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  1. I'd love to read that article, when you get a chance. Maybe you could sticky it, as I believe this is much sought-after info. I'm trying to compare the costs of overstaying a few days, versus the price (never mind the HASSLE) of a residence permit. I figure, with the price of health insurance, plus notary fees (and that tax if your rental contract mentions a deposit), plus the actual cost of the permit itself, and the taxis to get you to these middle-of-nowhere compounds, ...and miscellaneous unforeseen costs, it's probably gonna cost minimum €300 to get a residence permit. So if the fine for overstaying about a week is significantly less than that, then it's worth it, IMO. Will be interesting to see that article.
  2. My 90 day visa is coming to an end soon. I really would like to stay for about 5-6 days after this. I had been thinking about applying for the residence permit. Or... maybe I could just pay the fine. I have researched this topic a bit, and it seems the fines vary widely. At the low end of the scale, I have seen fines for just 100TL, or even nothing... However, if the fine could be anything like 200euro/500TL and above... I don't think I would chance it. That's just too much. So - any guesses as to how much a 5 day overstay, on average, might cost? (including fluttering my eyelashes innocently at passport control) Also, I definitely want to return about 90 days later, so i'm hoping the overstay wouldn't affect that or incur any sort of ban (assuming I pay on the spot).
  3. I am looking to apply for a residence permit soon. And it seems like health insurance is mandatory. Can someone give me an approximate figure for minimum health insurance cover? I am young, healthy, no previous conditions etc... I am grateful to have my health really, but I do not actually need this so I want to spend the absolute minimum I can on this, if you understand! I have seen another member get private insurance for $250 dollars per year. I think I read another young woman got insurance for 800TL for the year. Then again, I think I saw that SGK costs about 200TL per month?? ---To be honest, if the price is too high, it will make me question applying for residency in the first place. Ken has mentioned the following insurance companies (thanks Allianz Ankara Sigorta Groupama Can I email them for a quote or do I have to visit their offices? I'm guessing I will have to 'shop around' for best price. Are the prices negotiable?
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