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  1. I'm glad you asked and happy you've been following. To answer your first question:The meeting of the parents went fairly well. Her father was very friendly, smiled, and gave off a good positive vibe. Her mother was essentially the opposite, very negative with a sour look on her face. It's been a year since then and her mom has come around--she likes me and wants us to marry, but is afraid that we'll move to America and leave them to grow old alone. I understand her position and I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm sure we'll figure out a way to spend some time in Turkey and some in America, because neither of us are prepared to leave our friends, family, home country, etc. permanently. It really depends on the parents but in general I would number 1 try to learn some Turkish and practice it so you are confident. Just a few phrases like nice to meet you and how are you. It will show a lot of respect and Turks really appreciate when foreigners try to speak their language. It's a sign of respect. I guess you can try to kiss the back of their hand and put it to your forehead. It's something you do with elders. In my case her father just wanted the traditional cheek to cheek greeting but her mom allowed me to do the hand to forehead deal. Honestly just try to be confident and relaxed, I was tooo nervous and I think they saw it as a sign of weakness(harsh way to put it but I can't think of another way of saying it) --they never said that or anything but I came to that conclusion on my own. If you smoke, don't smoke in front of them. Try to smile, make eye contact, etc. Turks are very friendly and welcoming, even if the parents aren't at first. If you are a good person and make their daughter happy, they will learn to accept you. Hope that helps--there might be some more tips and tricks but I tried to respond to this while I have time. I'm sure others on here can help too. Cheers!
  2. Bringing Cat to Turkey from America

    Thanks Ken, Fener and Cukur. I think I will leave him in the states where he has my parents looking after him. If I decided otherwise, I am confident he would get used to the move as he's not like other cats, he's more like a dog to be honest. I think Fener and Cukur have the right idea in adopting a cat here if I really want one. There are plenty to go around and it would be a good thing to do. Like you say Fener, it can join my cat in the states in the future. Thanks all!
  3. Marrying Turkish woman (American man)

    Thank you Fener. Seda and I are weighing our options. Seda thinks if we get married in Turkey, it will restrict her from visiting America while she's applying for the American marriage visa (and this process can take years, she thinks). She currently has an extended visitors visa, which is good for at least 3 years. We really want to get married in Turkey so we can start living in together, but we don't want this to affect her ability to visit the states in the meantime. It all seems very complicated. I guess it's easier to get married in Turkey, but if that will complicate her visiting America, I don't know if it's the best idea. Maybe no one on here has any relevant experience, but it at least helps to sort out my thoughts
  4. Besiktas, Istanbul

    Very sad news, indeed. Sad and angering, too.
  5. Hello all, I am debating on bringing my cat with me to Turkey after winter break (February), and I have a few questions. I should start by saying I have researched what I need to do by Turkish Airlines' standards (vaccines, small carry on crate, etc) - - but if any one has any personal or recent experience with this, please let me know. My main inquiry is the procedure once I arrive to Turkey. Is there a quarantine process, or any hold ups I should be aware of? I'm really hoping someone on here has some recent or personal experience with this. I am really on the fence about bringing him, it's my 5 year old cat who has truly been a great friend and companion - - naturally I don't want to put him through unnecessary travel, and he is currently well taken care of by my parents in America. I will be home for a few months during summer break, and I definitely don't want to haul him back and forth each time I come and go--this isn't an issue, my girlfriend (soon to be wife, inshallah) can take care of him while I'm gone. I guess all the above has me leaning towards leaving him in the states with my parents, but I'll be honest, I miss him a lot. I just wish Turkey could be where Canada is, things would be a lot easier for me:) Anyways, thanks in advance for any one who can help! Best wishes, Thomas
  6. Marrying Turkish woman (American man)

    Thank you so much. We are looking into all of our options. I am lucky to have found this forum, every one is so very helpful. I will provide updates and surely ask you more questions in the future.
  7. Hello all, Some may be familiar with my situation, some not--at any rate, I am living in Turkey right now working as an English teacher and wondering the best way to marry my Turkish girlfriend. I wonder if it's better to get married in America first or in Turkey, then America? The easy answer is to apply for a marriage visa in America, but I've heard that takes a long time to process and we are currently living in Turkey for the foreseeable future (this might cause some problems with the marriage visa, if we are not currently living in America?). We plan to move back to America for a period time in the future, but in order to live together in Turkey we need to be married, hence the urgency. Thanks to any one with previous experience who can provide any advice. -Thomas and Seda
  8. Hello friends, I am applying for my work visa on Tuesday at the embassy in washington DC, and I have a few questions. With the school year fast approaching, my employer has recommended I apply for my work visa as 'coordinator'. I have no idea what this means, or how it might expedite the process, but due to time constraints, they are adamant I apply as 'coordinator'. Any one familiar with this distinction? I will have all the necessary documents from my employer before I go, but I'm wondering about not yet having my TEFL certificate; I am about a week or two from completing it. The school has offered me a jobk, knowing that I will soon complete my certificate, but I hope this is not something that the embassy wants to see before I can get my visa. I will bring my diploma, passport and the documents from my future employer (Doğa schools) and hope for the best. Thanks to any one who can give me any advice. Best wishes Thomas
  9. Hello all, Just a quick update and sorry it's been a long time since my last post. I have been presented with a financial offer to work as an English teacher in Samsun for the 2016-17 school year. I am so excited to finally give Seda and I a chance to succeed. There will certainly be some difficult times moving away from my friends and family, but I am so excited to be finally living in the same city as her. I can't remember if I've updated any where since my last visit to Turkey when I met Seda's mother and father. It was a quick meeting but it was great to meet with them. Her Dad was really nice and likes me (according to Seda, and I felt the same) however, her mother is going to require some patience. There are many details that you all may find interesting, so feel free to ask any questions. Seda will be visiting me in about a months time so we are very much looking forward to that. Thanks to those who have supported and followed this since the beginning. True love does happen, and while it's not always easy, it's worth every effort to keep a good woman's love. Long distance, language barrier, cultural barriers, none of this has to matter in the end. Hope everyone is well here. Best wishes, Thomas
  10. Teaching at English Time

    How's it going Quinn? I myself will soon be teaching English in Turkey. Good luck!
  11. Being An English Language Private Tutor

    I agree with Greenstein, they are mostly interested in native English speakers; I am soon moving to Samsun to teach English and be with my girlfriend. Of course it would be helpful to know basic Turkish in order to more easily communicate, but it certainly will not be a requirement. Best of luck to you, hopefully we will both soon be in Turkey getting paid to chat with some awesome Turks =D
  12. Traveling from USA - Samsun

    Okay do you know approximately how much the wifi is? I have a 4 hour layover, I would have thought that a coffee place or something would have wifi. I'll have to ask. Thanks again!
  13. Traveling from USA - Samsun

    I am planning on taking a small carry on bag and a backpack, which I'll put under the seat /between my legs. Will be a bit of a tight squeeze but I think it's what I'm most comfortable with. It is nice to know they will send my bag of I decide to do so in the future. Thanks you for the advice. One more thing, any idea where is the best place for wifi?
  14. You have some valuable insight, which I appreciate, but a lot of it doesn't apply to me and seems just plain negative. Good luck to you.
  15. Flying into Istanbul on Friday, waiting 4 hours then a short flight to Samsun. Both flights Turkish airlines, as every one has said on here, they are the best. Seems like the most important part will be getting from the international terminal to the domestic after landing at İstanbul atatürk. Any advice, any one take the same or similar trip any time recently? I'm so excited, my mouth is already watering for the köfte and döner and kebaps, etc, etc, etc¡!!!!!!!!!!!¡