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  1. Hello Everyone I would like to introduce myself,I am 25 years old born and raised in a super small town in Georgia. I am new to this forum and I have recently started dating a Turkish man and some things have been a little on the too good to be true side of things with him and I need to insight and some advice. I've never dated anyone that was from another country before so this is all new to me. And I just want to protect myself if need be. So I will start from the beginning on how my relationship came about with my Turkish boyfriend... I just moved to California from a small southern town in Georgia a month ago (huge difference obviously) and my friend told me about this online dating site to where you can possibly date someone or just be friends with people and since I am new to the area I decided to give it a shot. Granted I have never done the whole online dating scene but again I gave it a shot. So I met this man (which is now my boyfriend who is Turkish) And our first date was simple we met for coffee and talked for like 3 hours. And he seemed normal. And seemed really sweet. By the second date again he was very sweet and a gentlemen, he took me to a romantic restraunt and whooed me so to speak(which I've never had that done for me before) so it was nice. And granted the date went really well. By the third date he told me that he was really happy with me and that he really liked me and all this and I felt the same way which is very true. Now we've only been boyfriend and girlfriend so to speak for 2 weeks and he's already told me that he's in love with me. And telling me that I am the only one for him, and that he can't live without me and thank God he found me, and that he wants to spend forever with me, and wants to marry me. So as I've talked with several of my girlfriends about this they all think that is really sweet of him and they say oh my god he's the perfect man. I on the other hand think that's pretty odd especially since we don't really know one another. So anyways we've been dating for 2 weeks and I've already met most of his family that live here in California. And I have spent the night with him a few times and he's pretty much confessing his undying love for me. And says that he wants to marry me and make LOTS of babies with me. His family seems to like me which is good I mean I am very family oriented myself and I know that if family doesn't like the person you are dating 9 times out of 10 its not going to work. However his parents tell him that I am a beautiful and nice woman and that he needs to hang on to me and hurry up and marry me. He has even said that he wants to take me to Turkey this September. I have never been out of the country so its a little scary for me. But he said that he wants to take me. Now I have googled alot of things about dating turkish men and what are some of the issues American girls have with them and I must say that I am a little freaked out. My boyfriend is very sweet, charming, and makes me really happy and treats me very very well but at the same time I feel like he's rushing things. And I feel like maybe he is too good to be true. But then again I don't want to think negative about him because I know that not all Turkish men are the same. But since we come from two different cultures that kinda concerns me. My family are hardcore southern people who freaked out when I moved out here just because I wanted to experience life. And I am afraid that with our families being so different that it will cause a problem in our relationship. So if ya'll could comment and give me some advice on what you think that I should do or how to approach this whole situation would be great because I am totally clueless.
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