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  1. we did a DIY divorce and you don't need an attorney. our total combined costs were around 5 or 600TL, including interpreter for the hearing (though we found one who did it for next to nothing. if you're in istanbul i can send you his info, otherwise expect to pay upwards of 400TL for the 10 minute hearing). the protokol document is pretty straightforward, we got a template off a website, but i unfortunately can't find the website. i do, however, have the version we ended up using (it's in turkish, but google translate does a pretty good job of translating it so you have a better idea of what's in it), so i can email that to you as well. we had it notarized at the local notary down the street from us. pm me with yr email address and i'll send the document (edited of personal information) and the interpreter's info if you want.
  2. wow. ok i think the voice of reason needs to step in here: don't waste your youth thinking about marriage. this isn't the 18th century, people live past 35 nowadays. there's no reason to even consider marriage before 25 or even 30 (and if you look at the statistics marriages between people who are younger than that are doomed to fail). yes, the idea of an "exotic" relationship sounds wonderful, but you're not even close to ready for the reality of it. women much older than you have been burned time and time again by this exact same fantasy (and that's exactly what it is). i guarantee he's not waiting for you, he's not "saving himself" for you, so why torture yourself? don't ruin your life. date. date people close to you, geographically. enjoy your youth while you have it. you WILL regret it otherwise.
  3. i just don't cut my hair but once every 10 years. problem solved =] though i do feel your pain. i got my decennial haircut two years ago, had to get it done twice because the jackass who did it the first time thought he was putting on a performance art show or something, all flare and no skill. went to the jandarma kamp with the ex after that and for 2TL got a great cut and no flash. i may never get it cut again....
  4. if the mortgage is transferable have it put into your name. then the house is yours until he pays you back, and if he doesn't, you've got yourself a nice piece of real estate for 20,000 if it's not transferable don't be a sucker
  5. doesn't matter that you're in the UK, you just can't be in turkey. dunno the official term for it, but in general people call it a 90/180 visa, or 90 days permitted in-country out of 180; the way i understand it is that from the date the visa was issued you have to wait 180 days before you can get another visa, whether or not you used your full 90 days permission
  6. frustrating and EXPENSIVE (and potentially dangerous if he's already married, which is entirely possible).
  7. Move on. not worth the heartache and hassle, and definitely not worth the expense of traveling to turkey only to discover the worst.
  8. same, i have mine for dsl. no real point in paying for a landline anymore
  9. ***FYI the show on the 13th has been postponed until August 3rd
  10. i don't see a category for night life and entertainment (hint hint Ken) so i'm posting this here: if anyone in Istanbul is interested in seeing live local bands there's a show tomorrow night (friday the 4th) at Nina in Beyoglu (friends of mine). free admission, decent price on intoxicants (for beyoglu). they're also playing on Sunday the 13th in Kadikoy at Shaft (also a free show). PM me for more details or follow the links to their FB event pages below:Friday the 4th: https://www.facebook.com/events/244858289046819/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcomingSunday the 13th: https://www.facebook.com/events/599543120165503/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  11. yeah, yr chances of working are pretty slim unless you find an international company to work for before you get here, or do freelance or online work. most people teach english, but as you're not from what the MoE would consider a native english-speaking nation (and yes, i know english is prevalent where you're from. i don't make the rules, i just report 'em) your chances of getting a job as an english teacher are next to none. that being said, if you're adament about living here, you can look at bahcesehir (see the link in my signature), it's about 30km outside of istanbul, very quiet upper-middle class family-friendly area that's far enough from the city to feel like you're not in it, but close enough to get there easily enough when you want to
  12. excellent! i posted a link to the main freelance forum page in the fb group
  13. that's exactly why i created it. searched around and couldn't find anything, so decided to do it myself. it's very small at the moment, less than 3 days old and 17 members as i write this, but i'm hoping word will spread rather quickly. i know there are a lot of us out there...
  14. shouldn't cause an issue. there are lots of freelancers in istanbul and around turkey, and the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages. pardon the shameless plug, Ken, but just the other day i created a facebook group specifically for freelancers (search fb for "United Freelancers in Istanbul" and i'll be happy to add you to the group), because other than this fantastic website (TurkeyCentral) there's not a lot of support for us out there. we've only got each other!
  15. the colloquial language alone should be enough to keep people from falling for this crap. i mean seriously, "...internet scammers we got arrested few days ago"??? no government head would ever write that poorly
  16. ...and with 25,000 polis and 50 TOMAs ready to go in Taksim, it's likely to be violent
  17. i had to do it myself, i had to have a certified interpreter read it to me in english (extra 100tl on top of the notary fee). this is turkey. you just gotta deal with it.
  18. i concur. take the tram to eminonu, see the spice market, then back on the tram to sultanahmet for hagia sofia, basilica cisterns, sultanahmet cami, etc, then a couple more stops up to beyazit to the kapaliçarşı/grand bazaar. you should be able to get a lot in in a day before heading back. be aware, most things close around 7pm, so get in as early as you can
  19. if it's registered here and it's an uncontested divorce the process is ridiculously cheap and easy. ours cost about 500TL total, including the cost of hiring the interpreter at the final hearing, which lasted all of 10 minutes in front of the judge. the courthouse staff is very helpful with letting you know what paperwork to fill out so you don't need an attorney either. HOWEVER, if you're not on good terms you might want to weigh the cost and hassle of a contested divorce here vs the cost and hassle of traveling back to the UK to have it done there, it's not so easy when there are assets and you're not so friendly with each other
  20. yeah, not on her budget though. there are plenty of decent hotels in the area that won't bankrupt her
  21. uh, i really hate to break it to you, but according to the map i'm looking at, this hotel is at Dervis Ali Neigh. Kariye Cami St. No:6, Balat, Fatih, Istanbul - Europe, and if that's the case, if that's the hotel you've booked, it's not exactly near kucukciftlik park. in fact it's nowhere near it. you would be better off looking for hotels near taksim square, the park is walking distance from there (as opposed to a 20-30 minute taksi ride from the one you mentioned) and if you want any kind of night life, this is the place to stay (as opposed to the extremely conservative neighborhood you found where you might get harassed for wearing comfortable clothing). try "booking [dot] com" and do a location search for taksim square, and you can refine the search by price on the left side of the page. good luck!
  22. That's a pretty average wage, good if they cover accommodation. if by "food cost" you mean groceries that you'll cook at home you should do fine, but if you eat out 3 meals a day and prefer the taxi to public transportation then it can add up quickly. as of right now the lira is 2.19 to the dollar, and it's been fluctuating by about a nickel lately, so figure that's around 2400-2500TL/mo. i pay around 200/mo for groceries for myself. if you pay your own utilities, figure you'll spend a couple hundred lira a month, not much compared to US utilities. the Istanbulkart (for the bus/metro/ferry) will cost from 1.50-4TL per trip, and they don't transfer fares, so if you take 3 buses to get where you're going (which is unlikely), you'll pay fare for each leg of the trip (though they do figure in some kind of discount for transfers... not quite sure how they calculate it though), but i would assume if they house you they'll put you relatively close to your workplace (probably not more than 2 buses, if that)
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