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  1. Hi everyone. Can anyone recommend an English speaking property lawyer preferably close to Pendik, Istanbul ? Has anyone had dealings with such a lawyer ? Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Kys Glad to hear you are making sensible decisions and not falling for this stupidity and immaturity. Sunny i was never a patient man but i'm slowly learning. I think i have learn't just as much about myself as i have for this strange behaviour from my partner. In the end i will be a better person and be able to apply my learnings to another relationship should that eventuate. Kys as far as your husband (if i can call him that) goes asking you to come to him in this absurd place is ridiculous. Good on you for not falling for that. It seems that what has happened is his brother and si
  3. I would love for her to see someone but absolutely in her opinion she believes she is acting normally!
  4. 50/50 thanks Sunny. I had nothing to loose and brought her out here. Sometimes great sometimes hell. I guess only time will tell. Regards
  5. Hi Kys Sorry to hear of your troubles. I would be interested to know how you are getting on. I have a Turkish wife who is acting very similar to your husband. I was a bit stupid as i brought her out to my home country but we were married already and i had to give it a shot just to satisfy myself that it wasn't my doing that she acts like she does. As you are probably know already some Turks are very good at sulking if they don't get their own way. Quite often my wife demands the most outrageous things from me. Like selling my house and moving to another city!! Away from my family and frie
  6. Ok thats all great but for 7 days she hasn't talked to me so until she does i cant tell her any of these things. I tell her i love her and how much she means to me every single day we are together. (and talking)Yes i don't go out of my way to tell her that i have met an old school friend but when i am asked directly i cannot lie. I had to say yes. If i lied which i just couldn't do then she would've heard the hesitation in my voice and would've known anyway and distrust me even more.What about the time i went swimming with everyone else on the boat on our honeymoon. I didn't say or do anything
  7. Aston you mean to tell me that its my fault i bumped into a friend from school on the street who was in town for my friends funeral?? NZ is a small place this happens probably once a week here. I didnt even know she was coming to the funeral i don't have her number and i'm not friends with her on FB. I told my wife because when she rang me she asked if i was alone and rather than lie and i knew i was doign nothing wrong i said i had just bumped into my friend from school and she has asked for a ride to the funeral. This friend from school is happily married and lives in a town far from mine. I
  8. Nope she has gone crazy again and isn't talking. I bumped into an old school friend in a town 4hrs from my home town. I was there for my friends funeral who had committed suicide 5 days earlier. My school friend had also flown to this town to go to the funeral. She asked if she could get a ride to the funeral as she didn't have a rental car. I said yes. My wife rang me 20mins later to say goodnight before she slept. She asked what i was doing and i said i had met an old school friend who had come for the funeral also and i would give her a ride to the funeral. She yelled at me called me all ki
  9. Well after 3 days of not talking i manned up and rung her. I was determined not to give in but i missed my wife so much.I said why didn't you call me and she said because she was angry about the FB message. She even turned it around and said i had been a bad husband for not talking to her for three days even though it was her that stopped talking to me.I took some of Ken's advice and decided to be dominant and see what happened but in a low, caring and polite way. I said honey you have added 3 males to your FB recently but you're angry at me for adding 1? She said but yes i added my female fri
  10. Thank you KenYou have raised some very valid and interesting thoughts/observations. I agree with many of your comments and think there is a lot of this.The problem is that my wife really doesn't have any past experience with real relationships. Sorry to keep bringing up our past arguments but each time someone says something it triggers my memory. There have been times when we have argued over petty things. I have got quite angry after a while as the insults and personal attacks increase. When i finally blow my top and say i've had enough and yelled at her and told her to stop this stupid beha
  11. many thanks mouse64. I'm really trying to do that. I'm thinking ahead and asking myself if this could be taken the wrong way or seen as being unfaithful.I am only human though and not perfect so i do make mistakes.These moods/fits can start from something so innocent and she will just keep attacking me and turning my story around and changing it and making it sound worse, then bring up something from the past. So as of 36 hrs now when i made my friend on FB mistake she stopped talking to me and still isn't. I just left the attack straight away and haven't made any contact or explanations since
  12. Many thanks AbiYes i guess i just keep forgetting i just cant be my usual self. I continuously have to keep thinking ahead and ask myself will this anger her. Remember i haven't been in this situation before so i seem to learn by feel. I remembered on our honeymoon she got really angry after i took too long taking a photo of her on the beach. She didn't talk to me after that for 4 hours and went and sat by herself for the rest of the boat cruise.I did read about the BPD and i really am living a life of walking on egg shells around her and every so often i slip up. Because i just have never bee
  13. No not at all. I want my friends to be able to see our wedding photos that i proudly display on FB. I haven't explained anything more than she is a friend of 4 years and she wanted to see our photos. After i said this she stopped talking to me.
  14. OMG so all was on track last couple of days. She has said many lovely things and told me how much she loves me and all was back to normal. Until this morning. I became friends with a 5yr old friend on FB. It's a SHE. She lives in a city far away and we have been friends for 5yrs. Met through another friend. No history whatsoever between us. She asked to see our wedding photos so i said go on FB and friend me and you will see them all. My wife saw that we were friends this morning and asked who she was. I told her the story about wedding photos and that we have been friends 5 yrs. I even told m
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