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  1. I can't say which you are starting year of faculty. Because You are taking a transcription from your university which is your school still. And university in Istanbul which you prefer, evaluate your lessons by lessons. Mean, compares your lessons with their system and appropriate lessons are accepted by university. In turkey, if your english is stabil, medical educations are 6 year. but after 6 year they are entering an exam for being expert about any branch of medicine.The exam name is TUS you can search on the google "TUS exam".
  2. When i look to marmara university medical faculty, i see lesson programmes in English.(http://tip.marmara.edu.tr/dosya/2013-1-sinif/y1c120122013.pdf) Also if their language is English, they have to do exam in English. Also Istanbul is a metropolitan city there are a lot of body from abroad, so here if you know english, you won't have any problem. Arabic is known by just tourist guides, because Turks are speaking Turkish. also you can look to other universities in Istanbul : http://www.itistanbul.com/in/universities.html
  3. whether the Turkish telecom contract to use the leaves for 1 year, also they haven't got vın, there is just adsl. Turkcell has a lot of option, you can use 3g portable modem with Turkcell! here the link of turkcell vın http://www.turkcell.com.tr/bireysel/cihazlar/Sayfalar/vinnailesi/Turkcell-VINN.aspx it has enough speed for all of social networking ( facebook, twitter, linkedin, skype, messenger, icq etc.)
  4. hi @nurialn there are adsl companies in turkey which they are turkcell superonline and türk telekom. But I do not recommend to türk telekom. You can use superonline it is cheap and fast, you can take from any turkcell branch in kilis. It is approximately 10 $ / month also a lot of existing tariffs here the turkcell web site for more information: Turkcell Website
  5. Hello Addis, I am from Ankara but now i am living in Istanbul. I can say this if you see Istanbul, you will want to live in Istanbul because of Istanbul is a metropolitan city. In addition there is The beauty of nature. But don't wince about Ankara. You know Ankara is Turkey's capital city and Ankara has all possibilities for social life. Also Ankara is near some nice places: Capadocia, Kayseri, Bolu etc. They have the original beauty of nature. Finally, Ankara is human friendly. I don't think you will be bored in Ankara.
  6. SaintOne


    If your baby will be citizen of EU, it is privileged. As well asTurkey is evolving,it can be more privileged in the time. In Istanbul there is a lot of maternity hospitals : www.itistanbul.com/in/hospitals.html
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