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  1. Istanbul is the most popular destination for foreigners seeking a new life in Turkey. For that reason, the Directorate General of Migration Management offices there have the highest number of residence permit applications, many of which contain false information or fake documents submitted by foreigners who intend to work illegally. So the Istanbul offices are stricter on issuing residence permits, and will usually ask for documentation in addition to the usual documents required to apply for a residence permit. For first-time applications, if the reason for the stay is "tourism," the Istanbul offices may only give up to five months of residence to citizens of certain countries. That doesn't mean you'll be rejected or given a shorter time of stay since the immigration specialists look at each foreigner as an individual. What they ask for, and whether a residence permit is approved or not, will vary from person to person depending on their circumstances. Apply for Your Residence Permit as Early as You Can You can apply for a residence permit any time within 60 days of the expiration date of your current residence permit or visa, or the last day your visa allows you to be in Turkey. Because of additional documentation that may be required (possibly including documents from your home country), you should apply for your residence permit as early as possible. Residence permit applications are made using an online system at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/. Learn about the residence permit application system. Your Appointment Date Near the end of your online application, you may be given a single date and time for your interview, with no other options available. You may not have the option of selecting an appointment date and time at all—instead, the immigration office will send your appointment date and time by e-mail or SMS, depending on the communications preference you chose. It might could take up to three weeks (depending on their workload) for them to send you that message, Keep an eye on your e-mails and your SMS messages until you receive your appointment information. When you've completed your online application, the system will give you a link you can use to download your completed İkamet İzni Kayıt Formu (Residence Permit Registration Form). If the system gives you an appointment date and time, you'll see it printed at the bottom of the first page, along with the address of the immigration office where you need to go. Important! Until you go to your appointment, keep a copy of the first page of your printed Residence Permit Registration Form and your passport with you whenever you go out. That first page of the application form will keep you in Turkey legally until your appointment day, even if your current residence permit or visa expires or you exceed the number of days your visa allows you to be in Turkey. Additional Documents the Immigration Office May Ask For Depending on the communication preference you selected when you apply for a residence permit, you may receive an e-mail or an SMS message, in Turkish, which will tell you to bring certain additional documents to your interview. Insider Tip: It's highly unlikely that the immigration office is going to ask for all these documents. Typically they only need one to three of them. The following is a list of additional documents they may ask for. A Letter Stating Your Reason for Living in Turkey This letter is your personal explanation about why you want to live here. They usually ask everybody this question during the interview. But in this case, they want you to put it in writing and sign it. Make sure your letter is well-written, and that it clearly explains your reasons for wanting to live in Turkey. Then, have it translated into Turkish by a native-speaking Turk. Your Birth Certificate To learn how to get a copy of your birth certificate from your home country, see How to Get a Copy of a Foreign Birth Certificate from Turkey. Your Criminal Record from Turkey Learn how to Get a Turkish Criminal Record Check in Turkey. Your Criminal Record from Your Home Country Learn how to Get a Foreign Criminal Record from Turkey. Your Fingerprints They usually take fingerprints during the residence permit appointment. Sometimes they do them separately. So you'll have to go to the local immigration office and have this done before your appointment. A Utility Bill with Your Name and Address on it According to some immigration specialists I've spoken to, a utility bill is the best proof of address. So bring whatever utility bills you have to your appointment, even if you don't get a message telling you to do so. A Copy of the Tapu (Property Tile Deed) from Your Landlord The immigration specialist may want this to prove that the person signing your kira sözleşmesi (rental contract) is the true owner of the place where you're staying. If the title deed is more than two years old, it'll also need a Tapu Kayıt Örneği (Title Deed Registration Document) from the Tapu ve Kadastro Müdürlüğü (Title Deed and Land Registry Office) to prove the deed is still valid. A Numarataj Belgesi (Address Numbering Document) The immigration office will only ask for this if you're the owner of your residence. The numerataj belgesi proves the building or apartment you own is legally registered. Learn how to get your numerataj belgesi. A Sağlık Kurlu Raporu or Heyet Raporu (Health Report) This is a health checkup you can get at any state hospital. Learn how to get a health report. Additional Proof You Have Enough Money to Live in Turkey Normally, the immigration specialist wants to see a printout of the last six months of your banking activity. But sometimes they'll want more, such as a stamped and signed letter, with bank letterhead, from the financial institution. Whatever they need, they'll tell you in the message they send. Learn about how to prove you have enough money to live on. Legalizing Foreign Documents for Use in Turkey All documents from foreign countries must be internationally legalized, then translated by a sworn translator before the Turkish government can accept them. Legalization involves a separate document called an apostille, which certifies that the source of the document is genuine. You'll need to send the foreign document to a government office in your home country and have them attach an apostille to it. The legalization requirement only applies to foreign government-issued documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and criminal record checks. It doesn't apply to privately issued documents such as bank account records or educational certificates. While internationally legalizing a document sounds very complex, it's just a short series of simple processes. Once you learn how it works, it won't sound so scary. Learn about the apostille and how to legalize foreign documents for use in Turkey. Notarization of Rental Contracts in Istanbul If you're a renter, you'll need to include a notarized copy of your rental contract with your residence permit application package. That applies to everybody, not just foreigners in Istanbul. Learn how to get a document notarized. Apply for a Residence Permit Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He's now retired and living in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  2. hi there i would appreciate any help regarding this issue im going to briefly explain . so, me and my girlfriend applied for a short stay residence permit at the same time , after about 70 days mine evaluated positively and just 5 days later my girlfriend also received a message about her application was evaluated positively . so, after about 10 days i received my card at my door . we expected to receive hers in maximum a week after that but now it has been 3 weeks that we didn't receive her card . and when i go to the website it says that it is in printing stage ... so, as we expected to receive our cards, we arranged a flight to go back home for like 2 months . i want to know how long more should we wait since our flight is in 2 weeks , and if we don't receive it and we want to leave is it going to be a penalty for her or since her application was approved it's already ok for her to leave and come back after our short-term duration is over ?
