont know how i will ever get over him, especially if im going back this year to the same place and he wont be there! It wont feel right and i dont think i will have half as good of a time like i did last year. I dont know how he feels about me anymore which is upsetting but a part of me wishes that he feels the same way i do. Weird thing is that some of his friends add me on facebook and they message me telling me stories that he must of told them, he also must of told them my name for them to find me on facebook. Too many things go through my head but this is really the worst feeling in the world. A part of me regrets getting so close with him but then again i have the memories to remember. Theres always so many stories like this to do with english girls and turks but i really thought i knew the bad type to stay away from and i thought he was one of the lovely genuine guys! Guess i was wrong but it just hurts so much!! Think il need to stay away from guys this year when i go back so i dont ended up feeling like this for the second time. I just had to get this out of me and im glad i did haha. Not much i can do now apart from try to get over him but i truly think this will take me a while which is hard! Thanks if you read this. Ali
  23. Excellent and Good Turkish Websites to learn Turkish There are several excellent and very good websites to learn Turkish. My favourites are as follows: www.turkishteatime.com EXCELLENT WEBSITE www.turkishbasics.comwww.turkishfree.webs.comwww.onlineturkish.comwww.princeton.edu/~turkish/reading1.htmlwww.turkishlanguage.co.uk EXCELLENT WEBSITEwww.ielanguages.comwww.worldstories.org.uk (click on TURKISH)www.turkishclass.comwww.totally-turkish.com
  24. I'd like to take some private language lessons in Istanbul with a professional teacher. How much should this cost? I've been in contact with one person, who's asking 60 TL/hour, which is about 27 USD or 20 Euros. Is this a reasonable amount (for a professional teacher, rather than someone with no training)?
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