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  1. I would advise not rushing into getting engaged, its all new at the minute so getting engaged seems like the right thing to do but you should spend time going back and getting to know him first. I've been with my Turkish boyfriend 2 years now and I'm still learning things about him. Take it slowly and just enjoy it for a bit first, both me and my bf are glad now that we have took our time to properly get to know each other inside out before we made any bug decisions. Hope it works out for you x
  2. 5 1/2 months to go!!!

  3. 7 months down, 8 months to go!!!

  4. I have just been on to my profile and seen that my status says 1 month down 14 to go! Where is the time going!!!!! It is now 7 months down 9 months to go! Can't believe it! Can't wait to be going over in august and seeing cos, and then when I get back its only 6 months to go!!!My trip will be very nice, we will be doing the rounds with all of cos' friends in fethiye and then going to visit his family in denizli very much looking forward to it. Just can't wait till I'm on the 6 month count down and then I will soon be coming over for a few months, exciting stuff!!You were all right the time re
  5. Hopefully will do end of winter going into summer, just trying to figure it out work wise because I need a job when I come back to get saving for when I move for good x
  6. Thanks everyone good to be back sunny sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon!! I would love to be in the Turkish heat now, roll on august!! Slight change of plans for me now though, I will not be moving out next year as originally decided, me and cos have now had a fair share of problems since he has been in the army and we have decided that next year I will go out and live him for a few months and experience living in turkey first before deciding to pack up everything and move straight away, much more sensible really for many reasons :)Xxx
  7. Louisecos11

    I'm Back

    Hi everyone!! Its been a while since I have been on here sorry, I have been very busy lately and also caught up in a few things but I'm back now and ready to post hope you are all well!! I've been hearing that the weather is now very good in Turkey, unfortunately for me in England its been rain and wind and cold with a tiny hint of ray lol :- roll on 11 weeks when I'm off to Spain and then another 2 weeks when I should be back in Fethiye!! Xx
  8. hi all, this may seem a silly question to ask but I was just wondering, because I know it is the case for some countries but don't know about Turkey, can you get your residency permit easily enough if you still have some debts back in England? The reason I ask is because I am currently in the process of saving the money I need to show in my bank in order to get my visa and things keep coming up that are costing me loads of money, like car damage for instance :-/ and rather than taking this out of my 'visa savings fund' I have put it on my credit card and while I am slowly paying this off and w
  9. Thanks everyone not 100% sure where we would move yet but it's most likely looking like fethiye because cos' old boss has said he will be able to get him a job, ita good to know I'd be able to make friends there How do you find out about the expat Groups? Xx
  10. one thing about the prospect moving that worries me is not having many friends. I have a really close circle of friends here in England so moving to turkey and not knowing many people is daunting. How easy is it to meet other expats in your area and how do you meet them? X
  11. Did you take over anything big swabs, she wants to ship loads over but I would think it would cost more to ship it than to buy it? Electrical things are expensive though aren't they? And cars!! My friend who lives in fethiye bought an old polo and it cost her 9000 pounds and it's about 8 years old :-/ xx
  12. Thanks both not heard of one of them before sunny thanks for letting me know about it is it pretty easy to bring over a laptop and tablet then do you have to pay tax on them? Xx
  13. Thanks for that Info sunny good to know! What's a Uk surge protector? Xx
  14. Not sure if I have put this in the correct forum but nevertheless I'm sure you can all help. Met up with my friend the other day and she is hoping to move over to turkey with her husband and son to be bearer to his family within the next 2 years. She had recently, before discussing moving, kitted herself out with a fantastic 50inch tv, new laptop and tablet and a blueray DVD player and it got us thinking. Would she be able to use these over there using an adaptor plug or would it not work?? Obviously all the plugs are brittish, even to charge the laptop and tablet uses brittish plugs so would
  15. I know I hope we get some, although maybe that's a bad thing as I have lots of driving to do this weekend :-/ It would the only thing we have had for the past year is rain...flooding is a normal thing by me now!! Not too sure yet it depends on what sort of job cos gets and what our money would be like. I would maybe look into doing a tefl course but I know jobs are very hard to come across. If we lived in fethiye his old boss would give me something so that would be an option xx
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