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  1. We moved from Amsterdam to Ankara three months ago and the first shop we've looked in Ankara was a motorcycle clothing and accessories shop. We have a BMW F650 and love to ride together so this was very important for us. We couldn't find one here in Ankara but we've found an online shop from the web and they are really great. They have fluent English speaking customer services and large variety of everything about motorcycles. You order what you like and the next day it's right at your door. Last week we ordered a Bluetooth intercom system and it's really fun, to be able to talk with
  2. Hi everybody, we also love to adopt a dog here in our new apartment in Ankara. But we're living at the 10th floor of an apartment and we don't know many people from the building. There are no restrictions from the owner, but we can not guess our Turkish neighbours' attitudes for a dog living in our apartment. What do you think?
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