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  1. ambersanne

    Divorce and remarried in US

    Great, so long as I don't have to do anything. Thank you for the clarification!
  2. ambersanne

    Divorce and remarried in US

    So for him to register his new marriage in his kimlik, I'll need to file some sort of papers in Turkey?
  3. ambersanne

    Divorce and remarried in US

    My ex husband (Turk) and I (American) were married in Turkey, and then he moved with me to the USA and became and American citizen. We were married over 20 years, and divorced here in the US last year. He recently remarried, here in the US, and he and his new wife (American) plan to move to Turkey and live there. I'm just curious if Turkey will recognize his new marriage, since we married in Turkey but did not divorce there. Will we need to obtain a Turkish divorce?
  4. ambersanne

    It wouldn't happen in........

    Many years ago, I was visiting my then boyfriend, now husband in Turkey. His car broke down, so he called a tow truck. We waited inside the car for it to arrive. It arrived,he got out and spoke to the driver while he hooked the car up to the tow truck. I waited inside, thinking that as soon as it was all hooked up, we'd get inside the tow truck. Everything's hooked up, my boyfriend gets back in the car with me, and the tow truck takes off, with us still inside the car!! Shocked, I asked my boyfriend"Are we supposed to still be in the car? Isn't this dangerous?" He replied that it probably was, but that's how it was done in Turkey!
  5. Loved it! "Grease" was one of my favorite movies as a teenager. Oops, I'm showing my age! This video definitely made me smile.
  6. When I was about 12, my cousin (same age) and I were walking on the beach one afternoon. Only a few other people were on the beach. We looked south down the beach, and saw an oval flying object coming parallel to the shore towards us. It truly looked like the "classic" UFO--oval shape with colored lights going around it. It was about the size of a Volkswagon Beetle. We watched it as it got close to us, then went past, until we could see it anymore. We ran home to tell our parents, who thought we were just 2 young girls with a vivid imagination. But the next day, we found out that the local airport tracked on their radar. I still don't know what it was, and I don't believe in "little green men", but I do believe that there are things out there that we will never be able to understand.
  7. ambersanne

    Happy Christmas

    OK, thanks for all the info on Boxing Day. I think I've got it now. BTW, who won----the Queen or the Prime Minister??
  8. ambersanne

    Happy Christmas

    Thanks for the explanation, Clinky! So do you get to place bets on who the winner will be?
  9. ambersanne

    Happy Christmas

    OK, I admit---I'm an ignorant American. What exactly is Boxing Day about?
  10. ambersanne

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, aunts, sisters, and special women in our lives. May everyone have a wonderful day filled with love and appreciation for all you do!
  11. It's nice to see some other "not quite young" ladies who lust over Tarkan! He is my all-time favorite singer. I saw him in concert in Cesme 4 summers ago, and practically drooled during the whole thing! I am also surprised that he hasn't made it big in the US. He made an English language CD several years ago that was great, even had Wyclef Jean sing on it, but I guess it didn't do so well. I don't understand why---he's 100 times sexier than any American male pop star!! And those deported guys---well, they can hang out at my house if they need a place to stay! Definitely easy on the eyes......
  12. ambersanne

    I Don't Believe It.

    Sunny, that show is a copy of a ridiculous American show called "Splash", where B-list celebrities are trained to "dive" off a high dive by Greg Louganis. One of the dumbest shows on TV! Apparently, Turkish TV copies every American reality show, good or bad. I've seen copies of "The Voice", "So You Think You can Dance", Minute to Win It", "Biggest Loser", "X Factor", and even a home renovation show! My husband, who grew up in Turkey, loved "Tutti Frutti"!
  13. ambersanne

    Texas Explosion

    Turko, what is up with you?? Conan did not say a word about you---how could you twist that around to be about yourself? And these are hard times for all Americans, not just what you so stupidly refer to as "rednecks". That is usually a derogatory term, and believe it or not, not all of us who live in the South are rednecks. And besides, while Texas is in the South, Boston is no where near the South, and both these places have experienced great losses this week.. Please think before you post!
  14. ambersanne

    Old Church In Cesme

    Thanks for the update! I'm so glad they finished it, and I can't wait to see it next year when I visit Turkey again.
  15. ambersanne

    Old Church In Cesme

    Last time I was in Cesme, about 4 years ago, we visited a church that was on the main street, where all the shops are. It was extremely old, and looked like someone was trying to restore it. There were ladies with their handmade goods displayed, selling them, and art work was displayed. The church looked like it would be beautiful if the restoration was completed. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Has anything more been done to the church?