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Found 17 results

  1. My Turkish boyfriend has been living in America for a little over a year and all of his family and friends are in Turkey. I am a single mom of three (I share them with my ex husband equally). He doesnt seem interested in meeting them, and seems flighty in life in general. He makes plans for our future together, but also never let's me forget that I shouldn't get attached. We do love each other, and our relationship is getting better not worse, but I dont know where to go from here. I support him in every quim he may have. I supported and encouraged him to go home to Turkey to see his family and friends for two months, I didnt bother him and showed only one case of jealousy when he sent me a picture of him and a friend that is a girl at a castle, it wasnt lack of trust, I just wish I could have been in that beautiful land with him. I feel as though I walk on eggs shells around him careful of his privacy on social media because he is a "private" guy. We go into public and hold hands and flirt etc, but I cant help but feel he is embarrassed of me. I don't know if I should end it now so we can be friends or risk digging deeper and letting him break my heart. I'm so confused.
  2. There have been some disastrous relationships between foreign women and the Turkish men they've met on holiday. It's the women who end up suffering as a result, even after the "relationship" has gone on for some time. Yes, some of these romances work out well, and I'm definitely not trying to paint all Turkish men with the same broad brush.Remember this, ladies: The learned (and practiced) skills which make a man a good barman, animator, or waiter, the skills which enable him to convince passers-by to eat their restaurant are the same skills which make him good with women.Turkish Men – Why Your Holiday Romance Is Doomed
  3. Hi! I'm Alex, I am Asian and I have a boyfriend from turkey. I met him online and we've been in a relationship for almost a year now. I had no idea that I'd be falling for him. But, he proved of his good intentions. We started exchanging messages for at least a month before he confessed. Since then, we've been in love. He already introduced me to his friends but not yet to his family and he said that he needed time before doing so. I respect that. Neither have I introduced him to mine. I don't want to be blinded about my feelings for him, so I searched about what typical Turks are. I must say, its overwhelming. Coz most of the things I read are good and matched his sooo good characteristics. The others I read are somehow, not so impressing, but I know that its in general. But there's this one that caught my attention and it says something like this: That Turks only go for non-Turk for sex and then leave them after. It made me feel off.. Anyway, he had never been to our country and we've been talking about him coming over anytime soon. I'm feeling so anxious to seeing him. But the thing about what I read online is making me worry. I need advice. THANKS in advance.
  4. Merhaba everyone, I am new to this forum and I have read some threads and they are quite interesting. I came here to seek advice because really i can not find any solution to as how I feel. I am a hispanic 28 year old dating a 29 year old Turkish man for a year. Actually our one year anniversay is this month... December 29th. We both live in New Orleans and he only has his sister and brother in law here...the rest of his family is in Turkey. The first couple of months of dating he did everthing in his power to keep me interested in him....taking me out to dinner buying me roses on a regular basis....everything seem fine. He would always talk about places we should go visit in Turkey and everything. Once on the 4th month of dating i saw that he was becoming serious asking me i should move in ...etc.. I at that point told him i had a daughter.....i had not told him before because i really did not think of him as something serious....but once i got to know him and Turkish culture....i really saw the similarities between the hispanic culture and Turkish culture...we are really family oriented and have similar values. After that some things changed...but his feelings seemed to be somewhat the same...but there was no more talks about going to Turkey no more comments like....i am so lucky to find you...he always use to tell me this. So i felt at this point some change...after confronting him...he mentioned that his parents were probaly not going to approve of me because of my daughter. I felt bummed about this so after much thought....i thought to myself this is not going to work out...so i broke up with him. He talked to his sister about the situation...and she basically told him..he had no future with me....and to never tell their parents about me because that would send his mom straight to the hosiptal...she has diabetes. Keep in mind i have an Masters degree...i owe rental properties...and see myself fairly decent. but of course all of this doesn't matter. After all this he cried...and begged me to not to brake up with him...that i made happy and no one has made him happy like this before. I cared for him too so we decided to get back together.8 months later.....which is been one year now...his parents came from Turkey to visit for one month....and i as expected been excluded of everthing. Although his sister has a two bedroom apartment...his parents decided to stay with him in his one bedroom apartment...so i really can not see him.....i been seeing him only during lunch time and i can not stop myself from feeling inferior. I feel like we are doing something bad and we have sneek around. I asked if they even knew about me and he said he tried to mention about me a few months ago and basically his mother told him straight up he is prohibited from dating any american girls although i am spanish and that she will never give her blessing to him. So after that he stopped trying. I tried to talk to him about it....what does he expect from this relationship...he said he does not know...only the future can tell. He is not giving me any promises....he hasn't even said he loves me. He just says his feelings are very strong for me nothing like he has experienced before. He said love is a very powerful word and should only be said in marriage. He said he has never told i love you to anyone before. i am just so torn....i don't know what to do...should i just keep trying and maybe one day things will fall in place or should i just call it quits?
