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  1. Hi everyone I will be starting a job in September in the Istinye province i was hoping you could advise me on where is a good place to live in Istanbul? Hope to hear from you soon Ciara
  2. Hi everyone I have been offered a job in Çekmeköy and was wondering if anyone has any advice about moving here or if this is a good area in Istanbul to relocate to.
  3. I would really love to teach English in Izmir. I have a degree and a TEFL certificate. I would love to find a job for the next academic year.
  4. I am thinking of taking a job teaching English in Adana in June. I was just hoping to talk to some people here before I go. Any advice is welcome
  5. HiI was wondering does anyone know when the kids schools are hiring english teachers? I have been looking at jobs but they all seem to be for teaching adults in language centres? Is it the time of year? I hope some one can help meCiara
  6. HiI am thinking of coming to Eskesehir to teach English? Could anyone advice me on this? I was also looking at Adana, does anyone have any advice on which place would be better to teach English? Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!!
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