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  1. yes, it is a cultural thing. women are secondary to men in general within our community like it is in all muslim countries. lol
  2. I figured out the situation. he's turning 30 but still have no stable job. and he wants to guarantee his life by marrying a british so he can migrate to the uk later. you can't earn a living by doing jobs like dancing, hotel animator or other seasonal and part time jobs in turkey. but these kind of jobs get paid better in the uk than turkey.
  3. Of course, it costs much more because you went to a private hospital. Why didn't you go to a public hospital? You know SGK is about public hospitals, not private ones. Turkish healthcare system is much more better than rest of Europe. Just try to go to a hospital in the UK. They won't accept you and they will let you die.
  4. I would welcome you if was in Istanbul in summer but unfortunately i wont be in istanbul.
  5. But there are much more things to see in Istanbul, sunny. Izmir is a poor choice. I also would advise Edirne. that's a very nice place to study for a student.
  6. Comparing Istanbul with Izmir is a bit weird, isn't it? You can compare Izmir with Eskişehir or Ankara because these cities are nearly same. But Istanbul is such a large city like Tokyo, London, Paris and New York City. As for your question, I would say Istanbul for better opportunities.
  7. 1. 4500 TL is enough for living in Istanbul. They always pay more to foreigners than native employees 2. It depends on which neighbourhood you want to live in. 6. There are tons of AVMs and supermarkets in Istanbul so you just pick where you want to go for shopping I have no idea about other questions
  8. haha I get what you mean but maybe some people whose native language is not turkish can't understand what you said
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