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  1. hi girls. thanks so much for not being bored of this!Ok, so i came back 5th October. I heard from him off and on until the 10th, and them nothing until the 23rd October, and every day since then via email. He is asking me to go out there, but i haven't booked anything and am suspicious about doing so, especially with the break in communications, which i have told him has made me question everything about him.I have been pretty miserable without him, but have started to get back on track and move forward. I still think about him though.Turns out that my mother made up the rumour that his brother said he falls in love 200 times a day to her. She was trying to put me off the idea of going back, as she really doesnt want me to be with anyone from Turkey, at all. I know why she did it, but I wish she would be a little less judgemental.Anyway, fact is, yes the season is now over, and he is in touch alot. He isnt working as much, as he doesnt need to through the winter months. In my heart of hearts i think you are right, he probably has other girls on the go, and is inviting them out as well, which makes me feel a bit sick! I know only too well that he could have contacted me during those two weeks he went silent. I text him twice during that time and had no response. One was a very angry message!As for the future, I haven't considered that. I have a great career here, probably more successful than his, as he works for his families business, so I couldn't not work for years on end. But I am moving to the middle east in a year for a promotion, and from there, if i needed to I would attempt to move closer to him if it was feasible. But that is just a shot in the dark, as I haven't really thought about it. I just am thinking about now, and here, and how I feel in this moment.I dont think im going to go. Im almost 100% im not going and have told him that. But there is a small part of me that screams at spending New Year with him and seeing him again. We really were very similar and he made me LAUGH. I keep silencing that part.
  2. Hello everyone.. Thought I would provide a little update. I didn't hear from him for two weeks when I got back. Then out of the blue he text me saying he is thinking about me. He then emailed the following day, and every day since, he explained he'd been dealing with some family stuff. Well that's what he said.Since then he has emailed daily telling me to trust him, he isn't a liar, he thinks about me all the time and he misses me.He asked me again to go over at New Year. He keeps saying please come! Please trust me, I won't let you down. My best friend tells me am silly to believe him, that he wants a visa, that he wants sex. That is very possible I guess, but I didn't sleep with him the last time and he didn't seem to mind. He has. A nice life, and a nice car and a nice family, and from what he said he loves Antalya. But I'm just guessing the morals of this man. I guess I'm not really adding anything to my story except to say I still have no idea what to do, still miss him, and still question everything he says.The odds are stacked against us, and still I won't forget him! Is it madness?
  3. Tourist, I agree. I believed since I am young, and both the man I got involved with and I were of equal attractiveness that the problems that can arise wouldn't happen to me.I've since been left hurt by a serial casanova who literally looked into my face and promised me everything under the sun. Probably because he was bored. I've since heard from a member of his family who says he falls in love 200 times a day.I wouldn't say I'm blameless. The girl never is if they fall for those lines, but I would say I convinced myself because we were both young that actually it was all real, and maybe I'd met the man for me! So stupid!!Boys all over the world lie. And some girls are pretty good at it too. Whilst I thought this experience would make me distrust men even more, actually I don't regret it. I just hope he grows up one day.The difference is that my Turkish man was harmless.. A liar and exaggerator at the worst. Yours sounds sleazy, and maybe even a conman! I think you sound pretty switched on, and your going into this with your eyes open I hope.. I really hope it all turns out for the best, and that its a great holiday. Please be very careful and let us know how it goes!!! - Also try not give him everything he wants on a plate. He hasn't earned it!
