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  1. Hi again,Sure he can get a divorce in UK. It would only take ages to deliver the papers to the other party...That decision needs to be recognised in TR.. Then she would contest that saying that she didn't understand he was divorcing her etc.. Not only doubling the costs but also the time frame,Many things can be done, but we prefer to advice the most efficient legal way for both time and money wises.
  2. Dear Tony,This is Av. Acelya Yilmazer, from TurkishDivorce.I am sorry to hear your experience.I understand your situation, although our members shared their information,i would like to share my professional advice:I see there is no argument over the divorce, however since you are married less than 12 months your divorce should be handled very carefully, you may not be able to get divorce at all...Although we assume that your partner married you for different reasons, we still need to prove the case over legal divorce reasons, which are counted in the relevant act. Often we are so outraged by the other party's behaviour and think that the judge should rule in our favour, but still your divorce request needs to be fitted within the borders of applicable law.It is inevitable that your partner will as money from you for divorce, and we can not just say that she married you for wrong reasons and therefore you shouldn't pay anything. She can ask big numbers, so you need a professional legal help to overcome all these obstacles.
  3. Hello Amanda,I am a registered lawyer in Turkey at Istanbul bar, mainly working for mixed marriages,I understand that your mother applied for divorce in UK and got her decree nisi and forwarded it to her ex in TR. and now she is been notified from Turkish Courts It can be two things:If your mother did not sent her ex the decree absolute only decree nisi, her ex can not apply for recognition of a UK divorce in TR he needs decree absolute, therefore court should dismiss the case.In the absence of decree absolute her ex may have initiated a fresh TR divorce which would continue even if your mother would not turn up for the hearing or legal representation.However for the second option would suggest you to get legal help to avoid any distasteful results at the end of the Turkish proceedings,Best Regards,Av. Acelya Yilmazer
  4. Hello, Sorry to hear your bad experience, I am a registered attorney in TR/Istanbul, we at Turkish divorce . com are mainly dealing with mix marriages, If you already got a divorce from a UK court all you need to do is to initiate a recognition case down in TR. This is a lot easier and shorter than initiating a fresh divorce case here, plus your ex can not dispute the recognition of an existing divorce decision. For that all you need to do is get your decree absolute and get it apostiled after official translation of it you can initiate your recognition process. It is usually done within one hearing.
  5. Please please please heed to my warning, I am a lawyer in Istanbul covering Turkey for recovery actions on behalf of foreign investors from housing thru to corporations.My advise when appointing a lawyer is to always take a reference separate from who ever is trying to sale you something.I have spent three years in housing scams where a lawyer has mis represented a client in favour of the scammers. These experiences have been written about in international journals such as standpoint There are many ruthless lawyers who do not operate to same ethical standards as you would expect.Please never assum they have your best intentions at heart.
  6. Hello Bernadette 45I am sorry to hear your bad experience.I am a Turkish lawyer, from Turkish Divorce . Com, we are mainly assisting copules in mixed marriages.First of all your husband can not divorce you without serving the petitions to your address in UK.Once you are served you have 15 days to respond. At this point I suggest you to appoint a Turkish lawyer to deal with the process since I do not assume that you are familiar with Turkish legal system you can not deal with it yourself.If you are married less than 1 year it is really hard to get a divorce decree. Courts usually courage the parties to get back together and give another chance to their marriages.However if he plays around and tries to serve at some address in TR like you are living there (circumventing the rules) I advice you to be ontop of his actions.Regarding the debt you mentioned he owes you, do you have any paper proof for that?On which grounds he wants to divorce?If you disagree to divorce, case can go on like 4 years and he can not get remarried (legally) again.For more spesific adcive you can find and contact us via internet. I would be happy to assist you.Best Regards,Av. Acelya Yilmazer.
  7. Dear Member,Sorry to hear your bad experience.I am a registered lawyer mainly working on mixed marriage cases as a partner of Turkish Divorce . com.Once you obtained your decree absolute from an American Court you then need to get it recognised in Turkey,That is very important to finish the marriage in Turkey as well. Please be aware of that; as well as benefits, marriages bring responsibilities and to avoid any distasteful surprises (e.g. debts ) you should make sure you finished your marriage correctly in both countries.Foreign Judicial decisions, like your US divorce, can not be deemed valid without recognition process in Turkey.For that first, the foreign decision (in our case US one) needs to become absolute (decree nisi) by the decision maker authority which is the US court who granted the divorce, and apostiled by the foreign office then officially translated into Turkish,With that apostiled and officially translated decree nisi document, we can request a competent court to recognise your divorce in Turkey.Let me explain you briefly what a recognition case is; once you have your decree nisi apostiled and officially translated; with the powers of attorney (legal document enables us to represent you in Turkish courts) we apply to the Turkish court to get your foreign US divorce decision to be recognised. This case is a two party case which means we need to serve your husband as well, and there will be 2-3 hearings. The Judge only checks whether there is any irregularities or not and then if neither party objects, recognise the divorce decision and then you are legally divorced in Turkey.If you need further assistance you can contact us, via our offices.Best Regards,Av. Acelya Yilmazer
  8. Hello Mohammed,This is Av.Acelya, from Turkish Divorce com, last week you contacted us, and we supplied answers to all your questions, you even exchanged documents with us.To clarify again, there is no six months rule in Turkish Law, after one year you can get uncontested divorce,However your case is hardly falling into an uncontested divorce, as there is threats and bad behaviour between partiesWith your evidences in your hand you can divorce your wife,However since you are not familiar with the Turkish system and has not got the fluent Turkish we recommend you to work with a professional lawyer. Our office as you know has got the experience with mixed marriages and the competitive fee structure.Also I would highly recomend you to get a professional advice regarding your entries to Turkey, otherwise you may have to face airport police.If you have any further questions you know our contact details,Best Regards,AvAcelya.
  9. Avacelya

