History Quiz 3 (expert)

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An harder world history quiz to challenge you. Or you can learn more... :)

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Leaders Ranking

  1. 1
    90% in 00:10:19 Cukurbagli
    02/01/18 08:42

    90% in 00:10:19
  2. 2
    80% in 00:07:04 Fil
    15/12/17 13:47

    80% in 00:07:04
  3. 3
    56% in 00:05:58 Christopher
    02/01/18 05:06

    56% in 00:05:58
  4. 4
    Matthew G
    43% in 00:10:46 Matthew G
    06/01/18 22:55

    43% in 00:10:46

Leaders Ranking


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