  5. Hi, I'm sure you are probably bombarded with posts from women/ girls who have fallen for a Turk and aren't sure what to do... but I have another one I'm afraid.... and a very long one (I'm not good at summarising. I went to Bodrum on a family holiday with my Dad, stepmum and younger brother and sister. I deceided before going away that I would just enjoy myself and take every opportunity I could to try new things. I got a lot of attention both staff, other tourists and also from locals, but I wasn't interested. I called off my wedding in January and the last thing on my mind was a relationship. Well obviously you already know that that has now changed. After a few days I noticed one of the staff. He was absolutely gorgeous and exactly my type, had tattoos and an amazing smile and just looked like amazing fun. If I was at home, he would be EXACTLY my type in every way. On night 4 I was at the disco and he came over to my family to talk and be generally polite and when he asked me to dance I thought nothing of it (it's his job after all). But after several songs I realised it was just me he was dancing with and when he asked if I was going to the nightclub after I quickly said yes! My stepmum (who is turkish) came with me and we had a great night. We danced all night and when I slipped on a spilt drink he quickly swept me up, had the dancefloor cleared and apologised prefusely. That was it.... He asked me to meet him outside the hotel after, but I politely declined. How could I meet a man that I barely knew? In a place I didn't know? I'd heard so many horror stories of men abroad (not just in Turkey I must add), that were looking for an easy target, or just western women in general for sex, money or visas, and I did not want to be one of this women. I'm very proud and to lose that would hurt more that the emotional pain. The next day at the pool (of course I'm a typical Brit), he kept making eye contact whilst he was working and came to our group at every opportunity he could. Around 1ish he dissapeared for his lunch break and within minutes I had a facebook message from him just asking how I was and apologising again for the large bruise I now had on my knee. Again he asked to meet me and after talking with my stepmum I agreed to meet him after he finished work, just outside of the hotel. He took me for a drink and then we walked down the beach and just talked and talked. His english is very good and most of the time he favours it over Turkish. I headed back to the hotel very happy and something just felt right, which I've never had before. The next few nights we did the same and we got to know each other quite well. On my last day he tried to see me as much as possible without getting into trouble with work. He seemed really beaten and when he struggled to find the words in English, he explained to my stepmum how he felt in Turkish. He said that he would be turning 30 in a few days (I am 24 incase that helps) and he was finally at a point where he wanted to settle down. That I was the first person he had met that he could see a future with and that he was so scared that now he finally found me, he was going to lose me... He said he was in a young man's job and looking to settle into a more secure job once he went back to Istanbul at the end of summer season. I agreed to keep in contact. I arrived home in early hours of the next morning and at 11am (9 in Turkey), I was woken up by a message from him. He said he missed me already and would I come back out to see him. He then skyped me and for the last couple of weeks we have been speaking and skyping daily. He even called me from his mobile when he couldn't get wifi (which would have cost him a fortune). Obviously it's easy to get swept up in it al,l as Turkish men are renowned for their charm, making a woman feel special and moving very quickly and I would love to let myself, but obviously I'm still ering on the side of caution. My dad and stepmum are both more than happy with things going as they are and my stepmum is very much supporting me and pushing for me to take the risk. My mum on the other hand is a lot more warey. She hasn't met him, worries about me and knows of people who have been hurt by foreign men so I can understand her angst. I would like to see how things go and we have spoken about a future together. Both of us are willing to relocate if it came to it and he says his family would be happy with me. One of his brothers is already married to a turkish woman and they have a son so he says there is a lot less pressure on him to find a turkish wife. He is not a practising muslim. He's from Beylikduzu in Istanbul. I'm going to be visiting him again in August at the same resort with my best friend (who is very supportive). I have read through the posts on here and I am so glad to see that there are some success stories, because although we have not known each other very long and I very much going into this with my eyes open, I have not had this sort of connection with anybody before (hence my calling my wedding off). If anybody can offer any advise or cautions or success stories or any tips on making the long distance thing work then I would be very grateful. Thank you x
