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  1. Hi everyone I will be starting a job in September in the Istinye province i was hoping you could advise me on where is a good place to live in Istanbul? Hope to hear from you soon Ciara
  2. Thank you, yes I have emailed the koleji but have not heard back from them:(The only people are english time that have offered me a job iin IzmirThanks for the advice:)
  3. HiI have been offered a job with english time in Izmir branch?I was just wondering if anyone knows if they are a good company to work for?Also is accommodation hard to find in Izmir?Hope to hear from you soonCiara
  4. Hi everyone I have been offered a job in Çekmeköy and was wondering if anyone has any advice about moving here or if this is a good area in Istanbul to relocate to.
  5. it has been going good i have been offered alot of positions with language schools but I would prefer to teach children but I guess maybe il just have to teach adults. I was offered a job with British/american culture language schools and english time are these good companies?thanks Ciara
  6. Thanks for replying. I was hoping some one could advise me as to where to apply for positions in Izmir and how to find a job ther?Thanks
  7. I would really love to teach English in Izmir. I have a degree and a TEFL certificate. I would love to find a job for the next academic year.
  8. I am thinking of taking a job teaching English in Adana in June. I was just hoping to talk to some people here before I go. Any advice is welcome
  9. HiI was wondering does anyone know when the kids schools are hiring english teachers?I have been looking at jobs but they all seem to be for teaching adults in language centres? Is it the time of year?I hope some one can help meCiara
  10. I am also thinking of coming to Antalya to teach English and will also be looking for some where to live. It would be nice to meet for coffee to discuss it.
  11. Thank you so much for all your help and advice. Hopefully I will find something.
  12. HiThank you all so much for your comments. I am hoping to come out soon, I have TEFL and a university degree. My preference is for teaching children, but the jobs I am finding seem to be for teaching adults. Can anyone advise on finding a job teaching children? I was offered a job in Adana. Does anyone know if this is a nice place to live and work?
  13. Hi everyone:)I am new to this:) I am thinking of coming to Turkey to teach English. I am currently thinking about Antalya I would welcome any advice or suggestions about this. Also the job does not provide any accommodation does any one know if it would be easy or hard to find somewhere to live and how much rent would be a month?I hope some one can help me and I look forward to hearing from you Thank you Ciara
  14. HiI am thinking of coming to Eskesehir to teach English? Could anyone advice me on this? I was also looking at Adana, does anyone have any advice on which place would be better to teach English? Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!!
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