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  1. Ken, Disko Hit was THE main show back then. Was the air combat control center for SE Europe. Was designed to take a direct nuclear hit and still function. Similar to Cheyenne Mountain from what I heard. Had a lunatic gung ho Army colonel that wanted to seal us up inside during a big exercise we had. That meant pouring concrete over the entrance. He was overruled by the general. Found out there was another very tight entrance to the surface that was used for guard posting at the top. Long twisting narrow steps from the main tunnel going up. And dark. Walked up it once at night. Did a lot of double deck pinochle playing there with the crypto guys. Read a million books. Mid shifts were brutal there. Couldn't wait for the canteen to open in the morning for breakfast and hit the daylight going home. Was a very self sufficient operation. Was designed to be cut off from the rest of the world and still be able to destroy part of it. It was pretty much an American operation. There was a sizeable Greek presence, along with just a few from other NATO countries. Damned Greeks kept the PX stripped of popular items they flew back to Athens to sell. They had some Turk clerks alerting them when those items were being put out. Blackmarketing was big there. I think the per capita income for Turks then was something like $300 a year. Official rate was 14 lira to a dollar, black market was 16. Everyone did black market currency exchange. The Class 6 store made a lot of people rich. I seem to remember the American and NATO rations were something like 6 fifths a month. I hardly used mine. The money was the only thing blackmarket I really did. Sent the family home after the earthquake about 3 months early. Was too nervewracking worrying about them buried in that mountain working. My blackmarket connection and part time sex partner then tried to get me to defower her 13 yr old daughter. I knew better than that. Had to be careful who you dealt with and how there. My security training and developed cautiousness served me well. Can't remember the exact location, but the post office, BX, commissary, Class 6 store, magazine shop, and whatever else was clustered, with the theater and NCO club within a few blocks down the road. Parked near the APO and walked around a corner or traffic circle to them. Funny thing after leaving there. Took me a while to break my jaywalking habit I picked up there.
  2. We undoubtedly crossed paths. I was there June 1972 to June 1974. If you worked all 3 sites you were probably JSSG support group. I was Army and worked all 3 sites in the telephone central offices. Spent most of time in Disko Hit. Spent a lot of time and money at the NATO Rod and Gun Club. Spec 5 Nelson. If you heard about the Turkish chief NCO of security at Disko playfully pulling a gun looking for beer one night at the refrigerator our low life section chief kept in the office, my shift partner and I were the ones he pulled it on. Our scumbag section chief sold sodas out of it. Him and I had some conflicts. I refused to lug that refrigerator and those sodas all the way down that tunnel like he made his Air Force troops do. We had to sell and collect the money. He kept it all and wouldn't even give us a break on the price. That incident ended that. I will beat him to death to this day if I see him again. I am not on here much. I do my internet on my cellphone. If you recognize me you can email me at [email protected]
  3. Wish I had found this site earlier. Found it while looking for Disko Hit. I was stationed in Izmir 1972-1974 in the Army, in the JSSG. I worked in the telephone central offices at Landsoutheast HQ and Disko Hit. Cant remember if I worked at Sirinyer in that time. Got to be kind of a blur. Other than a fishing trip to Lake Van and a visit to Sardis, I didn''t get far from Izmir. Did spend a lot of time at the NATO Rod and Gun Club and hunting in the area. Saw and did a lot of things there. Two years of my life I value very highly. I loved the people and the country. Worked with some interesting people. Hard to find the quality of people you had in the military on the outside. Ataturk scratched my heel while I was there. I had the fiercest and strangest cat in all of Turkey. However, I sincerely doubt I will fulfill that legend. There was a legend Ataturk would scratch the heel of the next great ruler in Turkey. This was supposed to be the reason so many Turkish guys wore their shoes with the heels scrunched down, like sandals. Or something like that. :-)I hope to post on the Izmir forum in the near future. Can't believe how big that city has grown.
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