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  1. I had been going on holiday to Turkey (Bodrum) 5 years before i met my husband and had never been intrested in turkish men just was intrested in getting a tan and partying hard as you do...This one year i was not suppose to be going on Holiday and i booked with a few friends a week before we was due to fly. That was when i saw him i was extremely attracted to him and my friends son was friendly with him and spent alot of time with him in the shop he worked in... He started to come out with us and i got even more attracted to him. I came back to england and we talked a few times on odd occasions and then i went again the following year with a few friend i didn't know where he worked this year as he had moved and i was walking along the beach and he spotted me and shouted which made my heart melt and i got very nervous but i just thought i'm just another girl he is hitting on as that's what i have seen turkish men do and you all probably know what i mean lol anyway on my first night i decided to go back to my hotel as i was tired and found myself walking behind him with another girl luckily he did not see me and it answered was was playing in my head so from then i decided to just remain friendly with him and not fall for his charm. My friend decided to tell him that i seen him and i was walking behind him and he admitted it but said ''nothing happened they just kissed!'' lol as they all say haha so anyway i avoided him for the rest of my holiday until the last day when he asked to speak to me so we took a walk and had a talk and when i returned back to UK he talked to me everynight when he closed his shop and discussed work and friends and other things nothing relationship wise so i thought good i wont get hurt... i went again in september that year and he spent all the time he had off work with me and my friends he came out to bars with us also i spent a few nights sitting on the beach talking about his family and life and childhood and also about my family and life which after that i was even more in lust with him and i was falling for him even more then we spent a night together and he told me that it was the first time he had ever slept over with a girl before and that he really wanted it to work between us... as i was getting ready to go home he pulled me away from my friends and he asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend and try and make things work and i agreed on the condition that he does not try with any other girls and it is easy to ask but if he did i would never know as the distance makes it easier for them to lie but he had this thing about him that made me trust him. Again when i returned to UK he was talking to me everynight for hours when he finnished work and also used to send me random txt messages telling me that he is thinking about me ect. He asked me if i was going to be going back to Bodrum the next year and i said yes but then later i fell ill and had to take a few weeks off work so i couldnt afford to pay for a holiday so he told me that he will pay for me to go because he wants me to go so i agreed and when i got there he was so nervous and he to scared to kiss me at first and then when we checked into the hotel all he kept saying is i can't believe you are here. it doesn't feel real that you are here with me now. It was the perfect 2 weeks i had ever spent in Turkey and i was a girl totally in love. When i went back to the UK i had a thing on my phone where i had unlimited calls to 1 international number so we spent hours talking on the phone about everything then i went in september and he paid for an apartment for the both of us and i stayed for a month and he took the whole month off work to spend as much time with me he possibly could. Then one night he asked me if i wanted to go into Bodrum and we walked along the beach and the marina and he took me into this beautiful restaraunt with a candle on the table and he ordered a cake to share between us and it was perfect and to make it even more perfect he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so happy with what was just happening.During our relationship we have had a few fall outs and girls interfering into the relationship at the beggining making up lies to split us up... funniest one was Siddik was on camera to me talking to me and he recieved a txt from a girl he had previously has a fling with saying ''I have just seen Sarah in a bar in Manchester all over another guy'' oh yeah i have cloned myself so i can be sat at home on cam and in Manchester at the same time stupid girl lolAnyway our relationship has been very strong and we have now been together for 3 years today and we just got married in June and i have never been happier so Turkish and English relationships do work but i think you both have to have trust in each other beable to overcome whatever is thrown at you.
  2. Hi AllI really need your help. i recently got married in Turkey to my Turkish partner and when we got married i was given a book which is an International Marriage book (AILE CUZDANI/ LIVERT de FAMILLE) and also a peice of paper Formul B. Both documents are in Turkish but on the back of the documents there is a translated part for each section of the document in about 8 different languaged and one of them is English. I wanted to change all my details in the UK to my new surname but i am unsure if the banks and passort will accept this document or if it would still need to be translated even if it has the traslation on the back of the documents.If anyone has also been given this document and has changed there details and know what i need to do please help it will be very much appeciated. :)Thank you all in advanceSarah x
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