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  1. Can anyone recommend any good henna artists in Mersin for a bride. I am indian and am interested in indian henna design, when you apply the black/greenish paste in a design to your hands and feet then wash off to leave a red colouring. I know in London this is very popular and beauty salons and women who work from home offer this service. but i have not seen it anywhere in mersin. I Understand you use henna for the bride but maybe not in a design.
  2. Hello there, please could some one advise me on the following. I am going to Mersin, Turkey on the 29th March and i will marry my Turkish fiance on the 5th April. I am somewhat confused about the documentation required. I have . . .birth certificatepassportcertificate no impedimentMy fiance has spoken to a marriage officer in mersin and he said i will need to get the turkish consulate in England to certify/seal a photocopy of my passport and the british consulate in london will have to do this too. I am not aware of this??? I have read i need to take my birth certificate, passport and cert. no impediment to mersin and we must go to the consulate and they will translate and certify/seal we can get married. Or is this incorrect? is this because of the short time scale we have? i thought the consulate in turkey issue this on the same day. please advise if you can. maybe the procedure has changed. :-(
  3. I’ve been reading some of the previous postings and thought hopefully someone could possibly advise me in my situation. I would like my Turkish boyfriend to come visit me in the London, the main reason for this is I would like to see how he can adapt to London life as he has never visited the UK. Seeing this will let me know if we have a future together. I visited/stayed with his family in Mersin in November and they are very lovely. I bonded with his family and found myself thinking more seriously of a future with him. I will visit them again March next year. I have read some horror stories and yes I am worried, my family are worried but I know if they met him they would love him, but this is why I want him to come to the UK to see if me and him have a future. He has never asked for money and he is working to pay for his own flight tickets etc. Options: 1 – Comes to UK on a Tourist /General Visa, multiple visits up to 6 months, problem is he cannot work, which will be frustrating for him. But he can meet my friends and family and see how he integrates in the UK. How easy is it for him to obtain a permit to work once he is on a tourist visa? Or is this not advisable. 2- Ankara Agreement – I have read about this but he is not a ‘skilled’ worker. He is a carpenter; furniture maker however has no qualification on paper to show this. 3- Fiance Visa, this way I get time to see if me and him have a future together in the UK and gives us 6 months to ‘decide’ if we get married . But what happens if the relationship doesn’t work. Would I have to inform the Home Office and he goes back to Turkey I assume. If me and him work out then we marry in the 6months and he applies for settlement I guess. Does he need an pass English test before? This is the easier option? Me and him have spoken a lot about this, we do not want to rush, but I know if he goes to the army, I would be very disheartened if I have to wait over a year till he is finished. I want him to see what London life is like. If he doesn’t like London and we decide we still want to be together, we have spoken about the possibility of me moving turkey. But I would definitely want to marry in the UK. And I am initially thinking of me and him having a life in UK not Turkey. I earn £30,000 a year and I rent my apartment, I do not own a property. I am of Indian origin, British Citizen born in UK so our families understand certain traditions/culture. I am 29 he is 21. I must point I look very young for my age. He has no Turkish passport- so will need to applyMilitary service starts Nov 2013 – but I read if he lives in London he can be exempt and serve only 21days. Any type of advice would help. I feel very lost and do not know where to turn.
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