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  1. thank you for you input. it seems that there is nothing good about turkish men and they are all wanting is out of their country and lie to get what they want. it is sad that my feelings for him have been tainted by what i am hearing. it almost makes me not want to even meet him. but in the back of my head what we have just seems like it is real for both of us. so i guess i just have to think do i want to spend money flying back and forth to turkey to see if it is real. but then again how long can he keep up the front of wanting me for me and not for a visa. this is so hard on the heart and mind........but i appreciate all the feed back. thanks
  2. i am taking everything you all say to heart and i am going to meet him first. i know how i feel about him and when i get off the plane and see him for real i thiink that i will beable to know if he is genuine and as we spend together i will be paying close attention to everything. I keep thinking to myself if he is using me why would he waste over a year of his time on a women older then him, who is can't have children, who was going through a divorce and is not rich or close to it. i am a simple women. He has know this since the beginnig of the relationship. i think why me when he could easily find a younger women that wants kids who has never been married that would love him like i do and not have to wait years. Love is a funny thing it grabs you and makes you do silly things and feel euphoric and i understand this and have my eyes open. I want and do believe our love is real. life has no guarantees on the future. i just want to move on and live my life with love and peace. again thank you and pleas continue to send you advice or comments.
  3. thank you sunny.... i will not be making any big decisions untill i meet him and his family in person, he moved back home recently to save money and i have to say that was a good choice. i am positive there is no wife and NO children.... he dosn't want children........ my concern is the visa issuse. i do not want to eventlly marry him and then find out he can not come home with me... any advice would be great
  4. Wow so much information and i love that you are giving me advice. i have a question about a visa. From what i understand it is hard to get a visa to the USA they want a guarantee he will go back to turkey. he has no guarantee that is why they turned him down for the student visa and he showed that he had to much money. also how often can someone come to the states, is there a time limit between visits? So how can he come here to see me????? i have commitments here so it is hard to go back and fourth to turkey. I will be going in september and we will be going on vacation to Antalya together. as for his religion that has not been a problem with us, I really want for us to work out because we have a great base to our relationship. i know you say that you can not really know anyone on the internet but i do know the way we feel and that is something that was built from being friends for months then it grew to really liking eachother and to where it is now...love..... it is hard to believe that something like this could be real but in my mind i know it is true and in my heart i feel it. OK i know you are saying poor stupid women she does not get it!!!!! i really do get it and i had thoughts early on and had all the fears answered. i would love for him to come here but he tried and was denied so what do we do?????????????? i am really lost on what to do. one thing for sure i do want to be with him as my husband and live our lives together. please keep the post coming i do read them and try to learn from your advice and experiences
  5. HelloThank you all for your adviceTansyblossmom....... we don't have phone bills because we are on yahoo messenager and i do have most of our messages saved except for the first 3 months because i did not know i could save them. i have sent him a couple things. he has my birthday gift s with him but opened them for me to see. do you think that is enough? if not what will i need to do?Abi..... he tried to get a student visa because he wanted to learn better english and then we would have been able to spend time together, we talked about marriage before the student visa but wanted to just see if he could get here on that visa. it seemed the easiest way. We have known each other for a year and we talk and see eachother on the computer. We met on Backgammon and started out as just friends and then months later our relationship grew in to love and now we want to be get married and spend out lives as one.we have not met in person but we are always on video chat. i have met his parents via the video chat . He was in Bosnia for NATO. We love each other so much, i may be 51 but no one belives me, anyway age is just a number to us.Aston... thanks for the link i did already read it and it was helpful... Sunny... We love each other so much, i may be 51 but no one belives i am, anyway age is just a number to us and it dosn't bother us at all. Love happens when you least expect it to...... what kind of questions would they ask, it is real love for both of us and now you have me worried that he will not beable come home with me.Istanbul/whiteboy....are you saying that once we are married that he can come and waith here in the us for his visa? I think we will get a lawyer to do all the paper work because i would hate to do it wrong... i do not like paper work!!!!I hope that i can get more feed back on this as i did give you more answers and i hope it will helpThank you all so much
  6. HelloI am 51 year old ameican women and i am going to turkey to marry my 32 year old fiancee. i was told that they will not allow that because of the age differance due to the thought that it will be a fake marriage, is this true?also he had applyed for a student visa and was denided because he needed a guarentee, will this hurt our chances to get married?one other thing when we marry will he beable to come back to the states with me and if so how long would we have to wait?Please any answers will be appreciated greatly.....
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