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  1. As I understand it, it is not possible to pay online with your bank/ debit card in Turkey due to security concerns. One exception is that, in some cases, you can use your "electron" card on the shopping site Gittigidiyor. Since many of us expats do not qualify for a credit card for different reasons, I wonder if there is ANY way, alternative method or regular, to put money in an account in Turkey and then pay online with a virtual or actual visa/ mastercard? Mainly, I want to just be able to deposit cash and then shop online. Right now that is very difficult and I have to use other peo
  2. This is no longer valid. The rules have changed and foreigners no longer require a tax number to get a bank account. After you live in Turkey for 6 months you can call or otherwise contact your local foreign police branch and they can give you your Foreigner's turkish ID number. Or, you can look it up yourself. Go to : https://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/YabanciKimlikNo/DogumYiliveIkametTezkereNoSorguModul.aspx and type in the number of your residence permit, and you can retrieve your " Yabanci T.C. Kimlik No " that you can use in many contextst. Yay!
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