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Alanya Quiz

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A quiz about Alanya, its history and environs. If you live in Alanya or visit regularly, and have done some reading about it, you should do well on this quiz. Have fun!

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Leaders Ranking

  1. 1
    Alan Marks
    70% in 00:05:40 Alan Marks
    28/09/18 23:23

    70% in 00:05:40
  2. 2
    Ann Hassan
    63% in 00:06:56 Ann Hassan
    09/10/18 07:41

    63% in 00:06:56
  3. 3
    Sail Fethiye
    60% in 00:06:59 Sail Fethiye
    09/10/18 04:21

    60% in 00:06:59

Leaders Ranking


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