  6. Merhaba, its my first time for me in here so im not sure if im placing my topic in the right place ! sorry for that Im foreigner and Im living in turkey since 2 years ago my turkish language suck at level 1 , i mean my turkish language skills. I'm in relationship with my GF since almost 2 years ago but in serious relationship since 2 months and im planning to visit her family for the first time next month. This is the first step for later engagement after that marriage, For me my biggest fear is my Turkish language. im disappointed actually from myself about that but whatever I can’t delay my first meeting with her family cuz of my Turkish. Can you please give me advices about this meeting I want to give a good impression , I don’t want to leave impression because of nervous that im too shy or etc cuz of im nervous that’s im not that person. Im expecting to give introduction about my self in Turkish , to answer questions. Etc Please advice me because its gonna be next month. Regards
  7. Hi everyone, after reading a lot of the posts on here over the last few weeks i decided to join, i to am in a relationship with a lovely Turkish guy and from what i can see you have all given some great advice to other members, my relationship is quite new i have know him for just over a year but have only been together since June ( as i was in a relationship the previous year) so im sure i will be calling on you guy's for advice over the coming months! Relatinoship is going great i have just returned from Turkey again where we spent the week together, we get on fantastically and im going back on the 26 th of December, only thing that concerns me is it all seems to be moving rather quickly, is this normal for Turkish men? i have no doubt that he loves me and i now feel the same but he is talking about getting married next year!!
  8. Hi All, Well I've had endless help on here so far in my relationship, so I'd like to say a huge thank you! My next predicament is meeting the parents! I'm booked to return to Turkey for a longer spell at the beginning of November, however this time, Tugrul (my fiance) will have finished his summer work and will be back in Istanbul. We have booked an apartment to stay together, which will have a sofa bed in the living room as he's hoping to introduce me to his friends and brothers and for them to possibly stay with us if they decide to drink or have a long journey (his family live in Beylikduzu and we are staying near Taksim). He's then planning for us to have an official engagement and celebrate with his friends and family I'm particularly nervous because although I have spoken to his brothers on the phone when they called to congratulate us on our engagement, I have not met any of his family, in particular his mother! His father lives in Germany and he doesn't really have a relationship with him. What is the etiquette? Is it the same as meeting the parents here? Is there anything formal that I need to do or remember? She seems fairly modern but I'm desperate to make a good impression. How do I address her? She doesn't speak english, which is a worry as my turkish is still very limited. I know the very basics. Originally he planned for us to go to her, but he thinks it would be better if we went out in town for dinner, etc, and then she stayed the night with us. Which leads me to my other question... How is it appropriate to act together in front of her? We're quite affectionate, but I can't help but feel it would be improper to show in front of her... but on the other hand, I don't want her to think I don't care for Tugrul or that I'm cold to his affections... Also, if she stays, I would most definitely give up the bedroom for her and sleep on the sofa bed, just out of repect, however, as we are not yet married, would it be frowned on for us to share a bed? I have so many questions I just don't know where to start! Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! x
