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  1. You can edit your posts up to six hours after making them, but you cannot delete them. Here's why: Some members in the past have become disgruntled with another member of the Turkey Central forum, or with one of the moderators. Later, they returned and deleted (or edited the content out of) all of their topics and replies, leaving nonsensical strings of posts replying to other posts, which were no longer there. Spammers have made seemingly innocent posts, then later returned to change their posts into advertisements. Because of that, we have set a six-hour time limit on editing posts, and have removed the ability for members to delete posts. But if you really need to edit or delete something, don't worry. We understand that sometimes a post is made in anger or in a temporary state of mind. And sometimes posts are made which reveal a little too much about the poster. How to Have Your Post Edited or Deleted If you need to edit or delete one or more of your posts, contact us and let us know about the situation. We will edit or delete your post for you. Be sure to send the URL of the post you need to have edited, along with the text of how you want it to read, if you just want it edited. We Don't Delete Posts Without a Good Reason While we're happy to edit or delete posts and will do everything we can to accommodate the member involved, we won't delete posts for no good reason, especially if doing so would ruin an ongoing topic, or if the anonymity of the poster hasn't been compromised.
  2. If you intend to open a topic because you need information, please first check the Articles section and search the forums to see if your question has already been answered. If you can’t find an answer, you can open a new topic. Open a New Topic 1. Click the “Start New Topic” button at the upper right of the forum which most closely matches your situation. A new topic form will open with text boxes for the Topic Title, Tags, and a larger text area where you can type the text of your topic. 2. Enter a DESCRIPTIVE title. Don’t use a title like “Help” or “What Can I Do.” 3. Enter topic “tags” (optional) if you wish. Topic tags are key words about what you’re posting, which pertain to the topic, such as “Driving License,” “Fethiye,” “Visa,” etc. It associates your topic with other topics having the same tags (click on one and see), and helps your topic be found by others. 4. Enter your question, or whatever you want to say, in the text box. You’ll also see a “toolbar” above the text box which you can use to stylize your text, add emoticons, add links, link to an image, quote someone else, and more. If you don’t need to do any of those things, you can ignore it. 5. Once you’re finished typing, click “Post New Topic,” and your topic will become part of the forum. You can also preview your topic by clicking the “Preview Post.” Once your topic is posted, you can still edit it by clicking the “Edit” link below your topic. You have six hours to edit your topic. You cannot delete your topics. So if you want your topic edited after six hours, or if you want your post deleted, contact the Admin, we’re happy to assist. Note: We know the policy on editing after six hours and deletion seems a bit strange. But unfortunately we have had members who have become disgruntled with another member, or a moderator, and deleted all of their posts, leaving nonsensical strings of replies to content which was no longer there. Also, forum spammers have made posts, then some time later returned to change their posts into advertisements. We apologize for the hassle. If you later need anything edited or deleted, we're happy to do it for you.
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