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  1. Hello All, I'm having abit of a nightmare. I need balcony fabric to cover my railings for some privacy but all i can find is blue, green and silver!! agghhh. Does anyone know anywhere in the Izmir area where i can get some nice cream, oatmeal or beige coloured balcony fabric. Every other foreinger i ask sends me to koctas. They don't have nay in beige Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!!
  2. Hello, Just noticed this post. There is loads of work in Izmir right now. Thes best time to apply for school jobs is normally jan/feb leading into march for the start of the next school year ( just after summer hols). There is at least 3 new private schools opening here in the next few months and people are ebing recruited now so you should have no problem getting a job once you have completed your CELTA. Remember, while alot of schools do recruit before the end of the school year there are still some schools looking for teachers in July/August so it might be a good idea to contact some of them and let them know you are completing end of July and can be ready to start in August. Two of the schools are Doga Koleji, Ozel Ege that i know of now. I work at Ozel ege but i'm moving to a new one in August. If you want i can give you the email address for the person you should speak to. You never know they might interview you now even if you are still to complete your CELTA.
  3. Hi Guys, Sorry I just saw these posts now! Gutted as I bought a fridge new and second hand cooker and washing machine that have now both broke . Not a happy bunny! I still need lamps and rugs and coffee table thou so anymore suggestions would be great! Same place as before, I think I know where you re taking about, it is past the agora and up the hill?
  4. Hello All,Managed to find a flat 5 minutes from the Kordon in alsancak but it's not furnished. can anyone suggest any 2nd hand places for furniture and white goods?Cheers
  5. Hello Everyone!!!,Just a quick update! Arrived last Thursday and after far too much money spent on excess baggage I'm here!!! School is good, i do like it and the staff are lovely but the kids are abit of a nightmare. Only the 13-14 yrs olds to be honest. I think it's the hormones..... Other than that trying to settle in and pick up from the last teacher who was here.I'm living with one of the turkish teachers in Ogazmeni ( ?) but i'm still loking for my own place. It's a nightmare I've been refused quite a few places because I am a single girl and they won't rent to me! Didin't realise we were in the dark ages here!. However still ploughing on and looking everyday. If anyone hears of anythign coming up in Karisaka or alsancak then please let me know. I was looking into Mithapasa but I've been told all my neighbours will be prostitutes and transvestites...( who knew, i wonder if they get refused rental for being single................). Anyway must dash, but just wanted to say hi again and thanks to everyone for all their help!!C x
  6. Hello All,Firstly sorry for my non response over the last couple of weeks. Things have moved so quickly that I don't even know where to begin! Firstly despite pursuing me and essentially organising everthing for me and offering me the job Wall street never got back to me with a contract or responded to any of my emails. I have been met with dead silence since around the 11th February. However, I believe in fate and it stepped in in the form of a email from nowhere from a private K12 school in Izmir asking me for an interview. I have no idea how they got my CV but the good news is I accepted the job and arrive on Thursday next week!I still have nowhere to stay but one of the teachers has been so lovely in helping me out and is trying to arrange a flatshare with one of the other teachers at the school for my arrival. As you can imagine i've been so hectic trying to sell all my things ( cooker, car, fridge etc etc) it hasn't quite sunk in yet that I'll be there next week.So again sorry for not responding, you have all been so lovely and helpful to me, and I will definately be back on the next few days to keep you updated :) :)
  7. Thanks Abi good to know! yes sunny i have a few £'s saved away for emergency months' living, rent and air fare. Just incase. I have my Aunt in Fethiye so should anything awful happen i can jump on the bus to there and sort things out :)Yes i thought some of the place might be gone but on the plus side their might be more advertised that's so kind of you having a look for me i really appreciate it!
  8. Hi Sunny,I should be in Izmir around 14th- 18th March if i sign the contract. I can only really afford 700TL per month max and thats really at the top end of my budget unfortunately. I have emailed the service manager at the school asking if someone is looking for a roommate for a while but unfortunately nobody is. I did ask for an idea of suitable areas to stay in but it's been less than helpful........
  9. Hi Abi,great idea, will do! Is an emlak an apartment rental business? lol clueless. really i shouldn't be moving ha ha ha ha
  10. Hello again everyone!Thank you all so much for your warm wishes and encouragement. I have emailed the director to ask for the contract to be sent over to me. I have to do 2 weeks training in erenkoy ( Istanbul? just outside istanbul?) and then head down to Izmir. The only problem is finding somewhere to stay! Wall street has said it will pay 50% of my hotel bill for one week but that only gives me a week to find an apartment! I have no idea what are the nice/safe/not too expensive areas to stay in that are close to work. I like walking so would try and walk to work but that might not be an option! Also i really need a furnished apartment but apparently they are like goldust. I'm alittle worried. Any suggestions or tips?Ha ha ha Fil. I'm doing the wall street shuffle as i type this ;-)
  11. Hello everyone!Drum roll please... I have been offered a job by Wall street in Izmir! hurrah! Just trying to finalise a few questions before i decide whether or not to sign the contract with them. Nervous and excited at the same time. Will keep you all posted and no doubt will be calling on you's for help in the very near future! eek!
  12. thanks sunny and to Quinn as well. I have a skype interview with Wall Street tomorrow! Wish me luck and good conditions lol
  13. Hi Guys,Johnny boy i'm in the same postion as you too. I've been offered a job in istanbul at English lIfe but have heard such bad things about them from an esl forum that i'm not sure i want to take it. I also got offered a job at a language school in izmir but they wanted me to work 160 hours which we all agreed on this forum was ridiculous! From what i can see so far it's really hit amd miss with the language schools. I have been applying to K12 schools as well ( both of the ones suggested by Istanbulwhiteboy) and have heard nothing as yet. I have a CELTA and a BSc ( hons) in Psychology and speak little turkish so I really don't know what else i can do to make myself more attractive to employers :(Happy to share some names of some schools i've come across so far if you want to try your luck with them :)Istanbulwhiteboy - any suggestions to get a more secure K12 / uni job rather than work for some of the sweatshop language schools?
  14. HI everyone,Thanks all so much for posting on this thread! Yes i know 2,000TL is the going rate and is livable on ( i can always do private tuition on the side) it was the huge amount of working hours that they wanted me to do which really made me question how much they value their teachers. 160 hours would be exhausting!!! U right Fil, it's not for consideration. I have however applied for a few more in izmir so hopefully will get something better. Yes, this will be my first teaching position so on top of moving i will have added first day job nerves as well!I did check out Wall street Quinn and sent them my cv but the email to their HR department has pinged back. Very frustrating!Thanks Ken i'l have a look at the teaching section of the forum and see if their's anything i can pick up there. Failing that if nothing suitable comes it looks like i'll have to head to china
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