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  1. Hi everyone, I live in Gulluk, which is about 30 mins from Bodrum, this is a small fishing village and like many towns in Turkey there are many dogs which need help. Myself and five others are at the very beginning of trying to help improve the running of the local pound. The local Belediye are starting to communicate with us and are allowing us access to the pound, and have organised a vet to visit. There is a couple of rooms available at the pound although they are in dire need of TLC, good clean, painting etc, which once done the vet can use. Allowing for minor operations, neutering etc. Our hope is that between us we can give these poor dogs a fighting chance, and this brings me to why i am posting here. If anyone can donate anything which can help us in our quest we would be extremly grateful. Old blankets, bedding, food, washing powder ( as someone has kindly given us an old washing machine), paint, tables, chairs - anything. In fact anything which will help us, as i say we are at the very beginning stage and this will take time, but we where there yesterday and managed to give a few of the dogs beds and bedding, it was adorable to see them all nearly right away snuggle down in their beds, that something so simple made a huge difference to these guys. I know a lot of people help out and that resources are limited, but if anyone finds they have things lying around which they don't need and are considering throwing away, please give us a thought as it will be put to very good use. We have also just opened a new facebook page ( search for dog shelter Gulluk) which we will update on a regular basis and hope that you can support us by visiting this page. If you search dog shelter Gulluk Thanks for reading this.
  2. As I am preparing to apply for citizenship due to the fact my husband is Turkish and we have been married for 3 years, i was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of the kind of questions that they ask at the interview. I understand there is no set rules on what they ask but it would really help me to have an idea, or to hear from other's their experience, as the idea of being in front of 4 or 5 people is quite nerve racking for me.
  3. HiI am interested in adopting a dog here in Turkey, I have always had a dog and being without one just does not feel right to me. I am living in Turkey full time and was wondering the best way to go about this, I do fancy a golden retriever type but i am open to any kind, and usually find that the dog very often picks the owner not the other way round :)I am living in a small village 15 mins from Bodrum airport but do not mind traveling, so if anyone has any information or contacts that would be a starting point for me that would be very much apprieciated. Thanks
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