  4. I usually encourage doing anything for love.. If I trusted it I would do it. But I don't trust this situation, and I don't think you believe its love. I know you want a holiday, but I'd suggest trying to change your flights. If not go to a hostel in a big city or a hotel you booked in a resort.Just since joining the horror stories I've read have been so bad! I'd never trust a turkish man again without him earning it first. And even then I'd be cautious!You must let me know if you do go alone! I love holidaying alone! Always more fun! You sound independant! Don't walk into this trap x
  5. Hi Sunny, I earn more than double the minimum wage you need.. But I never told him that. To be fair to him, he never asked other than what field I was in.Anyway guys.. Bottom line is I have told him to delete my number and forget it. Its way to soon to have these anxious feelings. Onwards and upwards....Tourist, wow what a story. If I'm completely honest I wouldn't go. But I'm a totally different person to you.. I am such a romantic and way old fashioned about things. So if I were to go there and have sex with. A man and he let me down, or lied or even showed interest in other women then I'd be hurt, I'm quite sensitive.I am worried for your safety! If I had the holidays I'd book a flight and come be your chaperone, I'm so glad I didn't book a ticket for my man. He doesn't deserve it.By all means go but I don't advise , from what you've told us, relying on this man for anything, including a safe place to stay.I wish you nothing but luck. This place has been such a support for me. Let me know how everything goes Tourist! Keltee x
  6. I was on holiday with family. I told nobody, in fact they knew before I even came home!He sent the first text. What I mean is when I touched down in UK I text him, like he asked me to.And gradually since then his texts to me have become infrequent. Although I know if I were to text him now he'd reply saying he misses me. But I'd have to do it first.Anyway, I believe in fate. Whatever happens it will be for the best ... Thanks all for your replies! Really helping me...
  7. Your right. I tried to make it a holiday thing. That was my expectation of it. But I got caught up in his promises it was something more, it was something special. I was the one he wanted. He made me promise to come back. And talked of a future together. It all seems futile now, but without realising it I got caught up in the fantasy. I bonded with his family and started picturing being a part of them. That's the bit that's tough to take. I understand his feelings may have changed. Perhaps he wanted someone who was easier to be with. I do live far away. All I can say is, he was special. What we had was special. Neither of us wanted it to end. Now.. It may have. That makes me really sad. (Along with proving everyone who warned me completely right)..ugh!
  8. Meral,I almost wish you were right. I contacted him first when I came back. And I contacted him last, and since he didn't reply. I almost cringe to say it. I really like this person. I really felt something for him. The chemistry and the connection were real, and really strong.. On my part anyway. He was super keen, super polite and super romantic. But it felt more than a game. He even told me ' I wouldn't keep coming back for you every day if all I wanted was sex. That's easy to find here, I'm not a child, I'm a man.'BUT it could all still have been a lie. I've been home 6 days and already contact has stopped.He persued me so much. Begged me to give him one date, one chance. Maybe it was about the chase! I don't know!!! If I think too much about him I feel so anxious about never seeing him again.I'm trying to detatch myself from him! I'm trying not to miss him or build up what we had into something it wasn't.
  9. Well I haven't heard from him now since saturday night.. I can't explain it.. Its just a feeling. Obviously its not usual for him not to text every day. I just have a feeling that I'm too far away to keep him interested. I don't think he is nasty, I think his head is easily turned by a pretty girl. I do think he believed the words he said, but whether he is capable of sticking by those promises is anyones guess. If the last two days are anything to go by, then he isn't.
  10. Thanks so much Abi. I won't text. Was considering it till then! Odd that he gains nothing from all the time we shared. Still keeping options open till I feel sure this guy means what he says! Your advice is so appreciated.
  11. Hi all,Call it women's instinct or call it coincedence, but he has stopped texting as much, infact its been 24 hours since I've heard from him. He is nowhere near as dedicated as he was when I was on holiday.I don't know what he was after, he certainly pursued me even knowing I wouldn't sleep with him. Knowing I was suspicious of him. But obviously I was just there to pass the time with.It hurts, I won't lie, he made lots of promises to me that I wanted to believe, and we really did have a great chemistry and rapor with each other.. But I guess that's just how it goes sometimes...
  12. His family own shops, and a hotel and a few other businesses. But as far as I know, he has told me he is taking holidays from work when i come over. So im guessing he is a full time worker.That sounds like a great plan. Thanks Sunny, your advice is great. I think at the worst he could be a serial casanova, which means the contact will dry up pretty soon if he meets someone else. whilst that would upset me, id get over it. Trust me to have a connection with a boy thousands of miles away!
  13. Hello everyone, yes I think I would be prepared to move although I am trying not to think to far ahead, I am trying to protect myself as much as possible.I guess my main worry is I go and he doesn't turn up. Or I go and it doesn't work out. I already feel something for the man. I don't want a broken heart.I try not to say too much of this to him. I don't want to seem like I'm constantly doubting him. But it is in the back of my mind, an along with all this is the worry that we won't even last till the 29th December when I'm due to fly out. Then I'm an idiot with a plane ticket to see a man that isn't interested in me.I guess I need to stop with the 'what if's' as it would be worse if I didn't go and always wondered. I wish we could speak every day, so I could have him reassure me. But its not realistic to keep that up for 3 months. We both have lives. I'm still young, I wish I could be more daring!
