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  1. As some of you may remember me.... I am recently divorced from my Turk husband and although I have Turkish nationality I have not been able to get work here and will have to return to the UK to work. My problem is that I have 2 very lovely dogs (German Shepherd Mix whos 6 and a year old Heinz variety of who knows what, both rescues) that I do not want to leave behind but I cannot take them as there is no where for them to stay (London) and god only knows how much it will cost to get them there! I want to find someone that can stay in my home and look after them RENT FREE, I will provide dog food etc., but they will need to be cared for 'properly' by English standards and walked and loved!!!! Maybe a tall order!!!!!! I am becoming rather desperate! If anyone out there knows anyone that would be suitable can you put us in touch with each other please. I guess putting a card up in Ibos bar would help...!!! Havent been able to socialise there as my finances are in a sorry state to say the least!!! Thanks for reading and please share if you can. CheersDebs
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