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Found 28 results

  1. Hello friends, I am curious about one question, in 2008, 1 USD was equal to 1.15 TL but now in 2020 1 USD is 6 Turkish Lira. Why is it so? I tried to do a research, at that time Turkish GDP was at 750 Billion $ and now it is 850 Billion $. The economy over time has increased the GDP but the Lira is going down. Why is it so? And if lira was almost equal to Dollar, is it possible now if corrective actions are taken in the monetary policy to get Lira back to its previous glory standing head to head with the dollar? Looking forward for opinion, THY
  2. Hello, I am expecting an amount of money to be transferred from Turkey to Canada. It's an amount that is less than 25k. A friend told me he thinks that funds are being frozen because an amount he sent over from Turkey to Canada was never sent by his bank. Has anybody heard of banks stopping money transfers from going through? Thanks. Mimi
  3. Hi all. I'm thinking of moving to Turkey and wondered if you have any personal experience with deposits in Turkish banks. The interest rate on deposits I was quoted is so high that it seems incredible to me, but if it is reliable I would think about this option. So I'd like to get some information from someone who has made a similar investment. Can you give me any pointers, or do you know someone who can? Thanks in advance!
  4. Is there any way I could retrieve my tax number? I had a student rp card and I have this card with me. But, I want to know my tax number before coming Turkey. Is there any website, like the one we get our T.C. number with the detail information we provide?
  5. Hey Does anybody know about the interest of the vadeli hesap in Ziraat Bankasi? Two years ago it gave me 8 percent as far as I remembered for 10000 tl. It means that, every month it pays extra money for my main account. 65 tl for months with 30 days. It is not a yearly vadeli and the advantage is that you could withdraw any time you want without fare (ceza) Please give me information.
  6. Dear all Is it better to change dollar to lira now or wait for up coming days. Since the lira value has raised. Does any body know why is that? I think the government controls it due to summer tourists to save much more lira in the country. If someone has idea about changing now or in next months please share it
  7. If you go to the bank to transfer money into someone's bank account, you can do so for free, as long as it is the same bank, and as long as that person's account is with the specific bank branch you happen to be in. But if their account is at another branch, it will cost you. To deposit 100 TL for someone at another branch, for example, it will cost you a 40 TL fee. And if you use a bank machine, or "bankamatik," it's free. Here's some useful information about how to do it using the touch-screen bank machines, obtained from İşbank. Kartsiz Para Yatırmak (Depositing Money Without a Card) 1 Kartsiz İşletme Basınız Press "cardless transaction." 2 Para yatırmayı seçiniz Select "deposit money." 3 Başkasının hesabını seçiniz Select "someone else's account." 4 TCKN (TC-vatandaşlık) kimlik numaranızı (kendinisin) yazınız Enter your Turkish or foreign identity number. 5 Cep telefonuzu (kendinizin) yazınız Enter your mobile telephone number. 6 Para yatıracağınız kişinin hesap numarasını giriniz Enter the account number for the person you are depositing the money for. 7 Diğer tuşuna basınız Press "other" 8 Parayı veriniz A deposit slot will open. put the money into the deposit slot. 9 Açıklama istiyorsanız değiştire basınız If you want to provide an explanation for the deposit, press that option. 10 Ekrana gelen bilgileri kontrol ediniz (son kontrol) Check the information on the screen and make sure it is correct. 11 İşleme devama basınız Press "İşleme Devam" to execute the transaction. 12 Makbuz yazdırmak için makbuz tuşuna basıniz. To get a written receipt, press "Makbuz."