  9. Hello,I don't know where to begin but I need some advise. Last year I was on holliday in Kemer for 1 week. There was 1 worker in the restaurant that was friendly (the same to me as to all the rest) and I liked him a lot. He did his job well, was not making jokes or things like that. I was there with a friend and at day 5 he asked if we wanted to go drink something with him that evening. ... we asked if we could answer him in 5 minutes because we wanted to talk about it first and we decide to go with him. After his work he waited at us in front of the hotel and we went to a nice bar at the beach. We talked and talked about his life and ours. When we went back to the hotel he asked if he could hold my hand. I laughed and said... i'm a not to old for you ? He was 31, I 41 and his answer was no. The next day he asked if I wanted to go out with him that evening. I had butterflies when I saw him so my answer was, yes offcourse. We walked and talked a lot, had a few drinks in a nice romantic bar and than we kissed. Later he asked if I wanted to spend the night with him but if I did not want that it was also OK for him. But I wanted it... and so we spend the night togheter and had sex also. The day after also... and then I must go home and I just had his email-adress. I came home and send him an email. I get one back that he realy missed me, hoped to see me again. He also told me he had a lot of women in the past, but after the army he changed and wanted not to live like that anymore. After a while I get his phone number and we begin to sms and call sometimes. Later there was skype also. Because the contact between us was so good I went again to Turkey this summer and saw him again after 1 year ! I was not in the hotel were he was working now because that was to expensive. So, everyday after his work (around midnight) he came to my hotel and then we spend the time togheter. He had 1 free day also and he was not 1 minute away from me. The last day he gave me a litlle golden heart to put around my neck, a present he once got from his mother he told. I was so happy ! Back home, I cry all day, miss hem terrible, send him a lot of emails and messages. In the beginning he was sending me a lot also but the last 4 weeks I don't hear much. I wrote him last week that I could not go on like this and than I get a message back within 5 minutes dat he loves me, don't want to lose me but that he realy has long workday's and is very tired. I asked when he had his free-day so that we could talk once on skype and I get the the message that his roomfriend was on holliday and he didn't had a pc (he always use the one from his roomfriend). I asked if I could call him that evening or the day after an he didn't reply on that also... Sometimes he say... I had no credit on my phone and must go city so I had to wait till my free day. I don't understand it and I am thinking that something isn't right... but why he give me a heart if I don't mean anything for him ? I always tought he was honest but I have so much doubts no. Are there woman or girls who had the same ??? Can I believe his story's ???? Sorry if my english is not that good... Greetings
  10. Hi everyone, While surfing the web today I discovered this forum and thought I better join . I am nearly 18 and am an Irish girl. Back in July I went on holiday to Turkey for two weeks with my best friend and her family. I had absaloutley no intention what so ever in having a holiday romance or even contemplating one, I am a very realistic person! Anyways during our holiday my friend and I became friends with some of the young lads working where we were staying. My friend went out with one of the guys on the entertainment team... who turned out to be a complete idiot. I being practical ignored any of there advances, not wanting to have my heart broken. Towards the end of the first week I noticed one of the chefs in the kitchen seemed interested in me, I had noticed him before and thought he was attractive. Eventually he asked me out, he's quite shy! I didn't know whether to say yes or not it's not usually something I would do but my friend convinced me to go for it and I rang my mam who was in Ireland and she said to go for it if I thought I could trust him, so I did. We had a great time, I was straight up with him and told him that there was no way he would get to sleep with me, I am just not that type of girl and he respected that. He is 21 by the way. We went out every night of my second week for walks on the beach etc. and he always paid for everything. My last night it was sad but I hadn't let myself get to attached to him as I thought I would never here from him again once I got home. How wrong I was, he instantly started messaging me and six weeks later I still talk to him all day everyday, god bless viber!! He really seems genuinely lovely he has never asked me for anything and he tells me how much he misses me