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  1. It's been a while and want to thank everyone for the information. Have another question. She and husband applied for green card lottery with hopes of getting it.She is still planning the divorce but is hoping that if receive green card, she can divorce in the states so she can raise the children there.It would be easier, since his family is very wealty and she would be on equal footing in the states,Plus if can show the children has adjusted to that way of life, a judge would not send them back.Is this possible to divorce in states once she has the green card or does she still have to do it in turkey?Thank you for any help, I know this is unusual, and she wants to see a lawyer but he monitors every movement,And bank transaction, right now.
  2. Thank you very much for the help. She was afraid of that, of course she will not doing anything illegal.She did think of it since benefits to the children and herself was almost the risk, but them being without herIs not worth it. Again thank for the help and advice, I will pass it on.May she contact your law office, in the near future for more help in this matter Mrslawyer?
  3. Thank you, that is what we was thinking also, it is.difficult for her to get to lawyer with work and 2 active boys schedule. Ex is no help.Was just taking a long shot hoping someone else had same problem and had any advice how to approach it, besides lawyers, which him and family can pay for forever
  4. Looking for some assistance for a friend. She is a divorced mother of two boys in turkey with custody, she recently has made the decision to move to the states to restart her life there, since she has family and friends there. Her ex-husband and his family, who is also turkish, is saying he will not let the boys move, out of spite. He comes from wealth and is hard for her to match there lawyers. Is there anything she can do to move them. He does nothing with the boys when the visits, so his decision is mainly bases on her leaving him. Thank you for any help you may supply
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