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  1. Probably you are right abi. I was talking about Istanbul, recently I made applications behalf of someone and all of them got appointments 2 and 3 months later. Especially European side it's impossible to have an appointments.
  2. Recently, Göç İdaresi is giving date of appointment 2 or 3 moths later for renewal and first time residence permit applications.
  3. Redders is right, if officer demands the birth certificate it should be translated and notary approved.
  4. Hello, It surely a matter of budget, my opinion is Besiktas, Kadıköy and Sarıyer is safer but rather expensive areas.
  5. Hello Neil, I do not think it is acceptable that giving hotel address because in online system you are giving address information and system will automatically fill the rest of the form.
  6. Hello Ted, Test can be held as English. I know this because I'm hearing that Syrians are getting Arabic version of this test.
  7. Unfortunately Ken, who wants to get a new Turkish Driving Licence must register to one of driving course but attendance not necessarily if agreed with the course. Driving test will be held at the same course center where registered.
  8. U.S.licence owners needs to go to driving course and obtain a Turkish driving licence. Simply, after registering there will be a paper-based exam, second driving test with instructors. If passed on two tests you will entitle to get a Turkish driving licence. Req Docs 1. Passport 2. Residence Permit 3. Biometric photograph 4. Degree ( Translated and notary ratified) 5. Health report 6. Criminal record certificate Fees will be around 900 TL in total as I remember correctly.
  9. Hello, I hope this will help you out. Semt: N/A (According to information above) Mahalle: Kumbahçe Cadde/Sokak: 2407 Posta Kodu: 48400 İl: Muğla İlçe: Bodrum
  10. Justin, As far as I know, the first message still applies to all foreigners. I'm working at a company whom my colleagues are foreign citizens are having the same problem and they are enrolling driving courses at least a paper that proves you're going to a course in case of police stop.
  11. There is a rafting area near İstanbul which is Melen run in Düzce. We are planning to go next week since it's our first time I'm wondering about the things we should consider before going there. I made some research about it but I'd like to listen from someone who done it before. Photos will be added after trip. Thank you
  12. If I am correct this certificate is "adli sicil kaydı" which is available on E-Devlet. If you don't have E-Devlet, probably Foreigners Branch may provide this.
  13. I went there couple of months ago, I wanted to have a lunch at moonlight but it was closed, once I have tried there and loved it, it was an unfortunate to see they are all gone.
  14. The main reasons are political unstability( prolong state of emergency), increasing in terrorism and the low rate of production. These causes the uncertainty and market take consideration while pricing the TL. A solution might be balancing our debts, incerasing our export volume and crack down on our public expenditures and making reforms on education but these are for a long-term solutions. I believe it is impossible to predict the fate of TL against U.S Dollar or Euro due to uncertainty.
  15. I've just join the club just for being supportive, I hope it's okay.
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