and says one day he wants to introduce me to his family. I know it is still very early days so I am keeping my eyes wide open, my head screwed on and not getting swept up in the whole romance of everything! Although I do miss him a lot. Upon returning initially my parents were very apprehensive about him, which is definitely understandable, they didn't want to see me heartbroken if he suddenly just stopped messaging me, but he has never once not replied to a message so they are a lot more relaxed now. I hope to visit him in October for a week but it is all very uncertain at the moment. I have read to many terrible stories about Turkish men on internet forums and else where, so I am very apprehensive! I know I should give him the benefit of the doubt as he has never given me any reason to doubt him, but a long distance relationship is a big commitment to make and one that I could only make if I completely and absolutely trusted someone with all my heart! I guess I am looking for the advice and opinions of people in a similar situation to my own. Thank you in advance for your replies!! Ciara xx
  11. Hi there first I will say i am 24 living in London, a strong independent girl who has been going to Turkey for 5 years. I went to see family and met a man Emre Salar in Gian Carlos in Turgetreis, Bodrum. He spoke no English but I liked him ( I tried not too as I knew the stories of Turkish Waiters) I told him he was a visa hunter or a money hunter I was drunk! He said no no...later I tried walking away as I knew he was trouble! I went back home and found out he was married with a son and was completely disgusted (shouldve known!) 5 months later he added me on facebook. I was shocked and obviously told him I knew he was married etc, he told me the reason he didnt get in touch was because of the divorce!( of course i took with a pinch of salt) We started talking (well i taught him english) we went on webcam everyday and spoke and messaged, skype etc all day! (worming his way in!) He then asked me to come visit him so I went to his sisters house in Ankara as he lived with his parents in Mersin. Then 2 ,months later I went to a Hotel in Mersin. He told me the truth he was married and it was half ok half awful. We worked it out he had said they are trying to get a divorce but she still loved him. It was very hard and i didnt know what to think! Then 2,5 months we went to another hotel and he was really nice which I still wasnt sure about. I came back and he started telling me he needed money or he will go back to his RICH wife! (she wasnt of course!) Unfortunately he had trapped me.. It was hell for a few months and we had tried ending it. Then he begged me to come back and meet his family etc (which I knew was one if their games) I was really ill and even said if you need money i will pay and stay in London! He said no he wanted to see me.. So I went for 5 days and it was hell on earth! He took the money from my purse, the police took him court the second day! apparently? he smoked weed everyday with my money with his friends, he used me for sex when he wanted, then when i refused he hit me. He called me orospu, prostitiute and basically shown me his true colours 15 months later luckily as I hadnt moved there! I noticed his and his wifes facebook and there were photos uploaded together on holiday the days after I went back home. I wish I had noticed before as he begged me for money a few weeks later..obviously to pay for it! After he went back to his wife I told him to explain! He didnt so i said il ring his wife he said ok!? Obviously thinking I wouldnt. But i rang her and tried to tell her everything, she said she hated him and said sorry and says she has a son etc. I dont know if she was in on it or not but I am sending them all the photos! and these posts so they can see I am not just a liar online? never met???? I think what hurts the most is everyone I met comments on their photos what a beautiful couple! How they can live with themselves! Thank god I saw the real him and that poor girl has him for the rest of our life! I now need to leave my flat and my health is really bad I went for a blood test he even said Insallah u kill! Then a few days later he said if you dont ring my wife again you can be my mistress and pay me for 4 months then we can get married!!!! I am gobsmacked I fell for this but it has taught me so much and it could be worse! I am still young and can move on! I feel so bad for everyone that has been in this situation and I hope noone gets caught by him again! Now i taught him English I am sure he will find it easier to trap poor young girls now! Please do not believe a word he says he is a nasty evil vile man!