    Divorce In Turkey

    Hello,I understand your confusion let me explain you briefly the situation in Turkey regarding the divorces.Firstly I would like to say that I am a register lawyer and a founding partner of Turkish Divorce . Com a law firm which solely works for mixed and foreign marriages, If you got married in TR you can divorce in Turkey. There are usually two deciaion factors regarding the divorce cases; timeframe and costings, in that regard Turkey is the best venue. Even if you have the option to divorce in Uk, there are two main reasons that you should not go with that option: 1. UK divorces are far more expensive than Turkish ones, 2. And more importantly, even if you get a degree in UK, you again need to initiate a recognition case down in TR for that decision to be valid in TR, which takes similar timeframe and costs are nearly the same.If you are in agreement for divorce and the conditions are met you can apply for uncontested divorce, which is quite quick ( again there are some criterias to be met), if there is dispute you can apply for contested divorce.After a degree ladies have a waiting period to be able to remarry.For more specific advice you can find and reach us via searching engines.Av. Acelya Yilmazer
  10. Hello,I am a registered lawyer in Turkey, founding partner of the one and only online cheap divorce service for mixed marriages, Turkish Divorce com I recommend you to divorce in Turkey, since you married in Turkey even if you divorce in UK that degree needs to be registered in Turkey, and you need to apply to courts for that, otherwise you are not deemed as divorced in Turkey, also getting divorce in UK Is far more expensive than getting divorce in Turkey.You should have your independent attorney, separate from his, otherwise you may face some financial disadvantages, however if he is cooperative and has a lawyer in TR, the only thing you need to do is to appoint a Turkish lawyer for yourself and get an uncontested divorce.Although the fee for that service is variable, we are the most competitive one amongst all.If you need further details please contact us.Best regards,Av. Acelya Yilmazer.
  11. Hello Melekcim,Your marriage needs to be finalised and all lose ends needs to be tied up in Turkey.In order to do this, as you are both in agreement for divorce, all you need to do is to apply for an uncontested divorce via your attorney. You can find turkey's first and only, online, cheap and affective service by searching turkishdivorce . Com on any searching engine.My colleagues rightly pointed out some topics for your agreement however you are saying that you have no claims or whatsoever from each other so your particular divorce is very straight forward.For uncontested divorce you both need to be present at the court on the allocated hearing date, to voice your decision in person to the Judge. This way it takes 1 month preperation and filing and 10 minutes at the courts for the appreance. The cost for uncontested divorce is approx
  12. Avacelya


    Dear Yoda,
  13. Hence the reason you need to work with people like Turkish divorce . Com who knows where to apply and when,Regarding the degree absolute, parties can withdraw from appeal and the decision can be final even quicker.
  14. Hello,Yes it is true that you can get an immediate divorce if both parties are in agreement and present,However the court system has changed recently and we need to apply for a hearing in advance,This can be done by two lawyers by power of attorney, If your partner is unable to travel he can be represented by one of our colleagues for nominal costs,Divorcing in uk often is more expensive than online alternatives such as Turkish divorce . Com and uk divorces still need to be recognised by a competent court in Turkey, which incurs additional costs as you would need to be served back n the uk.From our daily experience in these issues it's quicker cheaper and more effective to initiate a Turkish case.You would expect to pay an online service in Turkey approx
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