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  1. Thanks for the information everyone. As far as I can see, flights from Turkey resume on July 1st. This is according to the Turkish Airlines representative and my flight out. The embassy website does still mention a flight from İstanbul to Los Angeles, but the representative said that flight is also canceled. Good luck everyone and stay safe out there!
  2. If you can show me where you got that information I would appreciate it. The representative I spoke to on the phone said July 1, but I have a friend flying to Los Angeles and that flight is tentatively still on. Seems a little touch and go right now.
  3. Hey all, A week ago I successfully booked a flight from İstanbul to Washington DC Dulles (July 15-Aug 20), but today was notified of it's cancelation. I'm on hold with Turkish Airlines now and should have more info soon, but I'm curious if anyone on here has info on flying from Turkey - US. Thanks everyone, Thomas
  4. Thank you my friend! Gotta love the Türks, I'm 'enişte' to more than a few people here... Including the guy who works in our school cafeteria =D
  5. Thank you for the information Ibrahim Abi. We are looking at the Hyundai i20 (as we have no children and won't need a lot of cargo space) or other similar models which come in around 1400 cc. I will continue to explore all options and luckily I know a Türk who is well-versed in cars and knows someone at a local dealership. I will update as the process unfolds.
  6. Hello friends, I have a work permit and my wife and I are considering buying a new car and registering it under my name in order to avoid the OTV and KDV tax. Does any one have updated information pertaining to this process/ the stipulations. I suppose the savings would depend on the type of car. Where can I find tax bracket information? Is it true I can never sell the car to anyone except another foreigner? I've heard after 5 yrs I'll get my deposit back and be able to sell to anyone. As always, thanks for any help. Thomas
  7. Meral--Thank you so much for your support and encouragement--it means a lot to me. Seda and I have been happily married since February 10th --so far, so good! We are fast approaching our "second wedding" in America--which is really just a reception for my friends and family who weren't there to celebrate in Turkey. The best part? My Mother and Father in law are coming! It will be their first time in America and they'll be here for nearly two weeks. I couldn't be more excited. It seems strange that not too long ago we weren't sure if Seda's mother would ever accept our relationship, now we get along great and she's traveling across the world to be their at our wedding reception. Life is so weird and interesting--anything is possible if you want it bad enough. This community has been instrumental in providing me with guidance throughout this journey. A big thanks to all on here--even the haters! =D I've included a picture of Seda and I from our wedding in Samsun. Take care everyone!
  8. From what I've read online, I only need to bring my passport and my Turkish marriage affidavit to be signed in front of them. I will try to reach the embassy to confirm that. It just seems too easy, my fiance thinks I need a birth certificate and a form from America certifying my single status, but I can't find anything confirming that online.
  9. From what I understand I need to fill out and print a form and take it to the Consulate in Ankara (Ankara handles weddings in from Samsun) and then I have to take the affidavit somewhere else but when I click for those instructions I get an error code 404 page not found.. The directions seem pretty straightforward : Step 1: Fill out online and print out (BUT DO NOT SIGN) the Ankara Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry (PDF 195 KB), Istanbul Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry (PDF 208 KB) or Adana Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry (PDF 369 KB) . If you have previous marriages, please bring your original or certified divorce decrees with you to the Embassy/Consulate. Write each field exactly as it is in your passport, e.g. United States Department of State. Step 2: Make an online notarial appointment to apply in Ankara, Istanbul or Adana depending on where you will be getting married. Step 3: Come to the U. S. Embassy/Consulate to sign the affidavit in person. Bring your valid U. S. passport. If you have been married previously, also bring an original or a certified copy of your divorce decree. Pay the US $50 fee for notarizing the affidavit of eligibility in U. S. cash or a major credit card. We do not accept Turkish debit cards or Turkish Liras. Step 4: Take your notarized affidavit from the U. S. Embassy/Consulate and follow the instructions on where you should be taking the affidavit in Istanbul (instructions on the second page of the affidavit), Adana (instructions on the second page of the affidavit) and Ankara, (follow the instructions on this page). I am sure they will tell me where to take it after it's notarized. PeteJF --have you any idea what documents I must have tranlsated? I don't see anything on the website about bringing any special documents . Unless youre referring to the ones necessary if I have been married previously.
  10. The first link is where I found all the information I (think) I need. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it.
  11. After doing some online research it seems that really is all I need aside from the online affidavit form. Thank you!
  12. I have yet to make contact with the consulate although admittedly I have not been able to try a lot, it's just very hard to find the time during their business hours to call and sit and wait. I am wondering now what information I need to get from America in order to be married in Turkey. What kind of legal paper work is required. I am sure the consulate is the best place to find that info, so I'll start there.
  13. Thanks for the advice and quick response. Stay safe. I forgot to include a very important detail, which is that she currently holds a 10 year B2 visitors visa. I wonder if getting married here and changing her name will void this visa? Probably not a question you can answer. We want to travel to the states this summer and do a wedding celebration there... I think I see why the 'shotgun wedding' deal might be a good idea, if it exists. If she can keep her current visa after the wedding and name change, we could just wait on the immigrant visa. I emailed the consulate in İzmir, asking them about this, however I'm not sure this is a question they'll answer through e-mail. What kind of visa does your wife hold now? Should be an IR1 or CR1? Thanks again.
  14. What a great story Phil. You deserve some credit for pulling that off in the end. Congratulations on your successful marriage and child, very cool to hear. If you don't mind me asking, what line of work are you in? We're hoping to do what you've done and hop between America and Turkey, but I've yet to figure out exactly how that would work with employment for the both of us, etc. I appreciate your advice and I think I will contact a lawyer here. We are planning to get married in February during my semester break, and my family is planning on making the trip - very exciting times.. So, did you get married in America after the wedding in Turkey? Did your wife then have to apply for a marriage visa from the US? All of this tends to make my head hurt but it's worth it in the end. It might be time to contact a trusted lawyer, but if you have any advice I'd love to hear it. Most importantly-- İzmir girls are great but I'd beg to differ I think girls from the black sea region are the best ;-) (I think we're both obligated to feel how we do on this one) Thanks again Thomas
  15. I'm glad you asked and happy you've been following. To answer your first question:The meeting of the parents went fairly well. Her father was very friendly, smiled, and gave off a good positive vibe. Her mother was essentially the opposite, very negative with a sour look on her face. It's been a year since then and her mom has come around--she likes me and wants us to marry, but is afraid that we'll move to America and leave them to grow old alone. I understand her position and I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm sure we'll figure out a way to spend some time in Turkey and some in America, because neither of us are prepared to leave our friends, family, home country, etc. permanently. It really depends on the parents but in general I would number 1 try to learn some Turkish and practice it so you are confident. Just a few phrases like nice to meet you and how are you. It will show a lot of respect and Turks really appreciate when foreigners try to speak their language. It's a sign of respect. I guess you can try to kiss the back of their hand and put it to your forehead. It's something you do with elders. In my case her father just wanted the traditional cheek to cheek greeting but her mom allowed me to do the hand to forehead deal. Honestly just try to be confident and relaxed, I was tooo nervous and I think they saw it as a sign of weakness(harsh way to put it but I can't think of another way of saying it) --they never said that or anything but I came to that conclusion on my own. If you smoke, don't smoke in front of them. Try to smile, make eye contact, etc. Turks are very friendly and welcoming, even if the parents aren't at first. If you are a good person and make their daughter happy, they will learn to accept you. Hope that helps--there might be some more tips and tricks but I tried to respond to this while I have time. I'm sure others on here can help too. Cheers!
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