  8. Some transactions, such as opening your first bank account in Turkey, require a tax number. Having and providing a tax number doesn't necessarily mean that you will owe taxes in Turkey. But having one is essential for getting certain things done, such as opening a bank account to deposit money, to prove you can support yourself financially, when you apply for a residence permit. To get your tax number, go to any local vergi odası, or tax office. Tell them that you want a vergi numarası, or tax number. Give the clerk your passport. They will enter your information into a database, then give you your tax number. This usually takes around ten or fifteen minutes. If you later become a legal resident of Turkey, you will be issued a kimlik numarası, or identity number, which will be printed on your ikamet tezkeresi, or ID card. Your identity number will then serve as both your identity number and your tax number. If you are applying for a residence permit, there may be circumstances where you need an actual yabancı kimlik numarası (YKN, translated "foreigner identification number). If you don't yet have your residence permit, you can get a YKN by going to the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) office responsible for your area and applying for one. This number will later be printed on your residence permit card. If You Lose Your Tax Number If you've lost your tax number and need it, you can look it up online here: Tax Number Inquiry Here's a translation of what you will need to enter into the query form: Soyad: Last name. Ad: First name. Baba Adı: Father's name. Doğum Yeri: Select "Yurtdışı," at the bottom of the select menu, which means "outside of the country" if you were born outside of Turkey. Doğum Yılı: Birth year. See Also Turkey Money and Banking Forum: If you have questions, please ask them in this forum.
  9. Hey members, How are you all? I hope all are good; Last three months have seen a very steep plunging of Lira against USD. From 2.9 to 3.8 (as of 11 January). What are possible causes? What can be the solution and at what rate can we expect the Lira to finally be stable at? Any good economists or economy related people around to give suggestion or verdicts? Looking forward.
  10. What Turkish bank is most likely to give me a real credit card as a foreigner? My Ziraat Bank card has the MasterCard logo on it but it does not work on n11.com it does not work at hepsiburada.com I can not buy bus tickets online I can not rent a car with it and it has a POS limit of 2000 TL per transaction which is much too low for me. I asked to have the limit increased and it does not seem to be possible at all. So basically this card is useless to me apart from minor POS purchases and getting cash from ATMs.
  11. So, at this time, what Turkish banks have the best online banking functionality and best online banking in English? I only tried Ziraat so far and their online banking is great, almost everything is translated into English when you select English and there is a lot of functionality. What other banks are good for foreigners and why?
  12. Recently at Ziraat bank in Urla / Izmir, I asked to take out 1000 EUR in cash from my EUR account. They asked me if I was sure because the fee to do this is 45 TL. Seems very high and I really expect to be able to take out my money for free ... not a fan of banks anyway. Can this be correct? I am planning to open an account with another bank because nobody at the Urla branch seems to speak any English whatsoever.
  13. Opening a Turkish Bank Account Opening an Account for Your Residence Permit There's kind of a "catch 22" regarding bank accounts and residence permits, since you may need to deposit money into a bank account to get your residence permit, and some banks will ask you for a residence permit before they can open a bank account. Or they will ask for a utility bill in your name. You should be able to open a bank account with only your passport and a tax number. If the bank you go to tells you you need a residence permit or utility bill in your name, you can ask them to verify it with a manager, or if that doesn't work, go to another bank. If you have already applied for a residence permit, you can go to the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM) where you submitted your application, and get a Yabancı Kimlik Numarası (Foreigner Identification Number, or YKN). This will be the same number that will be printed on your residence permit card when you get it. Since this will be your actual identity number as a foreigner in Turkey, the bank should accept it. Some banks, like GarantiBank, actively seek foreign accounts and have English-speaking staff. For others, you may need to take a Turkish friend along with you to open an account. Time Deposits You can deposit currency of most any type in a time deposit, or certificate of deposit (CD), for 30, 90, 180 days, or for one year. Interest rates will be a bit higher for the longer time deposits. If you need to withdraw your money before the maturity date, you can do so, but you will need to pay a fee. A time deposit might be in order if you have a short-term residence permit, which requires you to show that you have enough money to live on when you extend it every year. Instead of depositing money into a Turkish bank account and withdrawing again and again, you can keep