  14. hello all..I usually hate bothering people with my problems, but i guess you must all know the feeling of people not quite understanding these situations back home in reality. What i need is some honesty from people with similar experiences, who can tell me if im being stupid and naive or if i should take a chance. I know that's a big ask.. but thanks for reading anyway!I just returned from Antalya 3 days ago from a holiday with my grandmother. I am 28.We were shopping in Antalya, and took a break to sit at a lovely cafe. I went to the bathroom and when i returned to our table my grandmother was talking to two Turkish men, they were brothers. The youngest Bayram, shouted my name as i walked towards them and i laughed and we struck up a conversation, the four of us. I found out the oldest was married to an australian woman who lives in Antalya (i ended up meeting her, she was lovely), and the youngest asked me if i would like to have dinner with him and some of his family. At first knowing the things people say about Turkish men, i refused. I am quite skeptical when it comes to men, and have been quite closed off from relationships in the past. But there was something about him that made me want to see him again. To cut a long story short, i met him a couple of days later and then agreed to go for dinner. From then on we spend the next 5 nights going on dates, to waterfalls, dinner, and meeting some of his family in the old town for drinks and chats. They were all so lovely, one of his sisters is married to an Englishman who i got on really well with, I started to feel myself growing attached to Bayram, and it all became quite romantic. Reassuring myself by talking to his family about him, i allowed myself to feel things for a man i hadn't felt in a long time. We got on suprisingly well, he speaks English almost fluently, he is really funny, quite a joker, but quite soft hearted. He never once gave me any cause for concern being out with him... although i was alone with him, even in his car at times.. he never tried to sleep with me, the most we did was kiss (the most romantic moment ive ever had). On the last night he said he thought we could really be something special. He said he wasnt a child, he is the same age as me, and he thinks we could really work. He asked me to return to Antalya for new year, spend time with his family and friends and see how things progressed. He said he would pay for a hotel for me and pick me up from the airport.. and i Have to admit, being caught up in the fantasy, i really am tempted. Like i mentioned before, i am usually so closed off to men and dont trust easily. Its kind of ironic that the first man i have trusted in a long time is someone who lives in a Turkish tourist resort.His family have money and are reasonably wealthy, and have a great life. He loves Antalya, so i don't believe he is looking for a visa to the UK. But now i have returned home reality has set in, and a lot of my family are laughing at me for being so sad at having to leave him. they think i am stupid and made me feel really ashamed of what i felt. I guess that's what started the doubts in my head. Why am i booking tickets to go back alone to Turkey at new year.. Why am i risking things on someone who is probably lying to me.. Why did i believe him..Then i have my own inner voice saying, you like him, he never broke that trust, though he had opportunity to try it on, he never did. He was the perfect gentleman.. But then again, he could be conning me, he could be lying to me and im at risk of having feelings for someone who may break promises and lie to me to get something he wants.Since being back in the UK he has text me saying his feelings remain the same, that he cant wait to see me in December (i havent told him im having doubts about booking flights) He doesn't text every hour on the hour, but since ive came home ive had a few lovely texts saying he thinks about me, he misses me and when i asked him if he was being totally honest with me, obviously he said every word he had told me was true, that he wasn't in to messing about, he was too old for that.What i want to know is, does this sound familiar, am i heading for a fall, although i don't expect any of you to see into my future am i being an idiot going there? Perhaps id feel better if he was trying to message me constantly, or he was trying to skype me alot. I dont want to risk buying flights and it fizzling out over the next few weeks, but what worries me more is that i don't want to risk having my heart broken. I don't want to be used. I don't want to be called stupid and desperate, like some have already told me i am!But when i think of him, I miss him so much. Although i haven't told him that. I like him so much, More than that, he was a lovely friend, i just miss laughing and giggling and being silly with him.. To think of never seeing him again makes me really sad.Anyway, i just wanted to share a piece of what is going through my head tonight.. Thanks for listening, Any thoughts, advice, comments or just even silly stories to make me smile would be amazing.. Keltee x
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