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  1. thank you so much this is starting to make a lot more sense i will check the other information.
  2. thank you very muchi am so clueless with what to do, i cant believe how hard it is to get someone you love to come and live with you x
  3. thank you for your reply and i am sorry to hear what happened to youI want me and my fiance to move to the UK i do not want to move to turkey so i would need the information on the best route to go down for him to come herethank you for your information it was very useful x
  4. hey,I came across this wonderful website and would like to say hello to everyonefirst of all I would like to say i met my kurdish man in marmaris, while he was working there i went to visit him twice we spoke every single day and on my second visit he proposed, I have never felt any happier.I have since visited his home town in sanluifra and met all his family, on my second visit i took my daughter who had a wonderful time. we plan to marry next year, because I have a daughter i would rather be sited in the UK.I am unsure what would be best for us, we are both 26, fianance visa, settlement visa or partnership, these are the ones I have heard but I have no clue where to start, it all sounds such hard work to have the one i love with me due to the scams etc. I truley love my man and he loves me and I hope someone can lead me in the right direction.I am aware that he will have to sit a english test, his english is fantastic, working in maramis has helped ,only problem is now as he lives in his home town of sanluifra at the moment he is not working,I am confused to why some forums say take pictures of your gold rings? ours is silver? does that matterthanksN
  5. HiI am new to thisI was looking for some informationI met my kurdish bf in turkey 2011. we have since developed a steady and loving relationship and I am now engaged, I have visited his home town twice in the past year and we wish to marry 2013. I have no contacts etc and do not know where to start on getting my fiance into britain. I love his home town but I have a young daughter who I do not wish to take out of british school so to move here would be ideal. I am not sure whether to get a fiance visa or a settlement visa, I do not mind getting married in turkey it would suite me fine but i do want to live in the uk with my then husband and for him to work full time. I was wonering if you would be able to help me as i do not know where to go for advise.
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