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    14 quizzes

    Quizzes about Turkey, places in Turkey, Turkish culture, the history of Turkey and Asia Minor. These quizzes are about any topic having to do with Turkey.

    General Knowledge

    10 quizzes

    For quizzes about anything. These quizzes follow the same basic format as a good ol' fashioned quiz night. Good luck!


    2 quizzes

    Do you love animals or have an interest in them? Then these quizzes are for you, including any species or continent.

    Classic Literature

    2 quizzes

    For the well-read, lovers of classic literature. Even if you just have a passing interest in such books, their authors, and characters, we think you'll enjoy these quizzes and perhaps learn a thing or two!


    2 quizzes

    All about drinks, from water to Long Island Ice Tea! Always a popular topic during quiz nights, these quizzes will challenge your knowledge of all things poured and drunk!


    3 quizzes

    All about food of all kinds, from all over the world. Whether you're a foodie or not, you'll enjoy this quiz.


    2 quizzes

    Those well-traveled will do well on these quizzes about continents, countries, cities and towns, and what they are famous for. Have fun!


    3 quizzes

    For our history buffs, these quizzes will challenge your knowledge of famous dates, people, and events in world history.


    4 quizzes

    From Beethoven to the Beatles, all kinds of quizzes about all kinds of music.


    3 quizzes

    Quizzes about all aspects of science, from quantum mechanics to astrophysics. You don't have to understand the theory of relativity, but if you do, it might help!

    Sports and Games

    2 quizzes

    Another popular Quiz Night topic, these quizzes cover all games from Tiddlywinks to Caber tossing, and will give your brain a good workout.


    2 quizzes

    A collection of Technology quizzes to challenge that big computer between your ears.

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