  3. Is it possible to get the message for more than 2 months after completing application on line in Istanbul? If we don’t have any messages, what will happen if we have to leave the country then?
  4. Hello, I will apply for short term residence permit in one week. I have checked your guide regarding the documents needed for applying but I need some clarification about each step as it is my first time. I hope I am not too annoying asking some simple questions. My friend who's place I will be staying at will get a taahhütname tomorrow. Should I get the taahhütname stamped from the notary or the rent agreement be stamped from notary and it will be separate document ? Can I apply for health insurance online or I have to go to any office of the companies specified ? As I read on forum, the immigration offices in Istanbul aren't taking appointments. Is it still the same ? So that when I will get the appointment date, I will have to send all the required documents through PPT. Will the translation of passport be done at notary as well ? This is a dumb question but passport is in required documents. Will I send the passport as well in the documents ? Also if I do, if any police or any govt related officers asked for my passport during the waiting time after application, will I show them something ? I am a freelance designer. So during form filling procedure online, should I just put freelancer in occupation ? A bit confused about this step as well.
  5. I submitted our application about three weeks ago. Last week I received message from migration asking me to submit all required documents via post office. I submitted everything via PTT. Is this new process, or are they going to ask for an appointment after documents are reviewed ? I was told by someone that it's changed to post mail due to COVID.
  6. I've been coming and going to this forum trying to find answers and also help others with whatever knowledge i might have with my personal experience... But now after 4 years of being in a relationship with my Turkish girlfriend I have finally popped the question and we are now engaged and planning our marriage next year! For this I have come to this forum in an attempt to get some directions and help from you guys as I know this things might change with time or place and nothing like some personal experience and help from you. We are planning to marry in March or so next year in Istanbul over the district marriage office. Currently I'm doing a European voluntary project in Istanbul and I have applied for a RP that will last till March next year (this wont be an issue i guess i can always leave and come back with a touristic visa for the weeding celebration i guess). I hold a Portuguese citizenship and I have already contacted the Portuguese embassy in Ankara regarding this plans in order for me to get some guidelines from them as well. But still wanted to know from this forum and in easier words and realities how the celebration of a marriage goes in Turkey and whats the steps I should expect and documents I should arrange in order to do this without any problems. I have coming and going to Turkey since 2016 and I know how this bureaucratic things change and its always hard to get a straight answer but your help would be much appreciated! I will kindly wait your replies! Thank you in advance
  7. Nour


    Hello everyone I want to know about the beylikdüzü to live, how is this area for a family with school going girls. Thanks Nour
  8. After some research I realised that primary and high school kids can do distance learning. What is this exactly and can anyone provide me with links of schools in Istanbul? I have 2 girls of 9 and 11, equivalent to school years 5 and 7 in the UK. Thanks
  9. Nour

    School Admission

    Hi Can someone please share with me the whole process to get admission in public schools(here in Turkey), my appointment is in next month before this kids could start their school. And which documents required for admission. Please reply me, Thanks
  10. Nour

    Public schools

    Hello everyone We are here now in istanbul, public secondary school and high schools are starting from which class ,my kids are in 7,4 and3rd grade ,they need middle school or high schools also have middle school classes. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone I want to know that which area is good and safe for living in istanbul for a family of only mother with three school going kids(girls) must be reasonable not too expensive i think Istanbul form is good option for advice because we will transfer to istanbul in next week
  12. Based on my research, english private schools are way costly (30-60k $ a year). I am looking for a list of private schools where medium of instruction is in English and fees range between 15-20k TL/Year. cheers
  13. How is the internet connectivity in Instanbul cause I need the internet to remain online. A friend of mine recommended rent n connect and Skyroam pocket WiFis let me know if anyone has had an experience with the two companies
  14. Has anyone recently applied for a residence permit in Istanbul? I applied two days ago and the system didn't provide me with any date options. I called 157 and they told me there aren't appointments available now and all I can do is wait for an email or check the website regularly to see if the appointment option appears (right now it's greyed out). Is that normal? Any idea how long it can take before I receive an appointment date? I am Lebanese and my husband is American, we have remote jobs and are financially stable and we're paying a lot on rent so I can't think of a reason why our applications would be rejected. I applied for 20 months residence just because I purchased 2 year health insurance and my passport expires in June 2021, so I thought why not? I hope I made the right call, I just read in another topic thread that they're only giving 6 months to Middle Easterners.
