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  1. My name is Ty and I am currently looking for a job in Istanbul. I have a TESOL certificate, BA and one year ESL teaching experience plus tutoring English for two years at university. I am currently living in South Korea and I would like to work and live in Istanbul. I have been watching the job boards and even have applied to many jobs but I am not hearing much back. I will be patient. My question is about finding housing that is big enough for a family of 5 and living on what a teacher is paid. We now live in a two room apartment and we get by but it would nice to have a two bedroom apartment with a living room. What would something like that cost? Are there good and bad neighborhoods? Will schools be willing to help me or will they avoid me like the plague? I have also looked at last year's cost of living numbers and it seems very reasonable in terms of the price of milk, bread and the such. However, living in a big city will have different costs than a country's average cost. So, what is it like to live on the cheap in Istanbul? Any and all help will be welcome.
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