the money in a time deposit, and use the account statement as proof of financial means each year. Exchange Rates, Interest Rates and Fees Exchange Rates If you plan to transfer a large sum of money to a Turkish bank, open one deposit account in Turkish Lira, and another in the currency of your home country. Transfer your money to the deposit account in the same currency type, then exchange it to Turkish Lira in Turkey. The exchange rate in Turkey will likely be a lot better than it is in your home country. If you want, you can keep an account in the currency of your home country, and even have time deposits in foreign currency to earn interest. Interest Rates If it's the highest interest rates you're after, check the websites in "External Links" to see what is on offer. Or you can visit or call various banks to check for yourself. When you inquire, make sure the interest rate they quote is their usual interest rate, and not a promotional one. Some banks offer higher interest rates for a month to get new accounts. After that month, the interest rate will drop back to their normal rate. ATM Machines In Turkish called a bankamatik, ATM machines in Turkey have an English option. If you are using a Turkish ATM to withdraw money from a bank account in another country, they will accept foreign debit and credit cards. However, each Turkish bank charges a different fee for ATM transactions in addition to what your bank charges. Try different ATMs at first to find the ones which charge the lowest fees. We have found that ATMs from IşBank and ZiraatBank to be some of the best ones. Home Mortgages Foreigners from any country can get a mortgage for a property in Turkey. Banks typically ask for proof of income for the previous three months, as well as documentation on any debts you have. These documents must be translated into Turkish by a Turkish-government certified translator. See Also Money and Banking Forum: Have questions or comments? We have a forum for that. External Links Time Deposit Interest Rates in Turkey: It's in Turkish, but this page displays the interest rates paid by various banks in Turkey. Denizbank Garanti Bank HalkBank ING Bank Işbank ŞekerBank TEB Bank VakifBank ZiraatBank
  14. Hello everyone, I tried searching for this but I couldnt find a clear answer, so sorry if this has been asked already. I have my RP appointment in October, and I'm trying to sort everything out. It seems like I need to show that I have enough money in strictly a Turkish bank account, but ive been to three banks yesterday (HSBC, ING and Garanti) and they all said there is no way to open a bank account before getting the RP. Am I missing something here? How am I supposed to show that I have enough $$ for a RP in a Turkish bank if I cant open a turkish bank account without a RP? Are there specific banks that allow people to open an account before a RP? Someone told me that before people would just pay an exchange office to make a receipt for however much money was needed, is that still a viable alternative if I cant get a bank to open an account for me? Thanks so much!
  15. I'd like to confirm whether proof of a regular social-security deposit like this is sufficient for RP purposes? What is the preferred and less fraught way to establish retirement income?
  16. Hi wondering if anyone could help! As far as I have been told when I show my funds for reisdence they must be in a turkish bank... I will be showing savings as my means of support, is there any specific way about transferring my money from my UK bank to Turkish bank account? Or can I actually show my money in my UK bank then put in my Turkish one? Thanks! (Will be applying in september for my new life in Kusadasi!!!)
  17. Today a very good friend of mine texted me, asking me to lend him some money. Normally I don't hesitate much if the amount is acceptable since he is a really good friend. We have a long history of friendship and our homes are very close to each other. But I was still shocked when he asked for 20,000 dollars. 20,000 dollars may not be a very huge amount but it is not a small amount anyway. I never mean to doubt him. I believe him. I really do. But I had experienced several times when some "friends" borrowed money from me and they never bothered to pay back, and I was too ashamed to ask my money back. It was just several thousand so later I decided to just let it go. When it comes to this amount, these memories start to haunt me. I was quite panicked when he asked for loan from me and somehow I said yes. But now I start to worry. I wanted to keep my promise but I also worry about wasting money and losing friendship at the same time. But if I don't lend this money to him, our friendship is still at risk. He said he is going to pay me back after a while (he didn't specify when). Then I did a little calculation based on his earnings, and the numbers don't really match. It literally will take ages for him to accumulate this amount of money. So...I would like to hear your opinion about this situation. Should I lend him money or not? I am feeling quite guilty now because somehow I sound like not trusting him. Does this really make me an awful friend? PS: I did ask what he need this money for. He said he bought a house but he used his credit card for his down payment. He has to pay back this money before the interest-free period expires.
