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  1. 5 1/2 months to go!!!

  2. 7 months down, 8 months to go!!!

  3. I have just been on to my profile and seen that my status says 1 month down 14 to go! Where is the time going!!!!! It is now 7 months down 9 months to go! Can't believe it! Can't wait to be going over in august and seeing cos, and then when I get back its only 6 months to go!!! My trip will be very nice, we will be doing the rounds with all of cos' friends in fethiye and then going to visit his family in denizli very much looking forward to it. Just can't wait till I'm on the 6 month count down and then I will soon be coming over for a few months, exciting stuff!! You were all right the time really does fly!!! Xx
  4. Louisecos11

    I'm Back

    Hi everyone!! Its been a while since I have been on here sorry, I have been very busy lately and also caught up in a few things but I'm back now and ready to post hope you are all well!! I've been hearing that the weather is now very good in Turkey, unfortunately for me in England its been rain and wind and cold with a tiny hint of ray lol :- roll on 11 weeks when I'm off to Spain and then another 2 weeks when I should be back in Fethiye!! Xx
  5. hi all, this may seem a silly question to ask but I was just wondering, because I know it is the case for some countries but don't know about Turkey, can you get your residency permit easily enough if you still have some debts back in England? The reason I ask is because I am currently in the process of saving the money I need to show in my bank in order to get my visa and things keep coming up that are costing me loads of money, like car damage for instance :-/ and rather than taking this out of my 'visa savings fund' I have put it on my credit card and while I am slowly paying this off and will more than likely have paid it off by the time I move I am just wondering if it will cause any problems to get my visa with still a little bit of debt on it? only a few hundred pound nothing too much! does anyone know of any issues with this? Thanks all xx
  6. one thing about the prospect moving that worries me is not having many friends. I have a really close circle of friends here in England so moving to turkey and not knowing many people is daunting. How easy is it to meet other expats in your area and how do you meet them? X
  7. Not sure if I have put this in the correct forum but nevertheless I'm sure you can all help. Met up with my friend the other day and she is hoping to move over to turkey with her husband and son to be bearer to his family within the next 2 years. She had recently, before discussing moving, kitted herself out with a fantastic 50inch tv, new laptop and tablet and a blueray DVD player and it got us thinking. Would she be able to use these over there using an adaptor plug or would it not work?? Obviously all the plugs are brittish, even to charge the laptop and tablet uses brittish plugs so would she be able to take them?? Also would it cost more to get stuff over there rather than buy it once in turkey?? Thanks all xxx
  8. Seems like cos' family have been braving colder weather in Turkey than I have here in England, I was very jealous to hear they have had some snow cos had time to enjoy it a little bit before he went back to the army (although he didn't enjoy it because he just complained it's too cold haha). I love Turkish weather, their getting some snow now but yet summer will be mega hot the way seasons should be too bad England don't have good seasons!! Cos is back in the army now, he is now in Ankara and has a lot more freedom in terms of using his phone and the Internet, he says he is enjoying it and it is, up to now, finding army life relatively easy which is good! I'm still, as I said in my last post, thinking about things hard and taking each day as it comes to figure out in my own mind what I want in terms of moving to turkey and leaving my family and making this work but nevertheless its very good to hear from him and hear he is ok because we still love each other loads......hope everyones new year has started well xx
  9. Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas! Mine was very busy and chaotic having a new baby niece with us! But now Christmas is over and I have nothing to do I'm finding cos being in the army the hardest it's been so far! He is back at his moms for a week now and I had a long convo with him today and it was sooo nice to have a proper chat with him but I got very sad on the phone and realised how hard it is and he was trying his best to comfort me and tell me we will be fine but my mind keeps planting doubts in my mind I love him so much and I really want this to work so I hope I snap out of this soon!! Spending Xmas with the family has made me realise how terribly hard it would be to leave them too and that's planting the seeds of doubt too what's more important family and staying here with them or love and moving for my man.......it's all becoming a bit much I think I just need to take a time out and get back to the reason why all of this started hmmmm
  10. Nearly 1 month down 14 months to go!!

  11. After having a really terrible and long day at work added by not feeling well I felt instantly better when I walked through the front door to some Turkish post today Coş has sent me a really sweet letter and a little wooden love heart through the post it made my day become the best one in a while and really cheered me up! Little gestures like that make me remember why I'm doing this and why I'm waiting for the moment we can be together everyday love him!!
  12. So me and my boyfriend are not officially engaged yet as we want to see how things go when he is in the army even though we know we can make it work while he serves we decided to wait on getting engaged for now but we are always talking about getting married in 2014 when he finishes! I think I want to go get married in turkey but is it possible for him to get married in England with no intention to live here? What would we have to do to arrange that what would we need? Also of we get married in turkey what do we need to sort in terms of papers etc? And is it easy to plan a wedding in turkey when I live in England? I would love to be as hands on as i could when it came to my wedding but is that possible when you use something like oludenizweddings.com do you you still get to decide what decor and things you have and the little details you want? Sorry it might sound silly but I really wouldn't know where to start to get my day exactly how I'd like it xx
  13. So I know a family who moved to turkey with a dog and cat it tow but I'm just wondering how easy it is to get your pets to turkey? When I come to move to turkey I definitely want to bring my cat with me as she is my baby I worry about bringing her and whether she would find the move ok and of she would settle and keep safe as she is a very 'stay in the back garden' sort of cat......does anyone have any experiences with bringing a cat to turkey?
  14. Something is happening with my profile photo :(

  15. So I'm now counting down from 437 days till Coş finishes the army! So far it's been a difficult two weeks, not being able to talk to cos everyday is a killer but I know the wait will be worth it :)On the plus side, keeping me busy and my mind distracted I've been planning a Christmas tea party in aid of WWF world wide fund which has really took off and is now being sponsored and hosted by Drayton Manor Theme Park it's definitely keeping me busy as there is SO much to do but it's so much fun and looking like it's going to be a very good and successful day! Hopefully I will raise lots for the charity! Can't wait to next hear from Cos to tell him all about what I've been up to Hope he is ok dreaming of him every night! Be good if I hear from him again around Christmas time as that would be the best present I could get
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