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  1. Thanks to all, particularly to J a d e and Ken. Tree primordial themes seem interlaced here. Weather, Location, and Lifestyle. We -people from the north- wish to migrate in search not just of sunny skies and stunning landscapes but also for the chance to reinvent our lifestyle. As Jade, Ken and others so eloquently point out, after the first moving phase, a second arises which involve lifestye questions, such as urban vs small-town, social life vs anomie.Ken seems to have learnt that for him a charming town loses its appeal after awhile it fails to provide stimulation, and Jade's expe
  2. Thank you all for the Warm Welcome.It elevates my enthusiasm on this adventure (cross an ocean and a continent to settle down in a Muslim country, as an atheist woman solo).I can anticipate having trillions of questions once I land in beautiful Turkiye. At this point, though, my focus is on the interconnection between place and language (one a linguistic barrier, the other Anglophones).Briefly, I'll settle where I can find a few Anglos to befriend and with whom I can break my linguistic isolation after a few days contemplating the blue sea.Margo and Jade, you mention a social network in Antaly
  3. Hello Everyone,I'm a Canadian female tired of frigid winters and looking forward to live near the Sea. Retired early to enjoy simple living. Planning a trip in which I stay a few weeks in each of 4-5 pre-selected towns along the Coast, in order to find where exactly I'll want to reside.My expectations are to find here folks living there, who might inform me where to find other expats geographically (where they meet) and help me prepare for this adventure solo.
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