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  1. Okay, that's true nothing much you can do even though my Westerner brain initially said "OMG!!!" I can actually see maybe she is totally fine about it...The child protection officer will be there if she ever feels she is not happy with what is happening. She never smiles and seems very submissive / withdrawn but at the end of the day, if she needs help she knows we are here. I'll just tell the class if they ever need need with something personal, there is a child protection officer in school and they can listen to them.Thank you so much for your answers anyway!!I think she is from Izmir but I am not sure at all
  2. 15 year old comes from Turkish family, very very strict and traditional (not like my other Turkish students, a lot more strict).After half term holiday she is now wearing a very pretty and very delicate gold ring. It is heart shaped with some white zirconias stones. She is wearing it on wedding ring finger BUT right hand not left hand.Asked her is she bought the pretty ring in Turkey, became very defensive and seemingly very angry and said "don't know it was a present"..I am her teacher and normally get on well with her, don't quite understand her aggressive reaction.Could the ring be an engagement ring?She is only 15....Have I got anything to be worried about for her welfare?Many thanks for the answer.
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