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  1. He's booked his flight Adana-Istanbul-London, he cant get a direct flight from Adana. This is the route i always take when i visit.
  2. Dear Sura, Hope you and the twins are keeping well. My husband received his visa yesterday and will be joining m next week in London. I really do hope things work out for you and your family. Take care, and keep us updated.
  3. Ahhh thank you, he's looking at flights to come here next week :-)
  4. My husband received his passport back today and I’m happy to say he has been issued a visa!!!!! It's dated from the 28th August, so he's looking at flights now, hopefully this time next week I will be greeting him at London airport, words can’t describe how happy we are! I want to say a big thank you for everyone on this forum who took time to give me advice and offering a support system for people going through this process. We submitted our application in Ankara on the 24 June, so I think our’s was processed quite quickly despite the Bayram holiday. Me and my husband are going through a m
  5. Thank you. I've sent them an email enquiry asking for further clarification so i hope they reply soon. Why do they do this :-/
  6. Thank you Abi, But surely they would say if it had been denied. Oh this jsut makes me worry now.
  7. I have some good news! We received the following email today "Please note that your application has been completed and your passport will be sent to Visa Application Centre today. Please use the tracking facility on www.visainfoservices.com to check when it is available for collection." We are so happy but we have tried to track the application at it stills says 'Arrived at the Visa Section', so does the email mean they will send his passport and documents back to the Visa Centre in Ankara where we made our application? Does anyone know how long that takes? Also when we made the applicati
  8. Thank you for your advice. Ok i think we will try Greece as its cheaper to travel near Europe. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi Abi, still waiting on my husband's application which we submitted on the 24th June, i think the Bayram holiday has probably delayed our application more. i was hoping he would come to the UK before the end of August :-(
  10. My husband will hopefully come to live with me in England in September 2013 on a settlement visa. I am a British citizen (born in the UK) he is a Turkish Citizen. We are trying to organise a holiday, with my friends and him preferably in late Oct-Nov 2013, so we have a chance to relax from all the visa stress. We were wondering if there was an official list of countries a Turkish Biometric Passport holder can travel to without a visa, or purchase a visa on arrival at the airport? It's really limiting places we can go on holiday, we only want to go away for 7-10 nights, and it would
  11. So sorry to hear of your experience Kys. Wishing you all the best x
  12. That's wonderful news! Congratulations! Several people have said the Office have missed out some information people submit and then later have asked for it again. Well hopefully your husband will be with you soon. My husband submitted his on the 24 June in Ankara, so still got a while yet till we here anything. Fingers crossed for you too. x
  13. Good luck eslm. My partner submitted his application on the 26th june in adana. Fingers crossed.
  14. Thank you Abi, yes even though they tell you can go in, i think this is deter crowds gathering inside, hopefully they will let me in with him, honestly i just want to be there to support him and ensure everything is submitted correctly, as you are aware a settlements visa is expensive. Fingers crossed and of course i will keep everyone updated. x
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