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  1. me in Rize adiyaman these were my beer market folks hahahah main highway in adiyaman me in bodrum me in datca (sorry a billion photos of me hahahaha) view from my old place in Atasehir, Istanbul (20th floor flat, bleck!!)
  2. When I moved to Turkey, I just wanted to explore. I stayed in Istanbul a while but when I left my first job, I decided to go to Rize (my ex boyfriends buddy lived there). I chilled there with Kerem until he said I to go chill at his parent's place in a koy outside of Rize. This place was insane! It was houses high on top of tea fields. The first night, his father brought me outside on the balcony and started shooting guns across the way (there was houses across the fields hahhahahah). Also, the first night, his mother made kara lahana sarma, and I said I loved it!! I did love it, but she proceeded to feed me this for the 10 days I was there... and it was just as good as the first night but it was nuts. I came back to Rize with no make up and a headscarf (the one and only time I wore one). After that I proceeded to Denizli to visit my friend Derya. She was so wonderful! Denizli was okay ( I prefer Kusadasi and Marmaris - I know those 2 are far away from the other but I am thinking of West Coast). Then from there I proceeded to Adiyaman. Adiyaman blew my mind. This area truly blew my mind! I stayed there for 8 months. It was crazy! I always had to look at the ground because people totally just stared at me. I would be in the street and they would YELL 'Yabanci' hahahhahaha. It was weird to me but I loved it there. I had to take a dolmus to a store that sold beer 10 miles outside of the city. This city did not sell beer, you had to go to the outskirts! Then the 4th corner was Istanbul... I have serious panic attacks around large groups of people so this was not good for me but Istanbul has its places that are amazing... Overall, I am proud that I have covered the Turkish countryside ( I have been to more places, but I am only talking about these)... Hope you enjoyed this!
  3. I just received notification that Guven's CR1 has began the process today! They deducted the money and now the stress and fear begin. I am petrified that he will get denied but... I don't know. I am trying to stay optimistic. I have heard the visas are so hard to get but jeez I really want him here with me!!! Wish us luck please and tell me everything is going to work out ( I am being soooooooo dorky but I am so nervous and excited!!)
  4. I sooooooooo miss icli kofte and kara lahana sarma... Those two foods were so yummy! My fave drink was salep but thank god my husband mailed me like 5 boxes of it (but it still doesn't compare to the salep from cafes)
  5. My stepmother constantly makes comments about my "terrorist" husband. She also tells family members that Guven will decapitate everyone while they are sleeping because this what they do in the Middle East. However, I have gotten very upset about these horrible comments until I realized this same person compared Glen Beck to the second coming of Jesus Christ. I would say look at the people who are saying this to you. This is their own prejudices and you do not have to deal with it!
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