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    Yes,but I am not going to let him do this to me.I am not his 1st wife before he married me he was married to a Turkish woman he has 3 children and 2 grandchildren who he does not seem to care about.I don't think he had a very good childhood and now making everyone pay for it.Over the 10years we have been together I have supported him.I was happy living in Turkey but my husband wanted to come to the UK.When we came here we had nothing and have had to work hard for what we have.He has 2 spells of unemployment but we got through those difficult times.We managed to buy our own house here but due to unemployment have had to move to another area,where things seemed to of gone wrong.
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    The sitution makes me very sad as I still love my husband dearly.He has changed so much since coming to live in the UK.Sometimes he gives me the wrong signals that he does still care for me and then in the next tells me he hates me and is looking for someone new the only provocation I give is if I ask how the house is in Turkey.At the minute I feel that he is trying to push me out of our home.
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    Thank you I thought that would be the answer.It has answered a lot of things on my mind as I believe my husband knew all this from the start.
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    I moved to Turkey to marry my Turkish husband ,My property in England was sold which belonged to myself and my late husband.Land was purchased and a house built in Turkey which my turkish husband did not contribute to.He put the Tapu in his name as said it did not make any difference as we are married.After 2yrs we moved to the UK (7yrs ago) where we have jointly bought a property.The property in Turkey has been rented out as to which my husband keeps all the money.Our marriage now seems to be finished if I divorce my husband is he entitled to half the property in Turkey for all it was paid for by myself.I know he will be entitled to half the property in England.
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