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  1. I know there are two M.A.C Cosmetics stores listed on the www.maccosmetics.com web page but has anyone ever been to them or seen one? I am curious to know about these stores as I am a makeup artist by trade and it would be VERY expensive for me to obtain the cosmetics outside of Turkey. Do you know of any other retailers of high end cosmetics?
  2. Hey there Ken! We have a large group of family members living in Izmir! I remember my first time in Turkey we took the 8 hour drive there to see them. I had been in Turkey for a week and somehow I was very ill during the drive... I will never forget it! I have pictures of me in the car with a bottle of pepto bismol!! My husband decided to take the mercedes for a little 160KPH joy ride down the toll highway from Isparta to Ismir... Oh my! Next time I make that journey I hope that I am healthy. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I plan on starting a blog before I leave the USA in order to document the process. I am sure it would be helpful for those who might be planning a move like I am.Any tips on bringing a cat over there via Lufthansa Airlines? I had to change from Turkish airlines to Lufthansa due to the 6Kg. weight limit for the cat AND the bag. Ridiculous. You would think TA would make a little bit of an exception?
  3. Thanks for all the kind words and comments. I have been to Turkey twice in the last 6 years. One for vacation and once to get married. Each time I spent a little over a month in Beysehir. I had my honeymoon in Cappadocia and stayed at Karlik Evi, the most amazing boutique hotel in the world. I am a Navy veteran and have traveled all throughout Asia, so adventure and new places don't scare me. We do own a home in Beysehir that just went through a complete renovation last March. We have an unobstructed view of the lake, which is the third largest in Turkey. I am also about 2 hours from the Med. Sea. Alanya is my LEAST favorite city that I have visited, mostly because the heat and humidity bother me a lot. I prefer to go there in the winter time. I have a very good Turkish vocabulary but, I am a shy speaker. I know what is being said (usually) which is a big help. I have a lot of advantages that most other people moving to Turkey from a different culture usually do not have. My husband has taught me SO MUCH about customs, traditions, mannerisms, and culture. I find that Turkey is much more liberal than I imagined. I am agnostic, always have been, and that has never been a problem for him or his family. His mother says she loves me more than my husband! LOL! I am SO BLESSED to be able to experience everything in Turkey, and take my time doing it. I am really not able to express exactly how happy I am. I wanted to leave yesterday! We had the mover guy show up today and give us a quote to move our overflow of clothes, shoes, and random toiletry items. Sunny- Because I have been married to a Turkish citizen for more than three years and our marriage has been registered in Turkey since 2006 I am eligible to take Turkish nationality as soon as I arrive. My name is on our apartment deed so I can prove residency based on my Turkish address. (There is also a benefit of having a sister-in-law and Father-in-law who are both lawyers and can figure this stuff out for me!! )) I am going to be bringing my cat, Mr. Fatty, with me in April. He is a Tonkinese. Here is a picture of him!
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Angela and I have been married to a Turk for 6 years now and have resided in Oregon. We are moving to Beysehir (small city outside of Konya) in April, permanently! I am excited to finally occupy my home (which has been renovated and left empty for years) on a permanent basis and start my new life in Turkey.I am hoping to meet other people who are in a similar situation as me. It would help me feel less isolated and more comfortable during this big transition.I am a make-up artist by trade and my husband is an Engineer. We met while he was attending college for his masters degree in 2006. He never planned on staying here for an extended period of time until he met me Now it is time to pursue bigger and better things. Moving to Turkey is the best decision we have made. I am SO excited!!!Angela (Melek)
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