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  1. I got married in Fethiye and went to the consulate in Antalya I took my CONI and full birth certificate paid the fee and they gave me a translated document which I then had to take to the governers office in Antalya to be stamped. We were then able to arrange the wedding in Fethiye we went to marriage office there with documents and pictures we did not need blood tests a nearby doctor just looked at me and him and stamped the form then we set a date and that was it.Friends who got married in Istanbul had to do a lot more running around and did have to get blood tests.
  2. I think if you look on the ukba site you should find all info you need.
  3. My husband and I had never lived together when we applied for our visa. To prove genuine relationship we used flight and hotel bookings, phone records, photographs of time we spent together, Facebook messages, msn messages photos of wedding, of me and his family and things like that spanning the length of our relationship.
  4. Congratulations on your engagement it sounds so romantic.My husband has been living in UK almost a year he came here just before visa rule change. As far as English tests go there are tests that involve no reading or writing my husband has excellent spoken English but only now is his reading and writing improving so he did his test only in speaking and listening.Getting the visa may seem like the hardest part and it is a stressful application and waiting period but the settling in period we have found very hard.Firstly life here is very different and my husband has a big culture shock. Plus
  5. They never used to send an email either just advise of a status change and a text from the courier. You won't know if you have the visa until the passport is received and can check for the stamp.Hope it's a yes for you.
  6. My husband got his spouse visa in September I submitted all documents in my maiden name we got married in the may before. We put our application in in July and I was flying to turkey in August so couldn't change my passport as I needed it and had already bought flights. Plus bank statements Etc going back 6 months were all in maiden name. I don't think it matters they will see your maiden name on the marriage book anyway.
  7. Vickie, I really feel for the situation you are in. I have a four year old son from my first marriage to an English guy we were both living in Scotland. Like you we chose to get married and chose to love here and both chose to have a child however when I was 4 months pregnant he decided to change his mind and disappeared back to England without warning.I tried to sort it out but it was not going to happen he did not want to come home for me or child.I have tried to facilitate contact for a long time he has seen his son 4 times in his life but is not really interested he also does not financi
  8. So happy for you, you never gave up and now you will all be together x
  9. It is a long road to become a child minder and it is not an easy job there is lots of paperwork, inspections etc to become registered and stay registered. Also child minders are self employed and not employed by the parent therefore you would have to have accounts and do your own tax returns.You would have to look after the child in the parents own house for it to be permissible for her to pay you for your care unless you are a registered childminder and then you would be her employee.
  10. Congratulations such good news today! Hope your life together is wonderful I still remember like it was yesterday my husband coming into arrivals in the UK it was such a wonderful feeling
  11. Congratulations now you can put all that worry behind you and enjoy your new life together
  12. I felt the same as you with every day that passed waiting for the decision I was sure that something must be wrong and went over every detail of application in my head many times but I knew there was nothing more I could have added.Just because it takes a long time to process does not mean it will be a no we waited 58 working daysDon't give up hope you will get your answer soon I have everything crossed for a yes for you.
  13. I had a very difficult time booking flights for my husband to travel as he was travelling without me and needed to fly Turkish airlines who would not let him on without the payment card. I had a very difficult and fruitless phone call with their English speaking staff member at Turkish airlines as too much was lost in translation.To cut long story short do not go with last minute dot com they are terrible but I was able to book tickets on a Turkish airline flight the same one I could not get with Turkish airlines direct for a lower price and an e ticket my husband could use with no requirement
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