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  1. Hi Ken!I met him in other country. Never been to Turkey. We plan early next year, i will come along when he goes home for a vacation.
  2. Hi TaterTot!Thank you for your reply. Contrary though, he lives away from his family. His family knows about me and our relationship is even shown on facebook.
  3. Hello there!I'm having a fun relationship with my Turkish boyfriend. Although we are a continents apart, we constantly communicating and late this year he will follow me in my expatriate country assignment.I sent him a small gift during his birthday and he told me not to send anymore. I send him postcards from places i go and want to send him a shirt, he said no need to exert efforts, but keep it and give it to him when we're finally together.I don't know if it is a cultural thing, when we were together he paid for everything (because men should pay) And my simple gift, he don't want to accep
  4. Thank you all. :)I wanted to check the possibilities UK can offer and if my relationship will prosper.All the best!
  5. Hi guys! This is a follow through of my chance of meeting a Turkish guy on our separate trip to Italy. He was persuasive then and paid for everything and changed his itinerary to be with me on that weekend.After that weekend, we communicated and he is very vocal how he likes me and all. This year, he will move to London for graduate school. And he wants me to check out with my company if i can move there as well. There are chances that i can, as an expat.In a span of almost 3 months since meeting him, he is so sure talking in future tense with me. I asked him several times and he gives me the
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