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  1. Thanks Abi, Ken, Sunny and all.Yeah i am too young to be thinking of marriage and i find your information very valuable in making informed decisions for my future. I really dont want to ruin my life over making a wrong decision in a relationship...Thanks.He lives in Andana near Mersin and he wants to live abroad in either America or UK. I dont earn that much 'hehehe' and he knows that. we are both students in university. he plans to marry when we are 25 and he 26. I am not decided where i want to live. :DYeah, i have loads of experience online with Turkish romance talk.they are so gooood at i
  2. Hello, guys.Glad to have found this website,I will get to the point. Ok this may sound stupid but i am just a sucker for love and probably, young, stupid and naive and almost always online. Am a teenager (18).Okay, when i was 16 and working at a cafe, had plenty of facebook time to chat and hooked up online to this cool Turkish guy (21) who i would chat with almost non-stop for a month before he goes quiet on me for 2 months and comes back again until i decided to put a stop to it like 2 years later. I swore not to fall for a guy on internet but guess what, i succeeded for a while until anothe
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