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  1. Dear collective wisdom, if you can please enlighten me... I will be arriving in Istanbul on the 7th of January to assume my position to a public university. I will obtain a working visa from the turkish consulate beforehand. The university will book an appointment to the police for the 8th of January or any day soon after that. The questions that I have, and in which you can probably help, are: 1) Do I get a work permit and residence permit from the same place? In other words, is the appointment to the police enough for both actions? 2) When will I obtain the two permits (RP and WP)? Is it on the same day or will it take something like 100 days? 3) For work reasons, I need to travel from turkey to Athens on the 17th of January. If I have WP and RP in my hands then probably there is no problem. But what happens if I don't? Has anyone had any puzzle such as that? Thank you in advance for all your answers!!
  2. Cheers my friend, thanks very much for the answer. I'll be contacting you when I am there. Actually my background is not that at all (going to clubs, spending for luxury etc.) so probably I'll be fine.
  3. LOL thanks for that, I will allow my self a drink every Saturday night though...I' ll stick to coke instead...cheers again
  4. cheers for these answers! I am not into champagne anyway, a good raki is what I am looking for
  5. Dear friends, as I have mentioned earlier I will be moving along with my girlfriend to Istanbul for an exciting new job in ITU university. I have been reading about the cost of life there and I am a bit confused. Some very good sites mention that life is less expensive compared to Athens (actually they say that it is 16% less). I will be earning 3250 TL and they will be providing also an apartment...Is this enough for two? My girlfriend will be seeking work but not on the first instant...thanks for all the answers
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