  15. Hi! I'm looking to get Islamically married in Istanbul during a visit over the Christmas period. I know officially a civil marriage has to be conducted first, but I know some people marry religiously first. It would be great to know any mosques that would conduct this kind of service for us. We are both Muslims and not resident in Turkey.
  16. Hi, After 19 years full of hard work in multinational companies I decided to move to Istanbul next month to start my own business, I’ll leave my country, family and friends, I’m a little bit nervous where this is a big challenge for me since I’m 40 years old and looking for stability. I need to start a new life in Istanbul, looking for friends, relationship and a good life. appreciate your advice, support and hep. Regards
  17. Hi there, I am in an odd and uncomfortable situation and I need some advice. My wife of 17 years and I are having great difficulty, and she is considering abandoning me and our son (he's 34, from her first marriage, and lives with us, and we get along fine). We were legally married in Istanbul. We still all live in California for now. She is making threats against my assets, saying things like Divorcing, but also saying she would just leave and deny Divorce, but still would get half of all my assets. It's unclear what she actually wants as she doesn't really know herself and we both get very emotional when the topic comes up. I still love her dearly and am very distressed about her unhappiness, and am more than willing to try anything to make her happy, so of course I don't want a Divorce. Background - she is still grieving over the recent loss of both parents due to natural causes, and very distressed over the lack of emotional support from my own family. In fact, I am happy to give her *some* money, on the order of maybe $50000 USD, much less than she has in mind, if she actually manages to force a Divorce with me. But I have no idea how she could actually sit down with me and negotiate this number, as she is way too emotional and gets agitated whenever the topic comes up. Again, I really want to Reconcile. My question, in general, is, how much power does she have in this situation? What could she possibly have Turkish Lawyers do to me? Can she actually force a Divorce with me, from Istanbul? Does she have legal claim on my assets? A lot of my assets I accrued before we were Married. Thanks for any input /advice.
  18. We are looking for an exciting guide to show us around Istanbul for a BBC show! You do not need experience as a tour guide but will need to have good English and be able to show us parts of the city that will awaken the senses. We want to experience the weird and wonderful side of Istanbul – nothing is out of bounds!! Please get in touch with [email protected] if you are interested, or if you know anyone that would fit the bill! I look forward to hearing from you! Freddie
  19. Oh man, today I went with a friend to the Rüstem Paşa Camii, and I was so amazed! I've seen Agia Sophia and honestly it didn't seem that amazing to me, maybe it was the construction. But this place was so peaceful and incredibly beautiful! If you ever have the chance to go, you definitely should! It's lovely beyond compare! And so tiny and spiritual. You can just sit in there and breath. I think maybe this has made me want to see more Camii. I saw Eyüp Sultan Camii when I first got to Turkey on a school trip and it wasn't all that incredibly either, there were so many tourists, but now maybe I will go hunting for these little mosques because they're just so wonderful! I've included some pictures to inspire anyone reading this to go see for themselves!
  20. My parents bought a place in Istanbul a couple of years ago, but its an older place built around 40 years ago. I know that newer builds have to live up to certain standards but I was wondering if there are any required checks which need to be done on older properties?
