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  1. Have a look on Doc Martens they've got all the most up to date info https://docmartinssurgeryforexpatsinturkeyblog.wordpress.com/motoring-file-driving-licence-exchangeimporting-carsbuying-a-vehicletuvmot-electric-scoots-etc/ A quick browse though tells me that yes you can transfer your UAE licence. You will need to complete all the other requirements (including providing school leaving certificate etc) as stated above. I was unable to transfer mine as my country of origin doesnt allow international licences for some insane reason so I just sat the driver's test. It was easy. You can take it in Turkish, English or Arabic.
  2. I'm in Karaduvar. I've got sheep stealing washing of our clothesline every chance they get!
  3. Congratulations!! Yenesehir is a great spot. That would definitely be my choice if I could do it all again, well that or Fuat Morel. Depending where you are there is still quite a lot of building going on though.
  4. Yes, we are more elusive than the Loch Ness Monster ... but we can be found. There are groups on social media that you can join that get together regularly.
  5. Hitit University? That's a little out of Mersin (like 600km!!) but thanks anyway
  6. Oh is that right? I'll have to deep dive into university requirements within Europe then. Australia's requirements gave me a bit of a headache to be honest and don't get me started on the fees!!!
  7. That Meral. So Im guessing that hubby had Aussie citizenship as well? Mine doesn't so its a different sitch. I am looking at different universities throughout Europe as well (certainly a lot closer). We've got lots to think about.
  8. I did message Meral, waiting to hear back from her. The school has suggested this as daughter, despite speaking good turkish, is having difficulty with learning. They have a few expats who have undertaken university degrees this way and it just means that the pressure is allievated a bit. Daughter suffers from stress (losing her hair is a main factor and was diagnosed with alopecia areata a few years back). So we are trying to find a way for her to get into university without the weight on her shoulders. Sure she could go to school in AU or elsewhere but she would prefer to stay in Turkey. We are looking at all avenues.
  9. There are courses but they are mostly designed for Syrian or arabic. There is only a very small contingent of European (English) expats here in Mersin.
  10. This is a bit of a tricky one. My daughter (Australian born but with dual citizenship) goes to school here in Turkey. She is having difficulty (in high school now). Her principal suggested to us that we renounce her citizenship for university exam - she will not need to sit the Turkish exam and instead have an exam in English which will make it much easier for her to pass. Has anyone undertaken this (I did see a post from Meral some time ago about this very thing but I can't find it now). Do we make the application here or in Australia? Step by step instructions for the stupid (ie me) would be appreciated?
  11. The university has courses but they are really hectic. Private classes can be expensive because they know you are yabanci. There is also a turkish/english speaking group that meets somewhere in Yenisehir. You would find them on FB.
  12. Hi Meral, I noticed on one of the forums that your daughter renounced her Turkish citizenship to sit the foreign university exams.  My daughter's school has just suggested this to us for her (We are also Aussies living in Mersin).  How did you go about it and how hard was it to get it back?

    1. Meral


      Just seen this now Janey (thanks to Ken alerting me about it) -- have posted reply on main topic page !  Meral xxx

  13. The IKEA is on the absolute other side. There is all that building work going on in the middle though so easy to miss. Near Media Mkt.
  14. Yeah the M1 is great now isnt it? Ive been known to hop in the car just to go to the new H&M there. Its also got an IKEA but you cant buy anything there which is stupid. You can go and look, pick what you want, pay for it and then they will either deliver it to you or you can collect. I get that its a space saving issue but its still incredibly annoying ... although it just means another trip back to H&M for me now
  15. Hi Pete, I saw your post a few weeks back, sorry I didnt get back to you. I can't think of anywhere off hand and after chatting with the expat group today everyone was at a bit of a loss. There are only a few UK members in the group and none of them have made the application. There is a blogger that recently applied with her husband in Fethiye or Marmaris. Its a little vague but you may be able to write to her direct for some advice.. She has a FB page - I think there is a link on her blog. https://livingtheturkishdream.com/2016/10/16/submitting-the-visa-application/ Jane
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