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  1. Hi Abi and Aston and thank you for your advise Gokhan and his family live in Turkey, Gokhan in a resort and his family in a village about 5 hours away. I met him whilst on holiday last year, he works in a restaurant in a resort. I have been back 7 times since. When we get married he talked about us living in the resort all year as his job remains open and we have also discussed me finding summer work there next year. I think this will be a good idea and if all doesnt go well I can come back to Scotland. I have been doing my research recently and I must add that Gokhan comes across v
  2. I am a christian woman from Glasgow, Scotland and I have known a Turkish muslim man for 1 year now.We recently got engaged and met one anothers families. My family are fine with our relationship however his family wanted him to marry a muslim girl, he declined and explained that he loved me and would marry me with or without their blessing.I presume they have agreed to our marriage because they were very hospitable to my family and I.Gokhan (my future husband) bought me an engagement ring and wears 1 himself, he speaks of us getting married in 1 or 2 years time and has also mentioned us having
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