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  1. Hi staring is very common in turkey at first wen i use to go visit husbands family in birecik which is very inland bout 200 miles or so from syrian border i was very intimidated bout the attention i gt but now it doesnt bother me...my husband explains that alot of people dnt see english people because they dnt leave there area n go to holiday areas were there are all different kinds of people...plus blue green eyes are a fave with kurds n at visit to local hamam think i spelt wrong lol..the women were very complementary about my eye colour..so there is no malice in there staring but of course
  2. Hi Congrats to u both...we Gt married in Marmaris and applied for visit visa straight away but was refused as we had no proof that he would return to turkey. That is the main thing u need to show that he has ties in turkey...my husband managed to aquire a letter from employer plus we mapped out his work schedule....but believe me its a long hard slog the visa business, but u on the best site to help u thru...kept me sane x
  3. Thanx everyone. An update we are well n doing fine hubby is working and trying to get to grips with driving here...will stay in contact Xx
  4. friend has been sold fake diamond in Marmaris bazaar he was given a certificate saying was real diamond but Wen returned home he had it valued and its fake...who can he complain to the seller offered refund but since has been ignoring emails and phone calls...any advice
  5. Thanx Aston for ur help sorry but I don't no what indomitable spirit means but yes I guess I Hv....I really hope anyone else going thru this process finds this website because it is a diamond in the rough...there is good advice from genuine sympathizers who want to help...id like to leave this additional fax number for embassy Istanbul which isn't available on there website this puts u thru into there office at visa sections might change though in future if loads use it..00902123346504..duty manager...
  6. Yay....ill breathe Wen he gets it in his hand after there many cock ups these few months....ill keep in touch gotta go clean house now...x
  7. Omg...what a day after much calls this morning to embassy and UK...being told they can't find our appeal and telling me to resend fax exactly 1hour after last fax sent they call my hubby and give us visa!!!!! Yay I'm so happy its been Soooo stressful but we have it Thankyou everyone for ur input....I'm so happy xxxxxx
  8. Ok...today managed after 7 weeks of calling to get thru to embassy Istanbul after being put thru to about 3 different people I finally Gt thru to the duty manager. She was helpful but firm in as much as she cannot tell me anything over the phone but she however gave me a direct fax number to her office and told me to fax details over this morning and she will pass them on to the realvent person....well its something and at least I have this fax number which isn't available on there website..maybe things will get moving...weather it a yes or a no
  9. Thankyou so very much I will call them after half term hols....Aston ur a star
  10. Thankyou Aston n abi I live in dudley west midlands...
  11. U are right if don't hear anything next few weeks I will look a solicitor but we are skint. .and how do u choose the right one
  12. Lol...I posted it everywhere....honestly this whole thing is sending me soft in the head...thank god for this website
  13. Abi we Hv had no feedback from our fax I Hv sent 2 do u Hv email address for embassy Istanbul..I'm so frustrated I fax explaining that the eco wrongly addedy tax credit award as a monthly. figure I Gt £145 a week they added the £ 145 as a monthly figure were as they should Hv added £580 for the month 4x 145 a terrible mistake which I thought they would Hv picked up automaticly add this to income of £929 a month I would Hv though I Hv well enuff...I'm so mad n I Dnt trust them to look properly at this an just say ¨just send it to court, can't be bothered doing paperwork ' they Hv 5 working days
  14. I have addressed everything in their refusal and there's not much else we can do but wait
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