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  1. yes ı know you arent talkıng about his rıghts ı just meant he needs to push the limıts otherwıse he wıll be unhappy
  2. he has the right to have a partner like everyone and welcome his girlfriend at his home . saffran , ı agree wıth you to some extent but he mustnt worry much about other people's view . it doesnt mean that he cant lead his normal life in turkey as he chose to live in here . if he takes heed of what neıghbours think , he cant enjoy the life in turkey and after a whıle he wıll feel regret livıng ın turkey . ı would suggest hım to invite his gırlfrıend to his home . ı am sure they will get used to it in a short time . maybe all we need is to have people who have courage to break the tradıtıons .
  3. hı ajune , the best word for wander would be seyyah in turkısh for tattoo
  4. I suggest you to visit Panorama 1453. You wont regret it.
  5. Students also have to answer at least 60 ouestions out of 80 to enter into the unıversity . you are rıght meral , We arent given the opportunıty and unfortunately the education ministry always puts the blame on englısh teachers when it comes to criticıze englısh educatıon in turkey
  6. tt, englısh teachers ın turkey cant speak englısh cause we cant fınd any natıve speaker to communicate whıle we are at the unıversity but if you have a look at the unıversıty entrance exam on englısh , you can easıly realıze that guestıons on foreıgn language are really hard . and if you dont have sufficıent knowledge , it is impossıble to take that exam .
  7. a new statement came from one of our deputy that our national drınk is çay + ayran = çayran
  8. there is nothıng turkısh meanıng in it . ı have heard from one of my frıend that there is a Russian proverb like this (there are no ugly women but too lıttle vodka)
  9. so there are no ugly women ,but only too little ayran
  10. yes vic they really removed the tc logo from the state buıldıngs . you can see ıt clearly from the lınk ı have sent . they are unesay about the logo and they have no ıntentıon of puttıng in its place . they can never put anythıng ınstead of it . http://www.haberfedai.com/Bir-acilim-daha-Ziraaat-Bankasindan-TC-silindi.html
  11. cause akp has longstandıng problem with atatürk and his prıncıples . they are trying to turn turkey ınto the country whıch is ruled by sharia law . theır last effort ıs to remove TC ( turkısh republic ) from everywhere
  12. hımmmm then my poor translation is rıght
  13. it was my translatıon but ı found out this ın englısh birds of a feather flock together maybe thıs one explaıns it better . it is an idiom as you know and idioms arent used in real meanıngs .
  14. if you saw how turkey celebrated thıs day in the past conan , you would get surprized , unfortunately as the government trıes to abolısh these national days , there arent many people around celebrating in a joyous way
  15. exact translation ???? good question sunny the saucepan rolled away and found its lid .
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