  12. Hello everyone! Nice to meet you I must say, and thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this. It's kind of a long story, but I'll try to sum it up as to not bore you to death. A little about myself. I'm 20 years old, I'm mexican therefore my first language is Spanish, but I speak fluent English as well. I am a modern, liberal, open-minded gal with some traditional values and customs. I am very open to the idea of love, yet have never experienced it. I have never had a real relationship, and have always found it very hard to really connect with someone. I'm what you might say a little boy crazy, but as soon as I know that I'm liked, I tend to back out and move on trying to conquer the next one. Basically it goes like this.. I went to college for my first year at a city 2 hours away from where I used to live with my mother. For an entire year I made friends, went out and had my fun until circumstances led me to make the decision to move back home. Two months before I moved I started going out more than usual as I was enjoying my last few weeks there. One night I went to a friends apartment where we hung out and had a few drinks until spontaneously deciding to go out to a club, as it was only Wednesday night. After some debate we ended up agreeing to go because a friend was celebrating their birthday. We show up, have a few drinks, met some people. I had one cigarette in my purse, no lighter. So we decided to go outside.. right as I looked around for someone with a lighter I spot three guys. They seemed very unusual because they had mustaches. At the time I was very into mustaches for some odd reason haha. I went up to one and asked for a lighter. Almost instantly I felt a weird vibe coming from the guy I had approached. We started chatting and instantly noticed each others accents. Of course I told him I am Mexican, and he is Turkish/German. We talked for a while longer, until the club was about to close. We exchanged numbers, and ended up going to their apartment for an after party. There we just talked for a few more hours until I was tired and headed home. The following weeks consisted of him trying to take me out on a date, and of course me playing hard to get. At the time I just didn't have too much interest in him, I kind of just gave him spare time if I felt up to it. I ended up moving back home, and when that happened was when it really hit me. I don't know if it was because he was foreign or because I realized I liked him more than I thought, but I started to miss him! The entire summer I went to visit him 2-3 times a month. We had a problem at some point because of a misunderstanding. I went to visit him, and he had something to do so I decided that while he was busy I'd catch up with an old guy friend. I told him about it and this guy has a girlfriend and everything, yet my guy just went crazy jealous and stopped talking to me for months. After some time he reached out to me again and apologized for the miscommunication. We started dating again, keep in mind that we are still in different cities.. and things seemed to go well. Then we had another problem, I saw pictures of him with his beautiful ex girlfriend at some kind of formal. I got completely jealous of course and just shut him out of my life. We stopped talking for another few months, without giving him a chance to explain. A few months passed and recently he contacted me again, after realizing I missed him I decided to visit him. He explained the situation and why those photos came to be, again it was miscommunication on both of our sides. This last time that I visited him was completely different though. It is as though we connected in every way possible. He is a very caring, attentive, fun, funny, smart man. He's 24, he's studying business and pretty much knows what he is doing with his life. I on the other hand have yet to figure out what I want, and am a very impulsive person. We've talked about religion, family, future, marriage...and I've found that I like the way he thinks, expresses himself, carries himself, and to be honest when I think of him I find him completely fascinating. I don't think it's love, but I'm definitely infatuated and I like him more than I have ever liked any other guy. Here's the problem: Distance. It sucks, and it is time consuming. I am the one who always visits him, we text but not every day. We don't talk on the phone or Skype, although I've asked him to get an account. Recently I expressed how much this bothers me. I feel like I've been putting all the effort into this by visiting him and trying to remain in contact, I even go so far as to read up on his culture and try to learn his language. It's so weird though because when we are together, we are just absolutely great! I told him that if he can't cooperate more, then I can't keep holding on to something that just might not happen. His response was that he would try harder, and that it bothered him too that I was the one making the most effort. I tried to cut him out of my life, but he refused to let me do so because I'm "important" to him. Just when I thought I was going to give up, he texted me saying he "might" come in 2-3 weeks to visit me. Finally, the first time he makes the effort to visit, and that's because he's only 2 hours away. He says that it's hard to formalize a relationship because of the distance, he's tried it before but it didn't work out. At the same time, I understand him, because it would create a lot more stress trying to keep up with the communication and visiting and all that if he were my "boyfriend". At the same time though, I feel that my feelings are strong enough to make that effort. I'm caught in a dilemma, should I just face the hurtful truth and let it go..move on? Or should I wait and see if his actions catch up with his words? I want to let go, but I feel like we'd be so good together.. maybe I'm just holding on to something that might just never happen. What do you think?
