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  1. Yes again I agree. And he speaks good English better than some that I know. And he is also learning about me and my culture as well. But again I do feel as though he's rushing things. And I've talked to him about it and he agreed to slow down. He just said that his feelings for me were developing so quickly that he was just really excited about it. And I for one was raised differently than most (which I know everyone is raised differently) but my parents always told me that the right man will take things slow to get to know the real me...and not just want to get to know me because they think I
  2. Thank you and I agree as well I will definitely take things slow with him and hope that it all works out for the good He is a really sweet man and yes I will definitely browse the forum thank you again for the warm welcoming
  3. Thank ya'll for the advice. He does work and he just has a green card but he did tell me that he is working( I even checked into that just to make sure and it is true) He is also in college studying Aviation. But I agree he is moving fast and granted I am enjoying each and every time I am with him. I have learned a few things about the culture which intrigues me. However I am only fluent in English but I am learning Turkish slowly but I am getting there. Thank you all for the advice I was freaking out a for days and I am so glad that I have joined this team and have gotten the advice that I mo
  4. Hello Everyone I would like to introduce myself,I am 25 years old born and raised in a super small town in Georgia. I am new to this forum and I have recently started dating a Turkish man and some things have been a little on the too good to be true side of things with him and I need to insight and some advice. I've never dated anyone that was from another country before so this is all new to me. And I just want to protect myself if need be. So I will start from the beginning on how my relationship came about with my Turkish boyfriend... I just moved to California from a small southern town
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