  18. Hey guys, I lent my ex boyfriend quite big amount of money 2500 euro for his debts( he was saying that). .Not more than month after when I came back from visit in Turkey he stopped to talk to me. I found out he is with sb else some local girl. I asked him to pay me back my money, cause I need them. We didn't get senet or any other legal document. We agreed that he ll pay me back in August but if I need me money he ll arrange earlier. We had a big fight cause I asked him for at least 1000 now cause I needed them and at the end we said lots of bad words to each other I told him I ll take steps to get my money back he got really angry he said he is not paying me back anything now... My question is... I have all our conversations, proofs of transfer from my bank and bank in Turkey but not legal document. What can I do to get it and what are my chances ? I don't know Turkish law but how it works there? Or if I report him to the police in August if he wont pay there are any chance? I know he has already lots of problems and police knows abt him he has also few cases in court... I m just very disappointed with his behaviour he is very mean, offends me and very very rude... Any adviceanybody what can I do? Thank You in advance...
  19. Hello everyone, I am going to Turkey soon. Do you know if the exchange rate is better in Turkey to convert my American dollars to Turkish Lira? The exchange rate in USA is high; I am loosing a lot of money if I buy Turkish Lira in USA. Thanks Ramin
  20. Hello everyone! I filed a 2 month vacation leave from my job to visit my fiance in Istanbul effective 15February-15April. I am ready to go to the Turkish embassy in Manila, Philippines to apply for the visa but before I do, I need to know how much do I need in my bank account to ensure that the consul wouldn't have any reason not to approve my visa? Is my leave duration equaled to how much should I have in my bank account? For example, the shorter I stay in Istanbul the lesser the amount I need to have in my bank account? Although my fiance will fully support me for the duration of my visit, one of the requirements is to have a certification from the bank and a passbook. I really appreciate all the help. Sincerely, Arlene
  21. Hi guys, I'm currently living in Istanbul and making a good salary (around 4000lira), I also have a free non-shared 1 bedroom flat. I can see that some of the better schools in Istanbul offer this kind of package, some even offer flight allowance etc. But as soon as you look outside at Bodrum the salary drops to around between 3300 - 3500 lira with no free apartment. As I am new to Turkey I'd like to know, is that a fair deal? Is Bodrum really that much cheaper than Istanbul to lose close to 1000 lira a month and a free flat. Thanks in advance
  22. Hi guys, Is it true that a foreigner, even with permanent residency, who has paid all the required contributions is still not entitled to a Turkish state pension?? Thanks
  23. Greetings, I have relative who own a few bank accounts in garanti , isi bank , ziraat and his accounts become dormant because the banks couldn't reach him because he was outside turkey in the last 10 years . are there any possibility to retrieve the money from TMSF again?
  24. am I responsible for the credit card debts my Turkish husband has run up in turkey,,if I go to see the advocate my self to try and come to an arangment to pay so much a month for my husband ,will they detain me in turkey ,,I live in uk ,,
  25. I understand all I need is a Turkish tax number to be able to apply for a bank account & card. What I would like: - Most cards entail a 1%, 2%, 3% etc. foreign exchange fee when used abroad. I am looking for the card with the 0% forex fee if possible. The most important criteria! - It can have a modest foreign fixed ATM fee like TRY 3 but definitely not TRY 6. Can be free as well but not necessary. - The account can be free but it is also not necessary. I rather pay a monthly fee for the account if forex fees are 0% and foreign ATM fees are cheap or possibly also free Additionally: - Nice service, they speak English (obviously) - For Internet banking I don't like the token devices, SMS is better especially if I can also get the verification codes to a foreign number. What else do they use besides token and SMS? Oh, dedicated smartphone apps I don't like either. - I heard a lot about Islamic banking, heck, I would try it. They must be nicer, aren't they? - What about Turkish vs. TRNC banking? Some bank in TRNC are in the Turkish system whose IBAN code start with TR. How about the 'real' TRNC banks? - Interest is not need to be paid on the account. I'd rather vote for better service than interest paid. With which banks did you have good experiences? With which banks did you have bad experiences?
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