  21. Traffic is the biggest problem in Turkey, especially in İstanbul. People have a hard time because of the traffic problems in İstanbul. İstanbul has many traffic problems such as, not subway, uneducated drivers, unplanned roads and many cars. Moreover, government know that, These problems have patmanent solutions. However, government can’t maket them. To begin with İstanbul is unplanned place. Roads and traffic’s field are jumble. For example, every morning mecidiyekoy, taksim and fisrt river are crowded so many cars can’t go along. In addition, Navigation devices improved day by day. People can’t use it in İstanbul because streets and roads aren’t properly and regular. Another problem is uneducated drivers in İstanbul. Turkey, especially in İstanbul driver’s license is served in a short period of three months so many traffic accidents and traffic problems are happening in banglore. To demostrate, drivers get license quarterly but they can’t be trainee so roads are filled with many amateur drivers. Last but mot least, İstanbul is a really crowded city. There are 15 million people so car’s companies buy a lot of car i n İstanbul then many accidents and deaths happen on. For instance, Although expensive oil gives banks credit to allow people to take cars and people are stil continue to get the car this will adversely affect trafic of İstanbul. Lastly, people have drafted the subway for last years in İstanbul. Subway is really important for regular city and smooth traffic. Many countries tihs infrastructure was built years ago but the foundation this year, was thrown in İstanbul. Unfortunetly this situation is a bitter truth. To sum up, traffic problems increased in İstanbul day by day. These problems causes accident and deaths. There are uneducated drivers, unplanned roads and field, buying many cars and not subway. Transportation is a considerable factor for people but in İstanbul alone it isn’t important. If you want to get help and information , I give you some important agencies concerning with special driving courses which you get special driving lessons in istanbul traffic. Please note Here are some links with driving courses agencies in İstanbul; Direksiyon Eğitimi Merkezi Direksiyon Dersi Direksiyon Merkezi By written Burak Avcı Driving Academy in İstanbul
  22. Hello everyone before 4 months i was in Istanbul ( I am not Turkish) , i met a Turkish man twice , he asked my Instagram and i added him, after a week he start sending me messages, first of all he told me he was divorced after a marriage that last for 2 years and knew his ex-spouse for 4 years, (with no kids) he said he doesn't like her anymore,he is 35 and i am 21, he tried after while to talk dirt and try to get my number , and keep sending his number and photos and i stopped him and told him i will no longer talk to him if he didn't stop,and he stopped it and never repeat it after that,he asked me after 2 month for marriage i said yes , he said he wants to have a family and be a father , he showed me to his mother and she liked me , he said he doesn't have money to marry so i have to wait this summer or next year i offered money help he became angry for a weak from me , besides he doesn't talk too much to me frequently he sent me message before he sleep (he works till 22:30) ,talking how much he loves me and our future life and wishing if i am with him ,and i am a bit scary that he is only have fun with me and maybe because he is old he will look for a local Turkish girl and make it easy, we only have the agreement of marriage and that i will move to Istanbul to live there we did not discuss anything else, AND i can`t keep talking to him he can`t run a conversation and i feel so bad to do that instead of him and he doesn't talk too much because he doesn't know English and i do not know Turkish (Using google Translate) , recently i am learning ,,, so what do you think people ?,,,,P. S i love him and my family agreed
  23. Hello friends, I have a question in my mind which I would like to share and ask. What is the average age of a building (Bina) in Istanbul? An apartment complex age as defined by Belediye laws? If someone has an apartment in a building and after its age is over lets say after 40 years when the building is demolished and a new building is made on that plot; what happens to those who already owned an apartment in the old building? Are they accommodated or their money is finished as old building is gone and they need to buy another flat if they wish to live in the building? What does law say about these two things and what is practice normally done? Looking forward.
  24. Beşiktaş Endonezya 「BeşiktaşİD」 | Endonezya'da Beşiktaş'ın taraftar grubunun adıdır. BeşiktaşİD grubu 2016 yılında kuruldu. Amacimiz Endonezya'daki, Beşiktaş JK taraftarlarını bir araya getirebilmek ve Beşiktaş JK hakkinda her detaya hakim olan bir sadık taraftar grubu oluşturabilmektir. Beşiktaş Taraftar Klubu, Beşiktaş'ı seven insanların iletisim kurabilmeleri, bilgi paylaşmaları ve Beşiktaş'a olan sevgilerini ifade etmeleri için kurulmuştur. Bizim resmi sosyal medyalarımızı ziyaret edip takip etmeyi unutmayın, lütfen .. ziyaret edin, katılın, beğenin, takip edin, abone olun, paylaşın, ve yorum yapın! ALLAH sizden razı olsun. Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/besiktasid Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/besiktasid Twitter: https://twitter.com/besiktasid Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/besiktasid - Rizky Perdana - 뱅이키 ® 「 www.rizkyperdana.id | @rizkyperdanaid | #rizkyperdanaid 」 E-posta: [email protected] 「Only Business」 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rizkyperdanaid Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rizkyperdanaid Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rizkyperdanaid YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/rizkyperdanaid Twitter: https://twitter.com/rizkyperdanaid Google+: https://plus.google.com/+rizkyperdanaid
  25. Merhaba, I hope all are doing good; today Im posting in Istanbul group; I wish to know if people have some information about district Esenyurt? Is it good or bad? If bad then why? Upon talking to locals here; they say that Esenyurt is not a good place or safe place to live; is it true? I look forward for sincere opinion; Im looking forward to look an area for living and possibly purchasing an apartment. And if someone could give suggestion regarding a good and economical area near Ataturk Airport in the surrounding 10 kilometer radius it will be so kind. Awaiting.
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