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  1. Hello everyone, I am from egypt who went to Turkey and fell in love with an american citizen who has a turkish resident visa.She is teaching in Turkey.She abused me exrrmely after getting married and I have all the proof.I now wwnt a divorce after being married for onlt 3 months and she is threatening me and telling me stories to scare me because I dont know the Turkish laws or american laws.Can anybody help me answer my questions ,nobody seems to knw anything.I am back in my country and she keeps calling me and threatening me. QUESTIONS... 1- After 6 months she will have the right to divorce me and in this case not get in trouble? I can go and back to turkey or will stop me in the airport?2- Can I remarry again in turkey to another Turkish resident or citizen?3-And will he get black point on my paper in turkey or no?4- how can I use all his evidence of cheating and abuse against her to get the divorce and return his personal things she took them. 5- I donot not have money to hire a lawyer can I do it alone? .
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