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    Turko reacted to Vic801 in A One-day Trip To Ankara   
    Next time you must make a longer visit and come down and discover Cappadocia!
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    Turko reacted to conan198903 in A One-day Trip To Ankara   
    This was my first time to visit Ankara. Compared with other cities in Turkey, Ankara, despite the fact it is the capital city, is less well-known for some reason. (At least to me). Many of my friends actually believed Istanbul is the capital of Turkey.
    One thing that impressed me about Ankara is that the streets are very neat and clean. The whole city is pretty quiet. I loved the small mansions along the little streets. And the roads are twisted and sloped, which are attractive to me. Unfortunately, I was in Ankara to meet Chinese counselor and ambassador, so my exploration of the city was limited to the embassy area. I don't know if other areas are the same.
    Also the whether was nice and cool. The sun was shining brightly, yet I could barely feel the heat. In Adana, gosh, I could get myself burnt in the sun.
    Loved the city. Wish I had more time to stay. Maybe next time.
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    To drink or not to drink
    “The government wants to discourage the use of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. One of the ways to do so is to levy high taxes.”
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    Turko got a reaction from conan198903 in Single Men Unwanted In Turkey?   
    You are in wrong place, Conan. That thing probably wouldn't happen If you were in Istanbul. Where I live here in Istanbul is like kinda united nations.

    Istanbul is ready for multiculturalism, but Anatolia is not ready yet
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    Turko got a reaction from sue in Are We Really A Dying Culture   
    because i like this video and the music makes me feeling good
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