  13. ok so i'm a racially mixed african and caucasian girl, i've never been to istanbul but i've heard it is absolutely gorgeous! I was recently approached by someone on a dating site whose photo showed a handsome dark haired caucasian, military guy. He says he's originally mexican, he's currently on mission in syria and has a son, but is divorced. He is charming, sweet, affectionate and very romantic. After weeks of daily exchanges online, and a growing emotional bond, we reach a point of considering marriage once he returns from mission and flies straight to visit me. He says he wants me to be a mother to his 7 year old son and he wants me to give him a baby girl who looks like me. It is my daily joy to read his loving messages and we openly talk of our future very soon. He wants me to be his wife, he 's terrified i might not wait on him and fall for someone else. He needs me like a lovely puppy and i totally fall for it. What woman can resist a handsome soldier with a tender heart? Then this morning, the cloud of joy vanishes when he clearly makes a sneaky move to get money out of me, and lies about a few things in the process. I sit there, shattered, then angry, and demand explanations. He changes tone and the mask drops. My handsome mexican soldier was a turkish armed forces man who is only a stolen image, not even aware i exist. And in fact, was a black nigerian guy who lives in ghana and wants nothing but my cash. i'm heartbroken and i feel so stupid. my brain can't manage to make my heart understand i need to stop loving this fake person.
  14. Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum and so very glad that I found it. I need some advice for those of you who are living in turkey regarding your observations of how Turkish men interact with African American/black women. I'm an American black women who recently visited Turkey for the first time. My overall experience was very positive... I fell in love with all the culture and history in Turkey. I met a Turkish man in Istanbul who seemed really sweet and sincere. Although I honestly have no way of proving that his intentions are honorable, because I really don't know him that well. My question is, how are black people 'viewed' by Turkish people? I asked my friend how his family would respond to him dating a black woman and his reply was that "his family liked black people." Can this be true. The reason I am somewhat skeptical has to do with the history of racism in America and how in some parts of the states interracial couples are not necessarily well received. Especially in the South where I live. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance for your feedback
  15. I am a christian woman from Glasgow, Scotland and I have known a Turkish muslim man for 1 year now. We recently got engaged and met one anothers families. My family are fine with our relationship however his family wanted him to marry a muslim girl, he declined and explained that he loved me and would marry me with or without their blessing. I presume they have agreed to our marriage because they were very hospitable to my family and I. Gokhan (my future husband) bought me an engagement ring and wears 1 himself, he speaks of us getting married in 1 or 2 years time and has also mentioned us having children and would like me to move to Turkey. He has not asked me to change my religion nor have I asked him, nor have we discussed our future childrens religion. There is a lot of talk about Turkish men wanting to marry with British women for passports/visas. I am sure he is serious but this is always at the back of my mind. So the question is, how do I know if he is serious about our engagement/marriage? Thank you in advance for you answers/help/and support.fuzzy
  16. Hello everyone Im aymelik from Philippines. Im happy to join here.lately I have been following this turkish forum for a reason of learning the nature of turkish boy :)and thank you in advance if those people around here can help me figure out if was my turk boy I had now is for real relationship or not...
  17. Selam everyone! This is my first time using this forum but I'm in awe and in need for some expert advice! I am an American woman(I have no religion, I wasn't baptized) and I am dating a turkish man(a Muslim). We have been together 10 months now, and we've been through several hardships. When we first got together I was 2 months pregnant. I now have a 2 months old baby girl. For the first few months we had certain disagreements about things. He didn't want to take part in anything that had to do with my pregnancy he said or with the baby e always said it wast his daughter. However, he still took me to doctor appointments and now that she is here he loves her unconditionally. He calls her his own and says she is the start of our family. One of our biggest issues is my past. It's hard for knowing that I was with anyone besides him, seein I am his first. And I know that in the Muslim religion a huge thing is not having sex before marriage or whoever you do you must marry, so I've heard. He also doesn't let me do certain things, I can't go anywhere without him, I can't wear anything that's somewhat provocative, and anyone in my past is a no no. Even though he is a bit controlling, I know he truly loves me. He proves it to me everyday. He tells me he wants noting but me. He's needs me and I am his life. And I love him so much, too. I've always been mistreated in relationships and for once I am happy. He wants me to read the Quran he thinks I'd love the Muslim religion. He tells me not to do it for him but to give it a chance. We've talked about marriage and I want it as much as him. He wants us to move to his city though, seeing we both live in the US now. I'm just concerned. For my daughter, for myself. If we do marry, I'm not sure on rights in Turkey, and I've heard a lot of bad stories about American woman marrying Muslim men. I didn't know if this was turkish Muslim or another country or does it even differ? Mostly looking for opinions. Please and thank you.
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